How to get control Aphids using simple Organic techniques??#pesticides#gardening#aphids

How to get control Aphids using simple Organic techniques??#pesticides#gardening#aphids

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42 thoughts on “How to get control Aphids using simple Organic techniques??#pesticides#gardening#aphids

  1. Maa manada mokkalo aakulu paniralipothnnai.soil loose gane undi emcheyyalo cheppando madhavigaru (cherry pink color)

  2. Hello Madhavi Garu. Very much inspired after watching your videos. Can you give some suggestionsst or tips to remove snails and slugs from plants.

  3. కుంకుడు, బియ్యపు పిండి, ఇంగువ కాచి, బాగా నీళ్ళు కలిపి , పలుచగా చేసి ఒక వారంలో 2 దఫాలుగా కొడితే పోతాయి.తొందరగా రావు కూడా.

  4. Hi mam me videos chalachala useful avuthunnayi.Ma garden lo strawberry plants grow chesanu chala bhaga grow ayyayi kaani yee lo pu chala plants chanipothunnayi.Soil check chesthe andulo root aphids vundayi na e problem ki solution chapparu please.

  5. Tomato plants gidasa bari poinatlu ipoi fruits ravadam ledu flowering kuda alage undi summer lo ila uñtunda madhavi garu lady's finger Baga vastunnai brinjal matram flowers ralipotunnai solution cheppandi

  6. Hi Madhavi garu, I like your videos
    Meru chupinchina aphids la maa rose plants ki green color vi unnay, plants all are looks like oilly , em cheyali cheppandi.

  7. Hi….madhavi you are doing great..the videos are very helpful…please explain in English also.. atleast the terms, things used

  8. కూర గాయమొక్కల్లో పూలురాలకుఃడ ఉండాలంటే ఏమిచేయాలి

  9. Hi…..naa garden lo grasshopers leaves ni baaga tinesthunnai…inthaka mundu vaatini chusi peddaga harm ledu anukunnanu…ippudu avi vankay, beans ee aakulu anni baaga effect chesthunnai…vaatini ela pogottalo suggest cheyagalara

  10. Madam also about tendrils especially fabaciae family members chikkudu , Anapakaya , green peas etc etc Ela grow cheskovalo video cheyandi madam

  11. Madhavi madam brinjal ladies finger and green chillies plants ni Ela grow chestaro chuinchandi madam seeds tho cultivate chestara madam vatini

  12. it's chamanti (brown ) ,I think mealybugs (white & small) ,two to four months, they are not much infested ( little more than in your video )

  13. Hlooo… Sis, recently I'm watching ur videos.. Nd I loved it… I have a very small balcony nd I started gardening…, ur explanation was awesome… Keep going 😍

  14. Can you please tell me in English, what powder did you sprinkle for preventing aphids? Thank you so much for adding English subtitles to a few new videos. Can you please do it to some important previous videos on organic liquid fertilizer and organic pesticides as well

  15. Tq u very much for this. I am seeing this type of issues with my plants, it's very helpful to my garden, Tq once again mam

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