Integrated Ecosystem Management to Combat Land Degradation (English)

Integrated Ecosystem Management to Combat Land Degradation (English)

when soil degrades productive land becomes infertile it no longer supports vegetation wildlife or people that's no longer an environmental issue it's about survival today a billion people are affected by land degradation this is a threat multiplier causing famine competition and conflict conventional solutions often focus on one part of the problem but neglect others but gef and its partners are using more holistic approaches to solve land degradation around the world integrated ecosystem management considers water land and biodiversity in production systems and helps people diversify how they make a living imagine waiting desperately for weeks or even months for scarce rainfall only to see it race away eroding the soil rather than nurture it in India's utter against state eighty percent of the population earns their living from agriculture and livestock production but their livelihoods are at risk because the steep slopes of the fragile Himalayan watersheds are prone to severe soil erosion here like all dry land systems capturing scant rainfall is key to survival with that aim community members got together to develop plans for 20 micro watersheds to harvest rainwater and reduce water waste they built more than 60,000 contour trenches to increase moisture in the soil and large check dams to reverse the devastating erosion local ownership flourished as they constructed diversion drains to direct rainfall and hundreds and hundreds of village ponds and irrigation tanks to capture it this vastly increased the amount of water available for both agriculture and household use both ducati meteorological heresy or subsidy gave any news some Django ahead today with more water available farmers are growing high-value crops including 20 varieties of vegetables and with more cash flow families are diversifying how they make a living savelii homeless in any case how many have many occupies a fighting machine yes yeah anyway what you have you ma buoni bump yourself it up corcyra Messalina the project introduced a new briquetting technique to cook and heat which reduce dependence on firewood and helped reverse deforestation and installed solar power for the first time monkey farm is empty the role of women was vital region an indication 34 body memory TM of nominal alias at say what is Reiki Master Joe Perry bar with I saw Mario does marry importance birdie immersion in Uttarakhand people haven't just adopted integrated ecosystem management because it's good for the environment they're doing it because it's good for them

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