How to Copic Colour Ocean in Real Time – Cards 4 Men 60th Birthday!

How to Copic Colour Ocean in Real Time – Cards 4 Men 60th Birthday!

Today I’m going to be coloring an ocean
in real time with copics. Hi it’s Therese from Lostinpaper and I’ve
got a Cards 4 Men card to share with you today and some Copic coloring
there’s lots of stuff going on in this card so if you are here to see the ocean
coloring in real time the Copic coloring head to 4 minutes and 26 seconds because
it takes me that long to get to it….. but there’s lots of fun things
between now and then though including this little rat! He is from Katzelkrafts
and he’s so cool I stamped him on some white Neenah card
stock this is the 80-pound version using some tuxedo black ink and I’m
actually using my artist markers and this is what I love about all the
alcohol markers that are out there and are available they all mix
beautifully so the colors that I wanted to use were these WG colors from altenew artist markers but I can just as easily come in and mix them with my
Copic Sketch markers (because I tend to only have the sketch ones but they do come in
three different kinds) and alcohol markers will mix with each other all the
brands will mix so that’s the great thing so if you already have some and you
want to build on your stash don’t stress about what brand they are buy the color
you want or what you can afford whatever works for you. Basically they do
work a little bit differently like I find that these artist markers are very
similar to the Copic markers to use they have that nice sort of brush nib but
they are slightly different in the way that the color goes down but once you
get used to it they’re fine so I just tend to go back
and forth between the two depending on the colors that I want to use right I
will list all the colors that I use today at my blog and you’ll find that
link in the description below mostly I think the lids are off to the side so
you can basically see which colors I am using as well if you pay close attention
you’ll be able to see that and I have this piece of cardstock it’s cut to the
same size as a card front and I decided to make this little rat standing up on a
Ledge with the ocean beside it so I’m just using this is a mechanical
pencil and I really like this I’ve been using this for years and they have an
eraser on the end as well and you can just buy leads and I have a few of these
I love them and I just sketched out the ledge that I want him standing on I’ve
cut a mask out of some stamp masking paper and covered my ledge and the ocean
portion with some post-it note a nice bright fluoro yellowy green in color and
now I’m adding this is the mini cloud stencil from MFT and I’ve got my life
changing blender brush and some Catherine pooler it’s a boy so it’s a
nice pale blue and I’m adding a subtle sky background behind my mouse and generally I don’t put a lot of detail
into my masculine cards I like them fairly clean and simple this is probably
a bit busier style of masculine card for me and I think it’s because I wanted to
create a scene… and once I kind of got fixated on that whole scene thing then I
needed clouds in the background I did something for him to stand on and then I
needed my ocean it was an idea anyway so after I’d stenciled the other portion I
reverse covered with the post-it notes the other thing so that I could actually
use the blending brush to color in the wall that the rat standing on and this
is the limestone ink from Altenew and I find that it blends really well look
how smooth that is it was just so easy to do it was a really quick way to add a
sort of section of color alright now on to the ocean I have lots
of different blues and a purple that I’m using here so I’m starting with
the lightest color I’m using the B triple zero and I want to make sure that
I have some white highlights because you do see reflection of the Sun on the
ocean this isn’t going to be really realistic but I kind of like the way it
turned out so I thought I’d share it with you and it’s the first time I’ve
ever colored an ocean so I can only get better, that’s my theory anyway
mmm I’ll work on that one but it’s the B02 that I’m coming in with next which
is a fairly bright blue so to kind of blend them out because there’s such a
big difference between the two I’m actually doing the tip to tip technique
and then blending each of those sections that I created so but there’s a little
sort of oval shapes and then made sure that I left some white I do want it to
be blue all the way up against the wall though because there probably wouldn’t
be much reflection on the wall and I just will only end up with a few
sections that are totally white now I’m using the BV20 here to add some shading
and that just adds that the purple works really well with these blues to kind of
add the shadow that you would see kind of on top of the waves and I’m using
that fairly lightly I’m not covering the whole section again just portions of the
waves so where I think there might be like a shadow of the ripples of the
water that’s where I’m adding that and then I can come in with my darkest color
which is the B95 and actually add quite quite a contrasting blue this one it’s
almost a grey blue and more ocean color I think and I’m just using a fairly
light touch with my sketch markers and that’s what I like about the brush nibs
I don’t think I get as good a control with the bullet nibs and I
rarely even opened the chisel end it feels like it’s been such a long time
since I’ve done any of my cards 4 men card series videos I’ve had a really
busy year I think everyone has and I ran out of masculine cards and I’ve got a
few boy birthday’s coming up soon and they’re not just like boy birthdays
that’s easy it’s men’s birthdays which are harder for sure and
this is a sixtieth birthday card so I want it to be special because it’s for a
special friend and I’ve known him for a very long time and he has a very wicked
sense of humor so I know he’s gonna love this so anyway most of my ocean’s
finished I’ve got a little bit more to share with you very shortly but just
thought I’d add some quick shading and I know that I’m coloring directly over the
ink that I lay down because I wasn’t thinking when I did my ink blending I
should have probably just masked off the other portion so if you don’t want to
color over your ink that would be a better choice I didn’t notice any damage
to my markers and I know that there are other colorists out there that often
color over ink and say that they have no problems but normally I don’t tend to do
that. All right so I did stamp a sentiment it’s a really fun one from
Stamplorations it’s called a snarky birthday to you it’s got a few
fun sentiments in it I don’t know if it’s still available I will link it if
it is and I stamped that in some moon rock it’s another altenew ink and then
I did attach the whole panel to the front of my card I wanted to add some
splashes so this is a 60 I’ve die-cut it I’ve popped it up on some fun foam it
was in the packet I’d cut it out for another project and didn’t use it so I
thought I might as well use it today and it’s the altenew bold numerals so I
said I think it’s from I will link that as well and I decided to do splashy ways
did you see what I did though I actually held the zero where I wanted to and then
just drew the splashes right under where it was
gonna be there weren’t any actually showing out beside it’s about to come back in and draw some more and I did actually add some of the darker
colors there as well and then use some matte medium to adhere both of my numbers
I was going to say letters numbers to the front of my card and I made it look
like he was pushing that number off the edge how cool is that
I’ve got the uniball gel white pen to add some white more white reflections on
the ways I did have a few little dots small dots of the white gel pen as well
as some small dots of the Copic marker I’m not sure if you notice that as well
but head to my blog and you’ll see a close-up picture of it there as well so
glad you could join me here today I hope you’ve had some fun if you did click on
the thumbs up button to let me know that you enjoyed this video and if you
haven’t already I’d love it if you subscribe to my channel and I’ll see you
again here real soon til next time happy papercrafting bye

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35 thoughts on “How to Copic Colour Ocean in Real Time – Cards 4 Men 60th Birthday!

  1. Love this idea, very creative, Therese. Love the sentiment, I'll have to pick up this stamp set. I'm always looking for funny sayings for cards.

  2. Your card is absolutely fabulous, it's so cute and funny !!! And such a great idea for a masculine card. Thank you for the inspiration.

  3. LOVE how you've made this cute rat pushing the numbers off the cliff edge! Super fun and cute card. Thanks for sharing your coloring tips.

  4. LOve the ocean… and the rat! Sounds like you have your friends number, Therese! Betting he'll get a real laugh out of this fabulous card!! [I'm now thinking Katzelkraft needs to make a set of Lemmings for you!] xx

  5. I love it when you create a scene on your cards, and this one is really fabulous, Therese! Your waves are perfect and the little rat is hilarious…Such a fun card 🙂 Thanks so much for sharing your techniques with us using your markers!

  6. Oh my! That is the funniest and most clever card for a guy with a good sense of humor! LOVE IT! Your ocean was incredible! Therese, this card is Amazingly clever and creative as ever! Bravo!!! 👏 🎉🥳

  7. What a hilarious card! Your friend will love it. Gonna have to have a look at this stamp set, love snarky sentiments….. thank for sharing…. 😀

  8. This card is awesome! Love all the techniques and elements that you've used to create the card.
    So much fun.

  9. You are so awesome!!! I love this card! You always have such great ideas….I always love your mens cards. Ive been eyeing those cute little rats for awhile, you may have just pushed me over the edge!😄😄😄😄💕💕

  10. Very fun card. I like the Katzelkraft stamps for all things snarky 😉 If the friend is like me, he willlove the card and have a giggle…do men giggle? or snarl?hehe dunno

  11. Great scene-building card! I was wondering how you would manage to get a rat and an ocean in the same card!! Love it.

  12. Really love this card Therese. You’re always so creative. What an imagination you have creating a quayside the way you did. It’s fabulous and such fun too! Your alway such an inspiration. Now we all want those stamp sets! ❤️

  13. I loved this card!! You are so talented! I just love your videos and look forward to every one you do plus I always learn something! Thank you for the time and effort you put into your cards and videos!

  14. I bought those City Rats after the first time you used them and I absolutely love them. This card design is terrific! 😘

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