Ipsun Solar helps customers like Bonny use renewable energy

Ipsun Solar helps customers like Bonny use renewable energy

I was interested in doing solar because
I have kids and I know that we need to take care of the world so that we can
give it to them when they grow up and we’ve been trying to do a lot of things
we’ve been trying to reduce our plastic we’ve been making sure of course to
recycle everything we can and reuse when we can but this just seemed like one more
opportunity to be able to do something that’s good and for them. I’m really
excited about my solar panels and I can’t wait to see not only how it helps
me consume energy over time but also to feel good about what I’m doing for the
environment and for my children so it makes me really happy that I was able to
be a partner with this with Ipsun. So one thing I’m really interested about is my
solar panels are getting turned on now and I’m excited to see how much power
I’m producing and how much I’m consuming and really to use that to help us make
better choices in our house about the energy that we are using!

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