hi everyone the name of our project is hybrid you will know gee harvesting well in this project we are using two sources that are solar energy and kinetic energy the solar energy is being taken by his solar panel and kinetic energy is being taken by this piezoelectric transducer and that is that energy is being charged in this battery I'm using this inverter we will convert that the DC energy from this battery into AC s DAC we can get a nice I need not a sealer now the components in this project are mainly solar panel these electric transducers rectifier inverter battery that's all well the solar panel that we are using here is a 10 watt solar panel and here we are using this piezoelectric well here one piezoelectric would produce 0.8 to 1 volt actually this will this piezoelectric would produce easy therefore using this rectifier will convert that AC into DC and this rectifier here is PP to 0-5 M and this DC providing area will give to charge this battery that is a 12 volt battery and that battery will use this inverter circuit to convert that DC from battery to EC which we can this to this slot now I am going to explain about the working principle of our old project so the solar energy will be converted by the solar panel into electrical energy electrical voltage and this ranges from 18 to 24 then these piezoelectric will convert the any technology or the produce by when we work on top of them into electrical energy where whereas these here we are using six below twelve piezoelectric transducers these 6 1 2 3 4 5 6 are being connected series with this series Cespedes released with the series and this to the series test to the series and these others six diesels are being connected in series now six we have one series and another six series and these are being connected together in parallel and we are getting to output here this output actually it's AC output and we are this is the output we are being converted into DC output so that you can charge the battery because we are using a 12 volt DC battery lettuce n DC battery so now I'm going to check the voltage produced by this piezoelectric when we step or when we step on it on top now we're going to check the voltage output voltage from produced by this 12 piezo electric turns to the transducer using this multimeter actually here we are using a rectifier it will convert that AC into DC so now I'm going to set this multimeter into DC you see okay now using this state this will act as a plate will keep on top of this piezo transducer and we will now we are let's see we are stepping okay let's see once in the step it produces seven to 10 volt now I'm going to press again another step maximum is getting 12 volt of per second seven to 12 volt depending on the pressure given we gets more pressure that is more voltage again let's see we are giving less pressure less voltage more the pressure motor voltage will range from 8 volt to 16 volt looking again now we know that the solar panel will provide 18 volt and as we just seen just now this piezoelectric will provide 8 to 16 volt and using this we can plug here and it will automatically charge the battery that it's when we press this a piezoelectric will charge a battery and also the solar will charge the battery ok this is a 12 volt battery we are using and here I'm going to explain to you this is an inverter circuit here this inverter circuit consists of 4 MOSFETs 1 2 3 4 that is so converting that DC into these to convert into positive 1/2 and this 2 will convert into negative 1/2 here we are having 4 relays 1 2 this 3 and this for this first really is 4 over voltage cut off the second Billy is 4 over current cut off and these two release are for low battery cutoff that it's when the battery is too low that is it will cost after horses this whole system inverter system and here we are getting this this is a fuse this use whenever any short circuit is happening or whatever suffering the suit you will automatically break down and we can change the fuse and the whole circuit will be back to normal now this transformer is this is a primary winding of the transformer that is see this battery is going to display me winding of this this year these are the primary windings of the Transformers goes to this transformer is finally winding and here these are the secondary that is the 230 volts these are tapping here we are getting 4 4 wires here for for topping now suppose is the voltage is like DC voltage like 12 volt this battery this things are said selected that is it will provide like 230 volt whereas this if the voltage is 12 volt then it will provide 240 therefore this that things are connected in such a way that will get a constant voltage always not 230 or 240 but the constant output voltage that is easy output voltage which we are we got here these are the two AC voltage and this we are gonna get here we are connected this to this load is we can take load and here we can connect any load now we are just using a simple easy pop then we will connect here and after charging the battery the battery is fully charged with using of solar and piezo we can this battery is fully charged we can on the circuit simply by pressing this now the the this light is coming on that is the circuit so on and when we want to oran this this is actually the EC now it's producing a see from here and it's getting to this load now if we want will produce 1 that is we can give any any load any AC load we can guess now and we have soft this actually switch that we can thank you

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