How to entice stream crabs, survival in the tropical rainforest, ep 37

How to entice stream crabs, survival in the tropical rainforest, ep 37

There are so many mushrooms grow on the rotten tree This one can be eaten well Today we intend to eat crabs but they hide themselves There must be something to trick on them like this The natural creatures are sensitive to smell Insects are crushed and dropped into water Their smell will follow the water and spread out that make crabs and fishes get out of their holes A voracious crab A little snake A catfish Stream crabs, they eat fruits and small animals Sometimes their gut contains strange fruits which may be toxic So to be safe We should not eat their digestive system The soup is quite delicious

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  2. where did you buy your phone? i want one. there"s no low battery hahahaha i watch your all videos awesome vid.

  3. ketrampilan yang sangat berguna:
    1. buat pondok
    2. buat api
    3. bisa menganyam
    4. buat jebakan
    5. buat pancingan
    6. buat panah
    7. bisa memasak
    8. buat perkakas
    dan itu semua hanya menggunakan satu alat yaitu parang. good job semoga selalu sehat.

  4. the END of the episodes if that guy met's the wild native forest girl and marries and will make new episodes again how was they 😀

  5. Dinner time..Yesterday little crab, little fish.. today little crab, little fish.. tomorrow little crab, little fish.. bonus rat or snake.. can you farm something to eat

  6. Zdravím z České republiky, Jak je příroda podobná, jen život je jiný. Moc poučné pro přežití,

  7. Hope to build a better house. There are more furniture, such as beds, tables, fireplaces, clay POTS, bowls, planting plants and so on. It's more like living, and getting better, isn't it? 😂

  8. Why you guys don’t subscribe this channel?? I’m the one who will subscribe this channel 😂

  9. Well in a way this could be considered crab hunting. It doe not have to get dangerous all the time. Thou I would like to know how he stops the crabs from fighting. I can catch them but they always bit and get off the string I put them on. Thank you Loader.

  10. Terasa tenang dan damai menikmati video ini. I wish I could have such experience, live in forest enjoying nature. Only me and peace nature. Really great video

  11. The guy in the video became so skinny now😢 let me give you some nutritious milk from my breasts 😂😂😂😂

  12. can you hunt bigger that crabs ,like chicker or pig , or bigger fish and also can I be your future wife lol😅😘

  13. Within 60 days no changes of dress so cold over there because I'm from Philippines known as tropical places like this

  14. Hi from Scotland…great vid once again bro 😉…keep the great view coming….do a nite hunt 🍖😋

  15. Хорошее видео!!! Парень,ты молодец!!! Привет из России!!!

  16. Soy amante alas peliculas en la selva y sdesafio de super bibencia al desnudo y estos videos sobre bibir en la selva todo lo q sea en las selvas montes rrios etra

  17. Sedap ketam sungai (gerama) kalau dimasak campur dengan cendawan hitam(kulat tepik) dimasak dalam buluh (pansuh)😋😋😋 sedapnya(nyamai amai mah nya dah ah)😄😄😄

  18. ชอบมากครับ สอนคนให้เอาตัวรอดในป่า สุดยอดครับ

  19. There's no iota of doubt that i love nature and i would also love to hear a word from you my hunter boy n if it is not possible ..even your cough.😁😁

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