IELTS SPEAKING TEST Topic ENVIRONMENT - Full Part 1, part 2, part 3

IELTS SPEAKING TEST Topic ENVIRONMENT – Full Part 1, part 2, part 3

today's topic is environment part-1 style questions are there any environmental problems in your country absolutely yes the most common environmental issue in my home town is exhausted emissions reduced by cars and motorbikes have been afflicting the air and water quality my government is struggling to deal with the problem do you take an interest in nature of yes as a city person I barely have an opportunity to experience the natural environment then whenever I have a holiday I really prefer to go to the far-off destination so I could get closer to the nature and discover the natural world do you or your family take steps to help the environment we do we always turn of lights or electronic appliances when they are unnecessary although this is minor action but I believe that it could make significantly contribution to the environment part-2 style tasks describe environmental pollution in your city you should say what type of Palouse /r why it had happened and explain how this pollution can be controlled I have been living in Hanoi for almost eight years then I have the chance to see how the city has changed in these years to the increasing number of tourists family environment has been polluted significantly indeed many people travelling to there has thrown illegally thrown rubbish into the land and water which causes the land and water pollution in addition industrial and household wastes from factories and Families is contributing to the high level of pollution in order to solve this issues I would recommend the noise Authority to heavily find who are caught realizing trash into the atmosphere by carrying out the rule people being intended to litter the environment will be afraid of being punished which can deter them from discharging unlawful waste another solution is that the government should some campaigns to raise the awareness of people about how important the environment is for example showing local people and visitors the danger of global warming and greenhouse effect that I believe could change their attitude towards the protection of environment which is likely to have a good impact on air quality although the two actions above simple I think it will be an effective way to mitigate the environmental contamination in a long-term part three style questions what do you think is the main danger the world face in term of environment global warming which caused some natural disasters such as flash flood and drought the problem mainly stems from enhanced greenhouse effect in recent year I believe that several steps should be taken to deal with the issue what example of there of how we damage the natural world factories that release toxic waste directly into the air and water which is main cause of air and water pollution as a result loss of habitats is increasingly common many people are diagnosed with health problems such as lung and throat cancer in addition a large number of land and rain forests are destroyed to make a way for agriculture field in which ways do we respond well to environmental problems well on the one hand there are various worldwide agencies that are always the first on the scene with humanitarian aid after natural and man-made disasters and on the other hand we have environmental pressure groups that are constantly raising awareness of issues and trying to stop disasters happening you

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  1. can u suggest how to do reading practice, there are no test practices paper available online as LWS MODULES..

  2. I'm looking for a partner to practice with,
    I do live in Canada, and I'm aiming to nail 7.5 in the speaking section.
    If you are interested in, just add you on Skype:- SOL1986AH

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