Installing an EPIC ZIPLINE through a 200 year old homestead site!

Installing an EPIC ZIPLINE through a 200 year old homestead site!

all work and no play makes Jane a dull girl but today that's about to all change the folks over at zipline gear sent us the rogue pro 150 foot zipline kit and we have the absolute perfect place we're going to put it up we have an old 1800 homestead over on a neighbor's property that we have not shared with you guys yet it's a beautiful location we're going to take this there string it up above a creek and show you how we do it also come along with us get down here by horseback [Applause] that feels good alright so here we are at the site of an old 1800s homestead this is actually not on our property it's on a neighbor's property then right behind me over here was actually the home site where the eighteen hundred's house used to be and I'm going to take you up there in a minute there's really nothing left but you could tell there was a double or dual chimney that had collapsed back there but it was a small little house or cabin that's set up on that little Ridge right there they had this nice Creek here to provide water and to help cool the air and there's a little field that's behind the camera it's in front of me that you can't see right now I'll show you that in a minute but this place would have been the ideal place in North Carolina for at eighteen hundred's homestead and the reason for that is because you know when you're up north you're looking for some way of being able to heat your home via the Sun so solar heat passive solar heat up north but down here in the South you're going to be worried more about trying to stay cool and so this is down here in the valley it's next to a creek and it's protected from the high winds and from the Sun by being down here but there's also like I said the field they cleared and there would be a place for them to plant crops if they need needed to and usually back in the 1800's they let any kind of livestock roam free but there also would have been a lot of hunting around here really good prime hunting and there still is to this thing so our neighbors have turned this into like a little recreation spot and this is where we're gonna put our zipline I don't know if you guys can see this all the little sparkles in the water but actually this area of North Carolina is known for having a lot of gold in this area and also a lot of quartz for emeralds and a lot of other gemstones now of course this isn't gold if it was we'd be panning right now this is iron pyrite and mica and a lot of other minerals that are sparkling but it's just an interesting thing you know who knows what could be buried in this Creek and this old homestead all right so here are the original steps that lead up to the homestead and this is what is left of what would have been a cabin with a dual fireplace which is obviously collapsed but take you around to this side and show you the fireplace look at the size of this stone that they put in and you gotta keep in mind these guys had dug this out I mean cleared this probably cleared this little area here by hand and then dug all these rocks out and built this by hand and this is still the one remaining side of the fireplace probably full of snakes now but I just think it's really cool and any time that I get frustrated and thinking about how complicated it is for us to get somebody up but contractors up to build our own house have reminded of this little home site and other ones like it all along this area where you know these guys did this all by hand with no tools other than hand tools and all by themselves all right now I need to figure out a location we have 150 feet of cable and a whole lot of mass that I think we're gonna have to give to our resident engineer Jack some allowable slope is 3 percent 3 foot drops 400 foot of distance per zip lines that will not utilize a bungee break we will be using a bungee break however maximum allowable slope there is 6 percent 6 foot drop 400 feet of distance it'll be all right yeah look at what the kids tested out okay that's your cable tensioner that's your handlebars yeah that would be cool whenever we get the pond don't hook anything to it just like hang from that and then drop into the pond how cool would that be just like what's that that's the thought that's the trolley really thing create cable let's say that's your sample there's all the weight underneath that's the brake that's the bungee break that's the bungee hardware backup and this is the polyester lanyard over connecting the harness okay box stops lock stop block bungee block and a real big bang mama hardware hardware yeah that's not tools as requires tools though we bring tools we have tools are you prepared I didn't even open the box before we got here Patterson Mass Bay Rays that's what she said would you like those things are stout well it is a zip line and beaters you you are going to get on it so you want some pretty stout stuff a little more control that number much it Wow that's better the stuff that gave us in the army just go stick once again that's what she's an amazing kid I don't think it's designed to go downhill with a gun pouch probably not well I don't think down the hill on that zip line well and that is why we have this that rope now that it adds a little excitement if you don't like grab hold of good enough you're going down baby no I think I have it on backwards that's it you've got a time not in that in yeah you got a bad guys this is why they give us a book that thing will dock a ship or we could read them at home that's always a novel idea oh yeah it even tells you how to do it or not not goes on the bottom okay not to tell you the time and 8-figure right mm-hmm all right so what is the plan now I got this far it's not up to you guys I'm good now farm we have to measure and math some stuff and I'm just the Brawn it's not the brains I guess yep Jeff all right let's do it well I one pointed food we trim those branches right there and he's pretty good bring it shot through here our boss they say no trees we got one tree to the left here we could do a little bit who wanted to move it this way a little bit but it's not that much I think we're good I think we'll give it a shot and see what happens [Applause] okay so we have the harness well the tree saver length of cable we should have two of those take one of those to the other tree and we got the that one for that tree that's our end spot and our starting point it's going to be let's see where is it all the way starting points gonna be all the way in there across the creek that's where we say 146 or 142 feet away we have a 150 feet of line it should be a decent little trip across the creek you're right need to do on the other end of that [Applause] so y'all bet that's right we've got one end on the starting point now we're going to use this tension kit to hook the ending point all right very similar to pulling wire on offense right and that thing's a beast yeah there's a bass all right now we're hooking up the landing end and to do that we have to wrap the hook up this little winch tensioner to our dead end of cable here and with a strap that they give you which is cool and we're just going to crank that tight and connect it to the other tree saver on the other end so that's what we're done right there hold it yeah all right let me try and lift this up a little bit that grows well yeah you're gonna have to hold this off the pillow long not too bad right there might not be I'll be very close and get well we can tighten it well you think hook it up three you know open it up and yeah you could try it ain't good Joseph again all right my whole hair boy have you do stuff first do that 260-pound tension test we I will not touch the ground okay that's 40 pounds of sag I'll give you 60 if you got stuff in your pockets see 40.88 all right stay to the first day we got we figured out of a 150-foot location for this cable and we cleared cleared of branches and we ran the cable when we got it tied up in semi tighten so today we need to finalize getting a Titan we need to get the trolley on get stop blocks on and we brought the kids with us so we're going to test it out today we use the seat can I go first these things are awesome we put your u-bolts on you want the you on the dead side the dead end of the cable not the live end and want this plant be part on the live in okay I've raised this up a little bit so we can get this pulled tighter and higher before we get these tree savers before we release the tension on these trees later so let's type this back up the other you bolts tightened up I gotta let this tension off of this onto this this is way better than a ladder yeah I guess a little bit flop born work off yeah okay this is the stop block this is the list is fixed onto the cable so that you don't slam into a tree you slam into this instead but hopefully you are stopped before you get there okay this is the bungee break block got the stop block on this slides on a bungee cord to slow you down if you're going too fast so we're putting this on next I didn't realize that they give you all the wrenches you need to there's in a bag that I didn't look at three now there in that tree yeah you want down right yeah this isn't like an add-on to the drug pro kit it's a little seat up there you go five inches and here's the trolley put that on there we're in business she's gonna get the room sit on it anyway please we yeah let's try that should be a little faster so you lowered it a bit you load it about two feet it's just about perfect you're gonna try next adios amigo nice knowing you all right so where do you find a fan of spin wait dad on a spoon in this thing that's an old knife most of my own spoon poor yeah that's fine they're using a zip line I was defining up in the Adirondacks and also in Costa Rica and a couple different courses applying really fun I love ziplining but now and now we have our own kick butt little thing to keep in mind is never ever put your hand in front of the trolley on the trolley and always make sure that your hair is tied back or you have a hat on or something because the last thing you want just for your hair to be blowing and get wrapped up in that trolley and then you'll get scalped but that about wraps it up for our zipline video we caught her up and running needs a few tweaks here and there we need to figure out a better retrieval system and also figure out how to keep this cable out of the way because that could be a danger and that's actually listed in the as a warning in the manual too and make sure this stays out of the way so few tweaks here and there but we'll be rocking and rolling we're gonna have some little kids coming up over the fourth of July that are going to be using the harness and then at some point in the future whenever we get our pond built we have handlebars and we're going to use that to like come out of the trees and drop into a pond and do that's something to look forward to if you guys are interested in the zipline kit I know they have a special going on until the end of June I'm gonna leave a link to that bounce down in the description I think you zipline gear for sending us this we're gonna have a lot of fun down here to see you guys the next video what are you doing redecorating

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24 thoughts on “Installing an EPIC ZIPLINE through a 200 year old homestead site!

  1. Hold my beer … Watch this … Better then the stuff they gave us in the Army … Laura Croft … Lol … That creek has enough flow for a waterwheel generator … Bottom anchor tree is a bit light … Being mounted so high on it you increased the leverage the cable will have pulling the tree over … Add a big wind whipping the tree to the cable tension and you might have a problem … That being said, WELL DONE …

  2. You should definitely do some metal detecting! We did some at an unexplored cave in Missouri once and found so many neat things!

  3. Hey Guildbrooksters ….. looks like a blast! Yep … a pond to drop into would be great. Have fun & take care.

  4. this is too cool , once your daughters get this info out you'll the busiest parents in the county !! love it !!!!

  5. Looks like a lot of fun for everyone! Would be an awesome place to metal detect. I see you're already finding treasures with that spoon and knife! You guys definitely have a slice of Heaven there.

  6. Looks like a lot of fun, but shouldn't the black "tree savers" be behind and on the sides of the tree, in between the tree and the cable to keep the cable from cutting into the tree as it is being tightened up?

  7. That sure looks like alot of fun! The couple of times i've been zip lining, there was a system to get the grip bar back to the top. I don't see how you guys are getting the grip bar back to the top. Good to hear from you guys 😉

  8. With the zip line down around the old homestead, be nice to fix up that fireplace for an outdoor patio to use while yall are entertaining there. Few flat stones on the ground, picnic table and home built grill and it is the perfect and beautiful spot for some summer fun.

  9. Wow I can't believe these haters gave u guys a thumbs down SMFH but u got your views from them lol, thumbs up from me good vid bro

  10. Good neighbors, beautiful location. So nice to see you all having some fun, (after all your hard work). Loved the bit at the end ("redecorating- ehh")!😄

  11. The North Carolina gold rush only ended due to the California Gold Rush. That creek probably still has some good gold in it.

  12. What amazes me is any manual/ instructions, never say anything about Beer! It's the most important thing to have, just saying!

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