although everyone has far Kadir and in this video I'm going to show you how to build a cliff base a base that hangs over the edge of the cliff it's relatively cheap to do and it can be very safe works similar to the sky platform now first get the custom foundation out is you're gonna mark out where you want it I'm just gonna do it up here I think is a good spot remember why do you go the more expensive it's gonna be so I've measured it and I think I'm happy with it yeah I'm happy with that next get down there actually jumping liking it in the water save you have to crawl all the way down there yeah go up about that far I think and then place it once you got the shape of course I'm gonna build a pillar using the scaffold method but uh I'm not gonna actually use it as a scaffold so it's gonna be short I won't be able to climb it cuz I intend to keep it otherwise it's not gonna look very realistic make sure it snaps connect it up and complete both ends cancel that others don't need them get out of the water then get the custom roof out and jump back in and it should be two across so if it's three you might want to look at clearing it you're gonna go through the long painful part of getting back up there okay I'd want to just sitting underneath I think that's right so I'm going to complete that run jump see if I can make the water again this time yeah easy and that is sixteen logs bad makes you want to do the other side exactly the same you got to make like a rectangle shape if it's to more like a box with two on each side it tries to join up you can't actually make a small box make sure you don't drown while you're doing this to be very easy to do that just completed on both sides what the hell is that about Jase have to look back through the footage and see what happened there I wasn't really paying attention I should be Jesus making a tutorial get the custom roof out jump back in and there we go and in the long evil process I've done it all again your run Merc up there fry named for the same sort of spot that you got before looks about the same finish that they're gonna jump down again into the water sixteen log so it's exact same cost so it's working out pretty cheap so far I don't even need to complete both ends what do I keep doing it okay next you want to get the rock wall out you try and get this straight over this a little bit off so this one's gonna be hard because of how how long it's got to be that looks alright then take me along then run around to the other side guides a little bit off but I'll make it work select and forget this to snap at 2 little snaps you're looking for the little snap press a know should be able to complete it without having to run back around which I can but I have to run up to the top there again these rocks here are such a pain to climb used to be much easier okay that'll do have less not too expensive can jump down we it's only 20 lakhs uh God knows why okay can head up I use rock walls if you planning on placing a whole big square which it's just like what I could probably do you know you have to place one Rock like that the other side oh crap good thing I'm landed in water I'm gonna cancel some of these while I'm at it now placed it but won't place it right on the edge so I can keep as Youmans good there we go just double check the other side yeah that's good okay now before you clear this ramp I recommend your total sled down it just for fun whoa God that's fast I don't know if that would kill you but give it a go and what I do here is place a rock pillow I'm not gonna finish on the land side I'm gonna finish on the pillow side over there because that way if I finish on one of these pillars and they destroy it there goes my my house makes it the custom floor out so I'm going to start on this side then run out this is gonna be the most expensive part oh no I forgot the job ha ha ha that would have killed me if this wasn't creative mode don't think that the total shell out after I injured myself so every time I place is gonna take a swing I feel I don't damage the wrong thing there we go place impressi so this is the last one I placed it on that's the one that's gonna be holding up this thing okay now start canceling some of the stuff you don't need so don't need this custom foundation anymore so that platform the floor up there is a hundred and eight logs it's quite pricey the longer and wider you make it the more expensive it's gonna be obviously so I'm just gonna go along and cancel this just to clean up there's too many blueprints and markers everywhere tend to get a bit confided if that's a word remember you're doing this in deeper water because some of the water is quite deep off the edges of the cliff be careful not to drown if your athleticism is a lot higher you'll be able to last a lot longer underwater okay now for some reason I can actually access this from here I don't know why but it's working out my favor but what I was going to suggest and this is a bit crap is if you could just build another one of those over the middle if you can't reach it or you just jump high cut its just jump with two logs at a time that might cook but in this case it seems that this is on my side for some reason there we go now I can destroy this ramp I've got here might be useful to leave for a walk because because then you'll be able to get up there from here so clear this me go not sure how realistic that is probably not very cuz the board's aren't connected properly what you could do to make it look a bit more realistic is this let's build another pillar completely optional you don't need to if you want the build to look more realistic I suppose this is something you could do it's only 12 logs there you go that does look a lot more realistic if you don't like the one pillar look you can always make it a bit bigger I'd recommend cuz that looks kind of funny what have you build on there is up to you now just gonna improvise a small house on you see how it go houston turned out as good as the last time I improvised but still not bad you can't make it cheaper by making it less wide as well as reducing the length you could also use the idea of the sky platform and door that way it might end up being a bit cheaper I don't know has to be tested I don't believe the mutants and cannibals can spawn down the bottom of where our thing building I haven't seen them down there before they can't go into the water anyway so there's a very safe build anyway if you liked this video make sure you like a subscribe Cheers

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43 thoughts on “HOW TO BUILD A CLIFF SIDE BASE | The Forest

  1. As soon as I posted this, I realized that there is an even cheaper and easier way to build this. Inspiration is every where.
    I am still working out benefits for my Patreon, though if you want early access to my videos, all tiers provide this benefit. You will generally always get access at least a day early:
    I am taking feedback for Patreon benefits, let me know what you think I should offer, cheers.

  2. The multi-segment mutant can go out into the water because of it height. I had one come after me when I was on the yacht and then it went back to shore. The multi-segment mutant was also able to transform into a bird form briefly and fly short flights.

  3. I was thinking about how I can make a hanging platform at high hill cause i cant make stone pillar that high now thanks to farket I can make it for my hanging balcony

  4. Looks a bit like a fortress (with the catapults and defensive walls) mixed with a mansion (referring to the house design and balconies)

  5. On the small island right of your cliff base and down a cannibal can spawn, but I haven't seen any mutants. The spot you built above is where I have my cliff-side base and I have to put a trap for that cheeky cannibal. He spawns next to the boat.

  6. Hey Farket, do you think this is safe? i build some targets around 'cause i heard they are indestructible, the pillars are about 1meter depth in water, and i'd like your opinion if its enough defense. I'd hate to waste more sticks than i have to (on the log holders/rock holders)

  7. You really should have more subs than you have right now! You are a great youtuber! Just keep up the good work!

  8. Having issues at the very end. It's not letting my place points for the floor on PS4. It only wants to place like a little platform.

  9. Really tempted to do so
    Thing like this, loving your channel and it’s even better now this game is in PlayStation

  10. Keep up the good work Farket, these are proving helpful. Thanks to you I'm getting a handle on the games mechanics !!!!! 🙂 🙂

  11. Can I play with you I’m new to this game and every time I follow your steps I get lost or I’ll just give up

  12. Farket honestly your intro makes me so happy everytime i here hello its farket here it Just makes me happy 😀

  13. This comment is long overdue. I've been playing The Forest for 5 months now and your videos has been my Bible for the game. Your content has made my Forest experience absolutely amazing, so much that I had influenced 2 more of my friends to buy the game and join me. Your dedication to detail, research, and experimentation on absolutely everything in this game is just astounding and you have helped so many people. Can't thank you enough, Farket, you sir are the best.

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