Is Having Kids Socially Irresponsible?

Is Having Kids Socially Irresponsible?

Guys I’ve got great news. What is it? I’m Pregnant! Well yeah, I mean I- I mean, whoa! Congrats! Who would’ve guessed? PERGAGENANT?! But don’t you know the world’s already overpopulated?! What are you, Thanos? (Theme Music Plays) Actually, Bob, the narrative of impending human overpopulation is mostly mythical. Yeah, I heard about that. Isn’t most of that just sensationalism and junk science? What?! How could the possibility of too many people be a myth? There are only so many natural resources. Yes, and No. The concept of natural resources is a pretty misunderstood one. People tend to believe that there have always been a finite number of useful resources to which humans have had access, and that throughout the course of human history, we’ve been dwindling down our supply. But this is a huge oversimplification. While it’s true that we do live in a finite universe, the number of resources we have access to is constantly expanding. How is that possible? Because we’re constantly discovering new resources we never knew could be helpful to us and developing more efficient ways of harvesting what we already value. But what if we run out of resources before we can discover new ones? That doesn’t seem likely. To start with, since 1980, The population has gone from 4.5 Billion to 7.5 Billion, and yet extreme poverty has been cut in half! Wait! So you’re telling me that as our population has increased, poverty has decreased?! But, that’s the exact opposite of what we would see, if more people meant fewer resources for everyone else! Yeah. That’s insane! Well, it might seem insane, if you view humans as liabilities- But the truth is every person is an asset. Beyond being valuable on a metaphysical level, we all have an incredible potential to produce wealth for ourselves and others. And as the population increases, this potential increases as well. In other words, as our need to consume resources increases, so does our ability. Huh, That makes sense. So Sarah’s child won’t be a terrible burden on the world. (sarcastically) Thanks. Nope. In fact, that child has a bright future ahead. What? I just came over here to tell you that I was pregnant, and you ended up lecturing us about some obscure economic principle! Why can’t you just be normal?! Why can’t we have ordinary human interactions? Why is it that every time we hang out, you end up explaining the economy to somebody? (That’s literally his job.) Uh… When is the baby due? I ALREADY HAD IT!! Hey folks, thank you so much for watching. If you enjoyed this video and want to see more like it Please check out Thank you!

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100 thoughts on “Is Having Kids Socially Irresponsible?

  1. Okay if a woman goes from discovering she's pregnant to having it that fast then we will have an overpopulation( PS that's scary)

  2. But what about those who constantly vote extreme pro welfare candidates, you want them having 10 sons who Will be raised to vote for welfare?

  3. Keep in mind : every continent of the planet is having a below 3 children per family on average. MENA included.
    Only sub saharan Afrika is above that and steadily decreasing. Which is alright because less population but more planet in the future = everything will be cheap!

    We and the zoomers are gonna be a generation of elderly caretakers and gravediggers tho.

  4. We all have the potential to produce, but we have to actually produce for that to be useful. That isn't the case for most people.

  5. How about you only have as many kids as you can properly care for and financially support (and no, welfare doesn’t count).

    Can’t afford any kids? Don’t have them.

  6. I have no idea why my parents make such a big deal of having kids. All they do is ask you for things, throw a tantrum when they don't get it, and never thank you if they do get it. Also, they break my eardrums.

  7. What about climate change? Kids carbon footprints are really bad for the environment. That's one of the reasons I'm never having kids. I'm not looking for a fight, I'm just a bit skeptical but very much open to new ideas.

  8. The resource problem is still there if we are improving it does not mean we should not try to improve faster i mean may be if population had not increase we may have completely diminished extreme poverty instead of halfing it…

  9. Where are my fellow antinatalists who believe forcing a child into the life without their consent is irresponsible and cruel at?

  10. I got we have enough resources but unless I can afford for my child to go to college and be able to get a good job and have a good life. It is not going to happen.

  11. The obvious solution is to kill other people and their offspring thus granting your own a better share of future resources.

  12. The biggest question to answer about overpopulation is whether or production methods are able to keep up with population growth? But even if we eventually can't increase production of goods, I think people will naturally just have fewer children until it evens out, I had a calculus teacher (not the best source for biology, but he's still fairly well educated) once say that many species have been observed to slow down their repopulation to match available resources. Humans are probably the same.

  13. Am I the only one who saw the thumbnail and thought the guy in the middle killed someone and buried the body? The title had "Socially Irresponsible" in it, so it made sense to me at that moment…

  14. The maximum amount of people that can be born is just a bit over 10billion. If you want to know why go to "Ted talk; population" they explain it really well.

  15. From an agricultural perspective this isn't true, Most of the developed world depends on large scale conventional agricultural practices. This is why Ag giants like Monsanto, Helena, Syngenta. Dupont, Behr, CHS, etc exist to its size. However, most synthetic P2O5 and K20 that are milled, bagged, and shipped come from rock. According to Dr. Karen Renner, by 2045-2055 (Fluctuates by demand) all known deposits of P2O5 and K20 will be harvested out. For those that don't know, P205 and K20 are the center and right numbers on fertilizer bags (N-P-K), these are also critical to plant growth. If you go to any Ag school, convention, podcast, or even political debate on Ag topics, feeding a growing population is a continually growing concern. A solution has to be found by the time the rock is harvested out, or large-scale agriculture will come to an abrupt end due to it's crippling dependence.

  16. idk… We really are doing a lot of damage that is generally being overlooked.
    And a lot of natural resources really are becoming rare. Oil for example. Yes, we technically still have oil, but the methods we use today to collect it are really extreme and environmentally hazardous compared to our old methods.
    A higher population may not be innately dangerous, but our methods of supplying our massive population have become increasingly more extreme.
    Also there are Many reasons for the decrease of extreme poverty! Machines being the primary example. They've helped us increase our efficiently Hugely, but that doesn't mean our overall affect has been improved, since we're still behaving in ways that will inevitably cause further damage to our planet.
    We haven't invested in the renewable resources, recycling centers, and anti-climate policies that are vital to our future.

  17. @Foundation for Economic Education ,
    Isn't the graph for extreme poverty decreasing by half unreliable? Last time I checked the number of people living in extreme poverty hasn't actually changed but people who don't live in extreme poverty has practically exploded in size.

  18. The video doesn't address women who intentionally get pregnant, go from guy to guy, all in the desire for living off government welfare.

    So a huge element is missing. If you're going to give a video this title, addressing being able to afford said child is an important factor.

  19. Short answer: no. Having kids is absolutely essential to human survival and taking time off to raise them well should be rewarded and appreciated.

  20. If everybody planted just a few crops of their own, only for them to use, we would all use less of the general resources

  21. The world is bountiful and can sustain us all. But its hard for dictators to control people when all their needs are met. That's why we have socialism.

  22. Having children when you can afford it is fine. BUT having children when you cannot afford to financially nor give attention to is irresponsible. We do not need more children in the foster care system!

  23. I think having unplanned kids is socially responsible. However, I don’t support abortion. Have safe sex people and/or plan having kids.

  24. Also, wouldn’t it be technically “environmentally” responsible considering the video talked about the limited resources? When I think socially, I would’ve thought about like the correlation of unplanned kids and the use of welfare and stuff like that.

  25. Is overpopulation a problem? YES.
    Is the United States (and the West in general) part of said problem? NO.

    We do have too many humans on the planet. But most of those people are concentrated in China and India. Meanwhile, in the United States, the population is actually decreasing. We're on the right track; the Asian countries are the ones that need to get their crap together.

  26. Has he done a video on 'The impending economic downfall' in the US, I keep hearing people preach about it coming but have yet to see it.

  27. While this video does make some good points, gotta love that you threw in a non-renewable like oil in with renewables like trees and water.

  28. The only thing that’s mythical is your dads love for you. Over population leads to climate change , more wellfare, and reduction of the of natural land for housing, thus making things more crowded, as well as increasing poverty, since its mostly the poor people that’s having more kids. But again you believe in god, so you believe in all kind of bullshit.

  29. At the same time though, if you're struggling economically and don't have a well established life you shouldn't bring a child into the picture as some sort of hail mary pass to get your life headed in the direction that you want. This only leads to a cycle of children being brought up worse and worse and can lead to the serious problem of a population that is ill equipped for the world they find themselves in due to a lack of foresight and development on the part of parents who are struggling themselves just to figure things out.

  30. Surprised you didn't complain about the fiscal irresponsibility of getting pregnant/why single mothers deserve to starve, I mean that's the kind of thinking you promote on this channel.

  31. 100 trillion biological humans is your limit for this planet. Any more, and you need some completely new technology operating on entirely undiscovered science to sustain them. So we have a ways to go.

  32. If you're smart enough to consider not having children due to economic stresses, you're worthy of having them.
    If you just see having babies as a way to get more capital from government sources, you're not.
    If you don't give a rat's ass about popping out progeny due to wanton, unprotected sex…

    There is no license required to have babies. There is no training required to have children. There are no classes to attend, no lectures to endure. More's the pity.

  33. I went through Colorado and Texas the states 5 hours there was nothing but desert and plains that could easily become more cities if we just utilize it but instead people keep claiming that it's overpopulation the people who complain about overpopulation of never left the city of New York

  34. I know, here's an idea, how about we stop dirt poor africans from having 6-7 children. That's how we stop Overpopulation.

  35. It’s one thing to say having babies is good, but it’s another to argue for conservative economic positions. Limits to Growth modeled a business as usual economy and predicted a late 21st century collapse. People need to be a little slower to claim there is no problem. Limits to growth predicted growth well into the 21st century before a collapse.

  36. I disagree I think it is overpopulated, we've had to physically manipulate our resources specifically food dumping harmful chemicals that are quite literally killing us it is quite dangerous

  37. This felt a little oversimplified – the argument that natural resources are being consumed faster than they're made was countered by stating that poverty levels have decreased. Poverty is calculated in regards to money. Money is not a natural resource. Even if we're still accruing a positive net gain on resources, how long before that well bottoms out? There are seven billion of us on this ball of rock and water. One look at the rest of our ecosystems will tell you that nature didn't construct this planet with that number in mind.

    That being said, there's little to no point in having children that don't grow up to produce enough value to overtake their own carbon footprint – we could sustain the human race with about 1% of the total population. What are the odds that – when someone dies – anything of practical value is lost? I say practical, not sentimental – if the world (or even the local community) isn't any better off because a particular person is alive, I think it's a fair extrapolation that person is replaceable.

  38. Karen: Why can't we have a decent talk like any ordinary person whenever we meet.

    Me: Well there is always that one idiot who said we are in an overpopulation problem.

  39. As someone who believes that overpopulation was a major problem, this video was a tad difficult to take in lol

  40. They expect 2 million people to pour into Houston within the next 10 years, and with all the construction and people we already have, you can't commute on the weekends. It is a Nightmare. Travel in Austin is pretty obnoxious too.
    But people think we can squeeze 7.6 billion people here. It is too crowded already.
    The bible speaks about having enough land for all individuals to own and raise plants on. Southern Christians with their white trash breeding practices might as well be open about their love of Satan.

  41. Overpopulation is a myth? Yeah we’re just putting every other species on the planet to extinction and using up all of the fresh water. But we have infinite finite resources, right? Your cartoon sucks.

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