I BOUGHT A FOREST! JOHN DEERE 1170G | Episode 3 | Farming Simulator 19

I BOUGHT A FOREST! JOHN DEERE 1170G | Episode 3 | Farming Simulator 19

hello everybody welcome back to Peter ville now today we're gonna be very busy I'm hopefully gonna be buying a new piece of land but it is not gonna be just an open field all mister sniff you're under the trailer I almost ran over you right at the start of the video that would be a very bad stunt anyway um yeah luckily mr. sniff does have an obsession with walking through wheels anyway as we've seen in the previous episode but yet what we're gonna be doing my plan is to buy this piece of land it is called a forest so yeah I would like to buy a forest today if I can afford it we're going to be using a low loader since I'm gonna have to transport a machine to the forest I want to make quite a bit of money the mirrors are flickering is that because I have the option of maximum mirrors set to low is that what the option means not too sure I might have to tweak them later but yes anyway um yeah we're gonna go and sell these thirteen and a half thousand liters of wheeze first we actually do have some wheat in storage I'm not gonna go and rush to sell it though because that's gonna be there for if I just need money in a hurry and also if the price is super good at the moment the price is good but it's not so good that I would just need to sell everything to guarantee such a good price so yeah anyway first of all to the sale point we'll get rid of this and then we're going to source out before we buy the piece of land the feed for the sheep we will be coming back to the baling in the other field for number 26 I believe it is yep in the next episode it's not something wrong as you just continually I want to just do a bit at a time we have no rush at all the forecast is good we serve sunshine on the forecast lights great see ya there's no rush to get the baling done now as for this forest which I want to buy I don't if it has a name it might have a name when we get there there is the potential for there to be a signpost saying the name of the forest if there isn't I would like to create a name for it so that I can refer to it as something other than the forest that we own anyway that was another fifteen thousand five hundred and nineteen pounds we're doing okay which is good to know anyway yeah let's head back and we will or puts away I'll make sure the yard is nice and neat I know my viewers do you feel very strongly about and messy yard sir I must keep it nice and tidy which is fair enough I probably should just say that we aren't gonna be alternating between the two maps that I'm currently doing other camp Oh terrible driver yeah you can back up goodness me flying around the corner just as nobody else on the road it's enough to anger anybody virtual drivers they're the worst before I was rudely interrupted yes I'm saying we're gonna be alternating between the two maps so one day I'll probably be over farm next to every peaceful it's not necessarily going to be working like that it's just it'll loosely be working like that I'm not gonna say there's not gonna be two outfit farms in a row or two Peter bills yeah actually I'm gonna use this reg back here is my trailer store since yeah I don't really need to be struggling to get into there with an implement they can be quite wide this is obviously just er a fairly set width it doesn't unfold or anything so there we go it's good we might be using that tractor later not too sure the shed door can stay open it's actually a good place to keep my bells as well I don't think it's about our point sometimes when a mapper put some bells in the shed it can actually show you that that his way Starbuzz but yeah I don't think it is usually there's a trigger box so next thing we need to do is to take the low loader and the mani – which is what we own over to the store the reason I'm going to take Lola is because I don't really want to be transporting loaded bales just on the front of this on the road plus I have too many anyway why should I put this on like the potato boxes that's a really nice feature simple but it adds a lot of detail maybe we should store potatoes in here in the future because I like say I do you want to do potatoes and sugar beet haven't really decided which map I'm gonna be doing it on but one map will probably have sugar beet Oakfield or peter bell the other half potatoes actually before I forget I should just bring online back otherwise it's just gonna be left in the field looking quite scruffy and then yeah maybe the best thing to do if he's put the money to on the trailer saves using a worker to just drive over to the shop it'd been unnecessary wasted money okay sunny quite a swing here doing any traffic in the opposite direction they've gone far enough over obviously back of the combine to swing out just about that was perfect and right so next challenge is to find out where the best places for the combine harvester the shed over there is the obvious place I think what I do is just try and decide the place and then put it in there I'm aware that we have more storage around the back but I think I'll keep the combine in this section I sure might put the combine over the far side because that means I can put a header trailer where I've just temporarily put the combine so yeah we'll put this over here in the corner since it's not gonna be used a great deal as I said before we're not gonna be doing a massive amount of combine and blaster and doing a fair share right now I'm gonna use the money to reverse the sin if it can attach to it it should be able to sometimes these hitches can be quite unpredictable how to know which ones actually do fit to the money to but that one I would say definitely does yep good it's I'm usually wrong and yeah I really have enjoyed using the Draper Drake a stream 900 header I'm pretty sure it's the first time I've used it once you have the skill to reverse one of these things you are set for life for working with combine headers I'm not very good at reversing it but that is gonna do I could put some either side of it right okay good so I said before we need to put the songs are there I'm rushing so I know this is a fairly even minor job which we want to get done since I do want to do the more important job with today and I shouldn't keep teasing about the forest I should first of all be show you two on the mini-map so once I have puts on here I will shave it and then we're going to it and hopefully bias if it is a logical thing to do [Applause] yes I should also buy a good bail grab you know as you all know chains of 100 the youtuber who does time lapses is the expert on bales and which grams are the bests and stuff if I knock a stack like that it would be quite incredible before I go I were to show you the forest though it is two hundred and forty three thousand three hundred and eighty four pounds so it just seems like a really good buy you got all those trees which we can use we even get a pond which I've definitely used for felling the tanker behind me up with water to give to the sheep and the cows when we get them if we get them I Sun properly decided if we're going to be getting lots of cows or if it's just going to be a big sheep farm we'll soon find out I'm gonna stroll let's get out of there I struggle to get in it is a bit too big but yes I obviously had it at the end of fell's Burnside we have a choice it is possible it is definitely possible just takes a bit of time yeah there we go only a few bricks taken out the wall so as you can see that is the fear which I'm in the process of bailing we'll be finishing it tomorrow my team do a bit today but identic so I'm really hoping to be able to do this forestry job now don't think we're going to be actually moving any logs today when I say movie I mean taking them out of the forest and to a sell point but I am hoping providing I can do it properly hoping to create quite a pile of wood now I don't if that is the best thing to do or if we should actually just use the Machine the harvest the tree harvester to actually cut the wood and chop it up and put it into a trailer instantly I've done it before on FS 15 I think not to short it on 17 but it did end up being a very good thing to do because you didn't have to then pick it up again obviously if you cutting you to drop me you have to pick it up where is this sort of wipes out a need for a machine to pick it up with so the enemy's pocket here pull over to one side and we will first of all buy a Bale grab okay here we are this is by I think black she modding it's a very good lizard Bale grab you can choose the attach type front loader or you can have tele loader which obviously is what I'm going for for me at least it did come under the front loader category rather than the telehandler category but of course that might very few but you can still customize it for the telehandler which is obviously yeah a good thing to go to do so yeah it's pretty big yeah we need to buy the bails if I've gone to this category we can go to bales and find some square bales square hay bales we don't need that money cuz I'm gonna make my own I don't to spend too much money here I think for three the note how much should we buy maybe six it might be a good number yeah cuz we still have quite a few sheep it's gonna be a growing number these sheep really do breed quite nicely so yes it's a good idea to have plenty of food obviously when I get my home bales have been running we're never gonna be buying any more but it's just a good way to get things going because obviously at the moment cuz they haven't garni food they had just completely unproductive and well starving to death which isn't very fair how do we do this then is I have it customized already it was already in so there we go might need to do that again but yeah it seems to be a very nice graph to have much better than the in-game base game thing there that one is still quite good just you can't pick up for you would lose them so from very careful I should be able to put these on here extend the bed and carry everything back in one go there we go I don't know if you can strap though that is the only issue you might be able to strap if you can do then that it's gonna be really hungry these you can stay on the ground and yeah it is relatively simple to extend it might extend it first if I can't get quite on should be able to fit it I'm not making it easier my that's gonna be quite tricky okay yeah I didn't think it'd be a wise idea to try and force it here would have probably ended it in disaster so it's good and its asset if I trying to just it so we've got to go really carefully back yes I understand that it is much longer than it was before but if I just take it really carefully this is gonna be fine and yes we're then going to be finally moving on to you buying the forest I couldn't find waste wrapping them it is after all a low load of her vehicles so yeah although really actually here for vehicles you should be able to strap but there you go just the way it is there might be a mod which allows you to strap with this trailer possibly told this man makes a driver to back up so he disappeared this is when you don't on a meet on a bend and luckily that cow is just far enough back right just in a roadside delivery over too long it's gotta go and put these in the feed trough and then we can move but yeah their lifeline up in that direction the traffic is still moving in one way they can go pastures so yeah the trough is just around the corner here mr. Smith good to see you yeah I have absolute no idea how many thinking to take but I could put some in storage if they don't need them all one okay you really don't want much at all I could've saved a bit of money then good shed for it yeah perfect shed I think maybe two or two stack of those would be enough of the straw bales okay just disappear how I just sold that bale what what and and I don't know anyway we have four more just to take off here and then I can move out the way [Applause] because that bail did sell over there I think I might try and put them into the here because it took some writer begins to side out of the way so yeah but can be our store for hay bales there we go okay so now back in the low loader we're gonna go over to the forest just to inspect it obviously you would never buy something without looking at it first unless it was a 99p item off a well-known auction site but am I allowed to say the name I don't know probably yes two four three three eight four yes I think we have to inspect it properly so it's just beyond the shop I don't know sir cut threaten that is actually the border for a field so we'll go back down to the shop and do that way see it is possible to drive around here with this vehicle but it does make it tricky if you have it extended we've asked it's over there the trees you see in front of us and that to the right of the lorry this is the forest that's the shop just there so I think you do get a fairly decent chunk of land and yeah I want to see this pond the entrance must be similar on the right-hand side I would have imagined yes there is the pond through the trees and the entrance must be here very nice very nice place and get a little boats and everything right so yeah there's not much of a parking oh my have to produce a track through here put a track down do that in a future episode but why is that just like it's some kind of fly tip or something who'd put oil drums in water we then have a nice little boat and yeah got the ring you need the ring yes so I think I'll buy it we would also own all of this this massive forest we cannot put some more trees as well it's not super dense probably so the map runs smoothly so yeah we had she have a huge area you've never a view of the sea over they – there's a ship sailing past that really is a nice place very nice indeed right we better hand over the money to give you an idea as well that's how far into the forest land it's done much further to walk if only was fast and as easy as that in real life buying a piece of land so yeah obviously we are now the proud owners of some trees and some water just sounds so fancy but we are so we're going to now lease this machine which I have been looking forward to using and I look somebody else has been cutting up some wood don't you can sell those I guess you could do yeah that's why I wanted to today ready cut up some wood take some trees down and in the future we can actually sell them or chip them we could chip them which I sometimes prefer doing because if you do timber sometimes it can get very frustrating when you can't get them into the trailer because everything's all is a different angle personality prefer chipping so I might cut the trees down chip them in another episode in a few days time but we'll see now this machine is not going to be cheap but at the same time it is going to see potentially owners quite a bit of money so if I can park over here [Applause] by the way really because it is so local to this job we prayed it even need this but it just seems to be a safer thing to be doing 1890 it could be worse it could be much worse we are brand are nice I guess we should go Stanley because it is just gonna be a large amount of money so there we go it is least I'm gonna keep it for as long as I can do it is the John Deere 1170 gee it's been a mod hope for a while but they wanted to use it but I have never found the opportunity since I haven't really had well won the money to be able to buy it or leases and also the land would never ever land to be able to do the large-scale forestry so this really is the first time I've had a proper opportunity to do it this is when FS 19 is gonna be much better than 17 because if the words overhang just slightly in 17 the machine with 12 fall off where is in 19 it doesn't which is really nice again it's gonna have to be extended I will do so yeah we're taking it over to the forest I'm really pleased to have this low loader in the game they got rid of the orange ROM for whatever reason at least I think they did I didn't see it just then unless it is still possible to buy but yep here we go let's see if we can get out of here in one piece luckily the verge is quite wide the issue is the trailer cutting in and lunatics on the road who don't care right okay so that's good enough I probably have the boom extended a bit too much but it's not gonna fall off I'm not going too far thinking so if the boom isn't extended like that it's really high really tall so it appears you have to this is one of the other farms you can buy there are three or four again I'd like to buy them in the future but it starts to be able to own someone next to one of the yards very handy so it does get quite rough I can't get too far into here don't we get a lorry stuck but it do have the right tires on just I say that it goes into the realms out well if I take the weight off you'll be fine and here we go looking forward to this I've been wanting to use this for so long I'd only cut down the trees in the entranceway I prefer to go a bit further in that way we get to explore the forest as well it's not too rough actually can be much worse as I've had tree dead tree but it's a fairly thin tree and it's cut in the way that can be the first one cut it as low as possible now the cut lens is currently set to one meter which is obviously way too short can you go to 8 meters yep I think there's a mod once for a previous version which allow you to cut something like up to 10 meters which was a nice mod but I forget the name and then hopefully I can just cut them into those lengths it's not gonna be too many is that too long I don't think it is especially if we're gonna do chipping three nice so neat very very neat so now I've started it's gonna be hard to stop I'm gonna have to keep cutting or something and quite hard under the surface there probably a rock right we have another tree here the child was driven into should be right just there hopefully and if I can I'm gonna try and put that on the same pile hair like this camera view this is a regular camera here then I'm gonna keep swapping between the two or three it's really good okay and they try to be roughly in the same place and roughly in the same angle as you can see you can you try and change it it can still go to wrong way there yeah there the head does rotate but when you have a super big tray on it it is quite tricky to rotate it with the weight on okay back to that nice field of view rotate that head round and weary of the stumps and forget stuck on that stumps just there it's pretty good at going off road Sims laziest job there's a next one this is good this is probably doesn't look quite as good in the video because the quality might have decreased a bit as what blows it to YouTube but yeah so thing while doing this its atmospheric you poison the most realistic ugh well what's the word have most realistic feeling Farmington attention has been for me the thing they just have really put all the effort inspires accuracy is the lighting the lighting is just Ovilus pretty much there is the odd flickering I've seen but yeah not enough to complain about it yeah I'm impressed this is good but really hit salted home – MJ modding for producing such a atmospheric forest yes is good I'm gonna keep saying it I know it's gonna get boring I think actually I don't know what a time-lapse would look like in this view because obviously it's a set view it doesn't change in this this camera here I can rotate it and in the tarps it can make you feel a bit seasick but with that view and likely won't do having said that when I do articulate the vehicle machine it will change the camera angle slightly not too much we already have a decent pile here and was it with chips they've gone up in value car member wood is worth a fair amount wood chips a hundred eighty seven now which ships is the cheap things it's does it have the wood price on here hmm not too sure maybe timber is the way to go but at the moment it doesn't really matter we don't need to choose today let me know we think Jody timber no long long logs like this or shall we chips them I guess with the chipping is where you're also gonna have to get a chipper which is gonna be quite expensive now we can't always bring it all back to the same place as we go further in we are gonna have to replant some of these trees though yeah that's one thing which is very nice it's not just Scots pine trees the Scots pine trees are a nice addition to the game but most of the trees got replaced with Scots pine trees then you can no longer have these fir trees so it is nice to have these as well and I'll see what a Thomas looks like if there is no time-lapse then it means it came out really badly okay so this is gonna have to be the final tree for today I think but that has gone really well I have managed to cut down a lot of trees much more than I thought I was gonna do the pile has gone a bit haywire but it was going to it was just inevitable it's quite a twist that's a substantial Mound must have been a big mole that came up here usually don't use these how this is too much I tend to just do chainsaw work but I'm actually enjoying doing it on such a large scale as for the cleanup I don't know if that's gonna be a fun or not the problem is these logs when they just get all tangled up and not really that easy to pick up can be a bit awkward but I think it's gonna be alright I'll likely do some more trees once I've sold things but I don't have a pile so big I can no longer handle it so it is important that I do not do too many in one go but that is probably gonna be there's no twenty thirty thousand pounds worth of wood must be quite a decent amount should be enough to at least pay back the leasing fee on that but yeah that's gonna be tomorrow hopefully gonna do is might if we have some time I always need to do the bells but yeah the bells gonna be done just every now and then whereas this is gonna be probably a fairly full-on job so we'll see but I'm gonna leave it there for today very beautiful evening here on Peter vote thank you so much for watching hope you enjoyed the video and until next time see you again soon bye for now

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25 thoughts on “I BOUGHT A FOREST! JOHN DEERE 1170G | Episode 3 | Farming Simulator 19

  1. There is some autoload forwarders out there and also an mod for the in game timber truck with an autoload script

  2. Daggerwin ,when reversing a dolly only look at the first part which is the dolly imagine you are backing a dolly with no trailer behind so if you just look at the first axle (the dolly) you should be ok 👍 brilliant video 😀

  3. Sheep taken that bale… It's just not updated in time you need to take that bale of the fork when you giving it to sheep.

  4. Daggerwin, it is the option you were talking about with the mirror's flickering but it can cause lag if you set it too high. I made that mistake so be careful 😅

  5. Beside the dog house theres tires can go on a fermenting silage pit ( just thought it was a cool feature )😁

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