hey guys welcome back to my channel my name is Jalen mitchellson ona's now train and they prepare new here I need you to do two things the first to subscribe down below and the second is clip a notification bow so you don't miss my new uploads so today I'm gonna be trying the wet look again I tried it before didn't really work out but if you want to see it I'll have it linked right there but I did try it before um but I think I'm gonna implement some new stuff to try to see if I could maybe get the wet look on my type for natural hair like even look it's already drying at the top and it don't even want to slicked back so we're really about to see um if I can make some shake like hopefully I could just whoa hopefully this turned out real good so I just want to say I started off with this curl quenching conditioning wash this is basically just a co-wash and uh this is a game changer my hair it feels super super cleansed but also super moisturizing you can detangle with this co-wash but you also have this really good sense that your scalp is really really clean so to me this could completely replaced shampoos because it's that cleansing it's just as cleansing as I need the shampoo to be so go ahead and get all that product off but then it's moisturizing so I can also detangle it so like this is a two and one for me and usually I'm not really that big of a co-wash fan usually I need that shampoo but this was a game changer I'm just saying so that's what I started off with and I'm just gonna wing it see what I can do this time I will be using a two gels to jails it will be interesting so I'm gonna section my hair probably try to take some Mahler sections it's so hard for me to take small sections on my hair because I always take big sections because I'm used to my wash and go but at least I let that firl out okay okay okay okay okay so the first thing I'm gonna go in with of course is water then I'm going to go in with the nourish and silken conditioner by Shea Moisture I noticed that this gives me good shine and shine II could not hurt this is actually a conditioner but I'm gonna be using it as a leave-in today I just know I'm gonna need a lot of product and this stuff really works I gotta really make sure my hair is moisturize cuz I'm about to go to town with the gel to town do you hear me and usually I would not do this but then a dim and brush it up I would usually not do this nervous here real nervous okay so the first gel I'm gonna be using is the edge booster stronghold styling gel this one smells like peaches and it's a thick gel so I'm really hoping it will weigh down my hair because that's really what I needed last time was something to just tell my hair it really didn't have a choice so I'm gonna start off with about this much it's a decent amount for this section and really just pack it on oh gosh making myself uncomfortable I don't never use this much gel we gonna do it today we gonna do it today okay I'm gonna try to get the roots because I know if the roots lay I got a better chance of it just all around looking wet and then I'm just combing it through which I'm having no problem with because my hair is hella moisturize from the conditioner this is what I'm looking like like maybe you might be trying to do something and not sure yet not sure yet and I'm just applying more to my ends just laying it on thick really honestly truly the most gel I've ever applied to my hair okay also for reference this is what that section is looking like and I guess you could say the two sections are looking like this versus the rest of my hair which is definitely already frizzier so I'm just going to continue this process I'm gonna speed it up but basically I'm just following the same process sectioning it off water conditioner jail you know before you do the gel go ahead with a dimmer brush then put the gel line and just continue so wish me luck okay I'll so I'll apply to all the products to all of my hair and now I'm gonna brush it back to kind of get that sleek to the back wet look that's kind of what I'm going for here should be interesting because my hair always has a part it don't even know how to that good at all so just brush it and then of course I'm gonna apply some more joe cuz ain't no way my hair is going down without a fight it just won't do it and because I still don't think my hair is as slick as it would need to be for this tile I'm gonna go in with some wet line gel too because what is too much gel any places that look in a that are looking a little frizzy I'm just gonna go over it with wet line all right so now I'm gonna do something with these edges I don't know what cuz I really don't be flicking my it is not like that but I'm gonna be using this edge booster pomade just to swoopy do you do dem edges so be honest I just can't do this on camera someone come back when it's done off camera and they show you what I'm gonna do alright y'all so after laying my edges this is what I'm looking like I went ahead and pushed all my hair to the back I'm gonna show you guys the back mind you my hair is still wet but this before I do anything else so I'm gonna take my headscarf fold it into a triangle and lay my edges down okay so it's covering all of my hair I just thought that's gonna take so super long to dry it is ridiculous so now I'm gonna take some ponytail holders or whatever and try to go down the length of my hair this is actually something I saw a natural Niecy dude and I was curious as to if this will help with the frizz situation so I'm just gonna that was one I'm literally just wrapping it down the length of my hair and I'm only going down just once Oh like that and my hair ends like here so maybe this will help maybe it won't we'll find out and then I'm gonna actually apply another scarf because you can never be too safe never okay how did I think I was finish out his car please let me know okay his leg down i'ma come back maybe in about I want to say maybe three Oh don't seem like that's enough time I'm gonna come back at three hours you know what I'm gonna see it fish dry in three hours if it's not let the game continue but when it's dry I'll be back to show you guys my final results and if I was finally able to get this wet look all right y'all it's been about an hour and 20 minutes and I know for a fact that my hair is not dry but I actually just want to go through with some hairspray because I don't ever use hairspray and I just feel like it would add some like extra shine and maybe some hold and since my hair isn't dry anyway what do I really have to lose so you feel me do you feel me I just I just know it's gonna take a while it's just already not even prepared it's still really really wet like it's not even kind of dry is the dry issue at the top so that's a good sign certainly is a good sign but uh the bottom is wet wick okay so i'ma go go in with it I really just want it for the shine and it says quick drying what a joke okay okay I'm super excited because my hair is dry not kind of dry not sixty percent dry not eighty percent dry but my hair is dry dry and I don't know if y'all seeing this because I didn't leave my side for hair could do this like oh let me just go ahead take this off who do I think I am who do I think I am think I'm gonna get a bobby pin i'ma get a bobby pin give me a sec okay guys I just went ahead and add it like a little bobby pin on each side and this is it y'all I did it I did it I made that shake i'ma show y'all completely cuz you see here's Lee yes and like I said my hair is a dry y'all it is dry so I think I did a pretty good job oh I'm so happy cuz I did not think my hair could do this so I really hope you guys enjoyed this video if you did don't forget to give it a thumbs up and I will see you guys in my next video bye guys

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  1. This wet look 🔥 I love how it turned out!

    I see that you have the bonnet in the description, but where did you buy your scarf?

  2. I don't think that the wet look is hard to type 4 hair, but if your hair is thicker or you have a higher density, then you will definitely have a harder time regardless of hair type. Your hair is mad thick, so that's probably why you had a but if a hard time.

  3. JAE THO!!!! You DID THAT girl!!! It looks hella good and I love that you went through the steps and actually dried it all the way through!!! Yours is one of the few videos outside of myself that I’ve seen where you actually show 100% dried results opposed to still wet or semi dried. But, HUNTY this is a LOOK for you boo!!! 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾

  4. Good job ma! I cant wait to try tonight!? Does ur hair feel weight down or gunky like? I mean without touching..if that makes sense

  5. So…is it fine to use conditioners as moisturisers? Because the creme of nature one I have is amazing when I wash my hair.

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