How to set up paludarium stream forest..

How to set up paludarium stream forest..

I started to looking for stones on the beach The sea here is very beautiful and much stone I start work I attached a piece of plastic pipe to the water pump I added lots of lava rocks around the pump to create a place for microbes and water filters Next, I choose plants to plant. You choose a tree according to your preferences, and especially it must be easy to take care of Next is to put the stones I picked up on the beach. You Sau đó thêm nước vào bể Next is to start the pump and check the flow of water to create a stream Then put moss on the layout, I use here is java moss Next, put driftwood in the layout. Make it much natural, this is an important step to make your work more beautiful Continue, you add land moss. Here I use moss for terrarium You And done, looks great.

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