The Effect and Cause of Nervousness
The student has limited energy in the brain to
think and do useful work. Nervousness consumes that limited energy to
such an extent that hardly any energy remains to do useful work. As per the first law of thermodynamics, the
energy supplied to a system is partly used in raising the system’s internal energy
and only the rest is available for doing useful work. Nervousness is like the internal energy of
the system. If all the energy supplied through food is
used only in raising nervousness, there is no energy left for doing work. The situation will be like a computer with
no electricity supplied to it. It has all the information stored on its hard
disk but in the absence of electrical energy, no information can be displayed on the screen. When the student’s entire energy is consumed
in the nervousness, there is no energy left to display the stored right answers in the
brain and to write them on the answer script. The devoted student has prepared well for
the examinations and the answers are properly stored in the brain. Studying hard and storing the answers in the
brain is the duty of the student. But even when there is no deficiency in the
student’s effort, the right answers do not come to the student’s mind. The student is not lacking the answers, but
is lacking the energy necessary to display the answer in the brain since all the energy
is consumed by the nervousness. What is the cause of this nervousness? The punishment of some sin attacks the student
in the form of nervousness, even though the student had performed his or her duty of studying
sincerely. The fruits of intense good and bad deeds attack
the soul here itself (Atyutkaṭaiḥ pāpapuṇyaiḥ ihaiva phalamaśnute). The fruits of normal deeds are received by
the soul in heaven and hell after death. However, if the soul is highly devoted to
God, God will provide some chance for the soul to get reformed. Getting settled in life is essential before
reformation. Getting a good education is a prerequisite
for settlement in life. Passing examinations is like crossing important
landmarks in one’s education. Souls who are not concerned about God, will
be attacked by the fruits of their intense deeds in the form of nervousness. One should not blame God in this context because
God is impartial in implementing the established rules of the divine constitution regarding
the karma chakra or the cycle of deeds. But devotion to God is also a deed and this
deed must also have its fruit as per the rule of deeds. Thus, the student suffers from nervousness
as a punishment for his or her intense bad deeds. But as a result of his or her devotion, the
student also receives help from God. Such help rendered by God to the devotee is
justified based on the student’s devotion and hence it does not violate justice in the
divine administration. The same three steps described by Me above
were also preached by Jesus also through the following three statements: (1) I am in the
Light. (2) The Light is in Me and (3) I am the Light. The first statement says that the divine preacher
is a messenger of God. The second statement says that the divine
preacher is the son of God. The third statement says that the divine messenger
is God or the divine Father Himself. Jesus also said “I am the truth” which
also indicates His identity with God. The first statement describes a high devotee
who is close to God. This is Madhva’s dualism. The second statement describes an even higher
devotee, which is Rāmānuja’s special monism. The third statement describes the case of
the Human Incarnation of God, which is Śaṅkara’s monism. There is a fourth special stage of the highest
devotee, who is even higher than the Human Incarnation. Due to the devotee’s exceptional devotion,
God becomes a servant of that highest devotee!

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21 thoughts on “HOW TO OVERCOME NERVOUSNESS?|Part2

  1. Swamiji's comparison with scientific theories is just awesome….not only a spiritual aspirant but also a science student or a scientist can understand it…..

  2. Students can learn the first law of thermodynamics, the three Vedantic philosophies and the secret to overcoming nervousness, all in one, through this video!!!

  3. Excellent explanation by Shri Datta Swami. This is also made very very attractive. Guru Datta Sri Datta Prabhu Datta.

  4. I had clearly received God's help to complete my MTech thesis. Otherwise I would not have completed it. Yes, God responds to our prayers😀.

  5. This knowledge shows how much Lord Datta Swami is concerned on the worldly problems and His deep love on the human souls. Jai Datta.

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