IBM Digital learning ecosystem

IBM Digital learning ecosystem

the corporate learning function conduct the quarterly demand flap review learning projects are reviewed and prioritized and financial aspects are discussed as well as vendors in the learning ecosystem urgent or critical learning needs can be addressed at any time a regional business leader comes forward with an unplanned urgent request for learning the regional learning leader enters the requests information into the learning request manager and IBM fulfills it at any time the regional learning leader can monitor the progress of the request online the corporate learning function together with IBM now swiftly provide services to satisfy the regional business leaders requirements major new projects and learning programs are designed collaboratively using IBM design thinking and co-creation studio approaches to ensure learner centricity and adhere to the latest learning trends during the design IBM uses its patented method and tools to ensure an optimal blend in the design and to adhere to overall design guidelines and principles as an example an onboarding program would have more community habits whereas leadership training might have more in-depth reading on leadership topics content is automatically discovered and tagged from the regulatory corpus of knowledge as well as from existing curricula larger content is divided into smaller pieces a portal is set up for the regional business program to define the learner experience a logical space is assigned to the learning project and managed collate and structure relevant learning content a search can be made for both schedule training and urgent or critical training needs it could be retrieves the most relevant content for the learning objectives meanwhile visual and learner experience designers could focus on the experience design while subject matter experts can fully focus on the content subject matter experts review existing content and suggest further development or design improvements the shelf-life is said to remind the owner when content is potentially outdated content can now be published or be sent to the IBM content development team or to specialized vendors of the learning ecosystem for further updates published content appears in the enterprise wide learning catalog finally the learning program owner drops the learning activities into the logical program structure any changes in the learning content management system are immediately synchronized on the portal learners receive a communication about the new learning program and portal there they receive personalized and role-based guidance on available learning content and roadmaps critical or urgent regulatory compliance learning can be highlighted as hot news while being delivered as award-winning micro learning learners can seamlessly start education on a laptop and later continue on a smartphone learners can easily see their progress within the program in an engaging and intuitive experience employees can learn to solve specific questions on the job by using the virtual knowledge assistant the learner ask questions in natural language and immediately receives precise information and instructional videos the learner finally rates the answer so Watson can learn and further improve its accuracy for other learners the regional business leader reviews success and progress metrics for the program the corporate learning function continuously monitors active learning projects any major financial timing deviations and learning projects or vendors are highlighted in clear dashboards project status overviews from many angles are available this end-to-end solution for learning increases learner centricity and shortens time to skills it accommodates global local and specific business needs and learning initiatives learning programs are easy to maintain where they're bite-sized approach the learner ecosystem supports Co design and co-creation at all levels within the organization and with specialized vendors outside the organization

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