6 thoughts on “India is now the lowest-cost producer of solar power

  1. Why is India still lagging far behind in the production of silica power cells which is the heart of Solar power generation? We are still a tiny player in that field while we have expended all or money and efforts to merely assemble them into panels. One day this will cause us to slip behind in power generation. The Govt should remove all taxes on Solar cells so that it will make our panels competitive against the Chinese manufacturers. This should be done by setting up new plants in convenient locations.
    The making of silica panels for solar cells is a very high energy activity which is why they are not being taken up in India. Maybe the way forward is to connect vast solar farms to these factories so that everything can be powered by solar cells in India. Otherwise factory owners will always look to oil burning power plants which require us to import more and more oil from the Middle East.

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