IBANK Ecosystem - IBANK Pay - Smart Wallet

IBANK Ecosystem – IBANK Pay – Smart Wallet

I-BANK Launch the IBT cryptocurrency as well as the attractive Affiliate Program These are considered two important development strategies and closely follow the development orientation of the project. In addition, it also shows that the project is going strictly on schedule and achieving certain accomplishments. The launch of IBT cryptocurrency helps the I-Bank team consolidate the future ecosystem for its decentralized application. IBT will become the intermediary and core asset for I-Bank Pay. First, IBT Token can be used to securely store encrypted assets. I-Bank to participate in the ever-increasing market of e-commerce influencing consumers' daily life IBT Token will become the only currency you need to pay for transportation costs, movie tickets, meals and water even electricity costs I-Bank is expressing its development orientation as an ecosystem stretching to all every field through I-Bank Pay. The Affiliate program will become an engaging motivation for users to use I-Bank Pay and increase passive income. Offer up to 50% of I-Bank Digital Bank deposit when you refer friends to join in our program. The IBT evaluation system has been launched with a 10% bonus to promote motivation for depositors to invest money at I-Bank Digital Bank. Joining I-Bank Pay to become pioneers in 4.0 Society and enjoying extremely passive income.

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