Is Homosexuality in Your Genes?

Is Homosexuality in Your Genes?

Scientists have recently discovered two gene
variants that are more common in gay men than straight men, adding to the evidence that
homosexuality is, at least, partially genetic. This news may actually sound familiar to you,
as studies in the early ‘90s also identified regions on the 8th and X-chromosomes that
were correlated with homosexuality. But the genes identified this time are on
the 13th and 14th chromosomes, and it’s the first time ever scientists have identified
specific genes, not just a region on a chromosome that could be correlated with sexuality. The genes were found by comparing the DNA
of 1077 gay men with the DNA of 1231 straight men, looking for variations as small as a
single nucleotide. The gene on chromosome 13, called SLITRK6,
is active in a region of the brain called the diencephalon; that same region contains
the hypothalamus. The SLITRK6 gene has been shown to be active
in the hypothalamus of male mice fetuses days before they’re born, which is thought to
be a crucial time for sexual differentiation. The other gene scientists identified is called
TSHR, and it’s mainly active in regulating the thyroid, an endocrine gland in your neck. The thyroid releases hormones that control
your metabolism, and there is a thyroid condition where the TSHR gene doesn’t function, leading
to an overactive thyroid and weight loss. This condition, called Grave’s disease,
is more common among gay men. So these recently pinpointed genes fit nicely
with past research, but it’s possible to have these variants and not be gay. By our current understanding homosexuality
is influenced by many genes, each having a small effect. And the environment probably plays a role
too. You may have noticed that I never mentioned
any studies involving women, and that’s because the science on female homosexuality
is lagging behind. So as always, more research is needed, but
in this case don’t go googling it at work, leave this one to the pros. The evidence that several genes could contribute
to homosexuality may explain why some people are bisexual too. Thanks for watching, be sure to come back for more, and I’ll see you next time on Seeker.

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100 thoughts on “Is Homosexuality in Your Genes?

  1. There is evidence about a disease, not the desire for a man to actually want a man. That is never proven. The American Psychology Association was forced by political groups in the 70s to let go of signifying it as a mental disorder. And the research after the legalisation of homoseksuality and its physical and mental consequenses was never never done. It was done by psychologists who are still alive but aren’t been heard because political agendas stribe towards what I think, disorientating society and destabilizing the family structure.

  2. In order to shut a homophobe, ask them questions to prevent their thoughts of being gay is a “choice:” When did you decided you were straight? How did you know you were straight? etc…

  3. It's not in your genes. It's in your food and water to genetically make you that way. Designed to break up the family and a form of population reduction.

  4. It’s called a reprobate mind practicing something which God is against , yes I believe their minds their brains could be different . read Romans 128

  5. As a gay man I hope they never find the "gay gene". Just accept people and move on. Once we localize where in our development sexuality develops or on which chromosome it's on I honestly believe that's when people will start to choose a child's sexuality. It will be treated like an illness by bigots. People just need to let people live and love.

  6. So Gay is the sickness of the results of we humans now in day cant even find a real natural food in the grocery store

  7. How come when inconclusive and useless results such as these show up in the most studies, they get tossed away but when theres an argument to be made that you know your audience will like, such useless findings get their own video?

  8. what always triggers me off about "evolution" – (brief note : im not religious , i believe in logic 😀 ) is that if for example people are gay , they cant have children thus their cell-line should go extinct. but there are still tons of gay people even nowadays which means its a side mutation thats just reappearing from time to time in every cell-line. so to say "evolution isnt perfect and what doesent kill you pre birth or up to your child age , probably wont vanish- though that should only be true if you can still have children because all the other individuals should overpopulate you otherwise , making your mutation a 1 in a 100000 thing. – " (like lets say if gay peoples cell lines end at that certain individual and every 10th man is supposed to be gay , why are there not other mutations that reappear , killing the cell-line ? like immune deficiency at age of 10 triggered by whatever mutated gene , killing you ? ) i know there are but why so rare ?

    and then again there are such ultra complex perfectly optimized working things like your eyes , your ears , your brain did such complex things evolve just by "survival of the fittest" standard when things like gay people still exist ? i mean imagine there was a non lethal side mutation leading to you seeing only green or black and white or having only one eye or whatever. you would still be able to live and you had higher chances of surviving / inheriting your genes than a gay person (which has 0% xd ). so why are there so little cases of those ? or how did having eyebrows give you such an advantage that your fur decreased all over your body but at some parts it stayed , resulting in every human being having eyebrows ?) why isnt there every 10th people a dude without eyebrows ? its not like you wont survive / be able to have children and inherit your genes without eyebrows ? and if all the multiple mutations were sufficient enough to establish smth as complex as our eyes , you cant possibly try and tell me that there wasnt the time for a mutated eyebrow to have occurred .

    and now im a bit older than back then when i was totally in the blue , knowing that there is a field called epigenetics , which gives some hints on how genes are activated and inactivated and hold in order , regulated etc. but even if there is that thing. how did it evolve ? how did epigenetics evolve if there is no longer the explanation of "survival of the fittest" . how did your genetic code figure out to inactivate lactate genes if you no longer drink milk and dont need it ? how did it figure out you shouldnt mutate your eyebrow gene (im just assuming it has a low mutation rate , caused by protecting the dna with epigenetic measures) , how ? i mean the dna is basically a self evolving peace of information that has IN ITSELF the information of how to evolve ? and that is supposed to have been established by coincidence . there are an infinite amount of "what if"´s that whould have fucked up said system that it takes me some overcoming to believe there isnt something more behind it. (still , im not religious. – but crazy things like living in a matrix of some sort (maybe made of all our interconnected consciousnesses , placed in nothingness , just existing , we established ourselves a world of the thought "i think so i am" , i am so i have to be smth , i have to be smth so i have to be somewhere , etc , always imagining new things that result in the things before. asking questions and giving us answers that somehow fit into the whole picture , overwriting said information if need be (like lets say maybe the earth was flat at some point but we figured that makes no sense in our multiconnected conciousness , since if we go to that world border we cant stop existing and have to be somewhere so the low performance solution whould be its a circle . if there isnt anything unknown behind a border allowed to be , because we would keep asking "what is it" the only possible solution was " the same thats on the other side" – a circle – to begin with. that simple thought makes so much sense to me , that i like it more than the "coincidental evolution thingy" ).

    and if im right that would lead to some problems.
    – its paradox because i dont want to live in a world that isnt real so i want to suppress myself knowing that it is , still i would – in theory – be able to change everything around me if i could convince the majority of the consciousnesses (you) that its not just in my head but a fact ( round earth). if you think it makes sense and is right , it might become real . maybe being able to "doubt" as a human being is a "consciousness-made" mechanism to prevent you from being in direct control and just influencing it in an interactive network. so when i think about the theory the system should stop me from doing so.
    – if the world is changeable , if the past is just a pixel of information and never happened , just a simulation of yourself and all the others (which could also be simulations brought up by yourself , making you ,the only conscious being in the universe, less lonely) there is no real need for anything. anything can happen whatever i do , nothing has to happen and live itself doesent really matter. i would either find out the theory is right , resulting in me no longer wanting to keep this up – either resetting my knowledge back to a single cell a few million years "ago" in an endless circle of repetition – like watching the same movie , forgetting all of it , watching it again. or i would try to fix the system , making me unable to find out the truth (which might already be the status im at . because otherwise it would be paradox that i could write about it right now) , leaving me with one more and final problem.
    – if i took myself the ability to detect the theory and prove it , to change it , i can no longer change future outcomes. its a simulation of which i dont know where it leads too without being bale to fix it if i lets say end up in a living hell because i think its real and makes sense. or smth related. so i would have probably put in a backdoor. depending on what that backdoor is , life could be interesting or i will just end up staying a corporate slave drone that eats and shits because evolution has lead to this. 😀

    Ps why are you reading all this ? am i writing to myself ?or are there multiple individual minds in existence ? hell i could even be that backdoor i was speaking of telling you about the system right now , because you split your consciousness into two , resulting in one having a good live , while the other one stilll can find out and change everything. so many possibilities. non can be proven right or wrong. but if you never think about them , and they were real that would be the dumbest thing to do.

  9. all I'm hearing is ''no we don't have facts.'' if allll homosexual men and women had the variance and none of the straight men do then i'd consider it evidence, for example, i can say good eyesight is more common in homosexuals than straight men, because there are more heteresexual men who can't see, homosexuality is not in your genes, you choose to be homosexual, if you're attracted to someone it doesn't mean you should have sex with them, homosexual intercourse can be dangerous, so can promiscuity, you say ''it's okay'', you're ''not hurting anyone'' but you're influencing them to follow your ways subconciously, when someone rapes someone it's because of their inability to control their desire, he/she hurts one person.. but does he/she really? the victim's future relationships, friends, family, they have all been hurt, if you are homosexual, control your emotions, just as you can find a buff man you have women who body build, you like funny women well guys can be funny too, there is nothing that a man can do that a woman can't mentally and mostly physically the only variation is with the sexual organs but then again, can't you love someone without having sex with them? can't you love someone and control yourself? they wont leave you if you say you won't and you might be unhappy for a bit of time, but everything will pass.

  10. Tbh at this point, even being a furry will become okay, forget about incest and pedophilia, the lgbt alredy accepted them… next we will have neuro… erm yes. Sex with dead people….

  11. Im gay … but i think some ppl aren't born gay .. they just figure out what they want n who they are with age as we do in all other aspects of life……i also know genes mutate 🤷🏽‍♀️

  12. There's no gene for people who really like or hate pizza, or apples, or avocados either. So why does there have to be a gene for sexual orientation or gender identity? Sexuality and gender identity is clearly on a spectrum anyway. Some people feel totally heterosexual, some totally homosexual, others somewhere in between. Some people feel totally cisgendered like a woman who feels totally feminine in her physically female body, and others totally opposite of cisgendered like a woman who feels totally masculine yet she was born with a female body and told she had to act a certain way cause its the "right thing to do". Others are very much in the middle with a blend of both feelings and identifications, and others are somewhat or very much more of one than the other. People need to use some common sense and actually learn about people before thinking they know everything about everyone and thinking they have everyone figured out better than those people know themselves. That's some of the most conceited and sociopathic shit I've ever seen. Stopping this would solve a lot of really fucked up problems in the world.

  13. I spoke with a doctor who had access to the papers written up on this study. A lot of men who were also tested and were quite feminine in nature (not muscular and macho), also showed to have this gene. Yet, they were all heterosexual, and had no sexual desires for other males. It's the part this video decided not to include in it's rather basic presentation.
    Just because you have a certain gene that gives you physical features, or perhaps a little less male hormonal levels from your genetic makeup, doesn't mean you are predetermined to behave a certain way. Behavior in a normally functioning human brain is 100% learned. Men choose to be homosexual. A perfect example is how perfectly normal and heterosexual males even without this genetic difference go to prison, then come out homosexual from being subjected to a specific psychological environment for an extended period of time that changes their learned behavior.
    About the only known cases of predetermined behavior, is that of serial killers, who have an actual genetic mutation that physically changes the neurological makeup of their brain which causes erratic and violent behavior with psychopathic tendencies.
    My point being, is that homosexuals have perfectly normal brain function, and are not diseased or neurologically damaged. They are normal just like everyone else, but their sexual preference is entirely psychologically learned behavior.

  14. Seems like the world is trying hard to just agree with this. This video wasnt even objective, it was just trying , to make being homosexual acceptable.
    And that's why this matter , because no group should have so much power as to make up truth, and then make everyone else accept that. It's not cool.
    Most eveidence points for it being a choice. As well as other sexual abnormallities. Which people also choose inspire of the hate they receive from them.
    It's a choice, and it's not healthy to say it isn't. Because as humans , you certainly have the power to choose.

  15. There is no f***ing gay gene.
    Being gay is a personality,when you are young there are certain events or things that change you.
    For example if a young child sees gay couples or sees two people of the same sex getting married,that child would start thinking that they also like the same sex,thats when they start thinking that they are gay,when this happens they look at the same sex and think if they like them,then because of what they’ve been exposed to they’d think that they are gay.
    In conclusion gay people can stop being gay.It will take time for the gay personality to be destroyed from their minds,but it is not impossible.
    Gay people are not born gay,they are made gay. A straight person can turn gay,and a gay person can turn straight.
    Being gay is not normal,I do not hate gay people,because I think they can change. Gay people are just confused,be nice to gay people and help them be cured.

  16. this kinda scares me… it's nice that they're proving the being gay is nature rather than nurture but the fact that they're getting closer to finding all the genetic differences between gay and straight men makes me think the government'll use it in their favor and some how manipulate it where they weedout all gay people or make more of them for population control

  17. I don’t think being gay is a choice for real gay people however the problem i see is how trendy America has made a lot of people are choosing to be gay because it’s the kool new trend and edgy and your not a bigot now and your this special victim now and if your not gay then your some evil white devil male or something .. and since America has made all these things seem cool and made it a thing to bash people who are not gay .. I think it just keeps people confused

  18. How does this this study prove that there is a gay Gene based solely on chromosomes looking similar? What about the straight Gene? Bisexual Gene? Is there enough data? What about the parents of the gay child? Do they carry the alleles? If so is the gay Gene a mutation which is a mental illness?

  19. Bigotry and ignorance is homophobes' choice. You don't hate homosexuals just like that, you hate them because religion brainwashed you for long enough to think a human being, who did you no harm, is disgusting for wanting to be happy and have a life.
    Can't wait for either of two:
    1. Religions to revise their scriptures;
    2. Religions being banished (the ones that discriminate against homosexuals).

  20. It's also called Bullshit with a capital "B". Genetic research has been going on in major universities in the world and more specifically at John's Hopkins in the US since the 70's and there is 0% indication that there is any genetic influence in homosexual behavior. The variations you mentioned and pointed out towards the end of this useless video as you so well put are just as present in men who are straight. The 1970's is as far back as 49 years going on half a century and the supposed "genetic gay" justification is exactly where it was 50 years ago: Nowhere! Absolutely no proof when you take biology into account.

  21. Our genes can be altered through external influences. See Darwin's theory of evolution. If it is genetic then we now how the ability to treat this disorder with gene therapy. What has been regularly denounced are the psychological predisposition s that can lead to same sex attraction. Note. Was the gene found in lesbians? For those who perceive themselves to be "gay" (which used to mean "happy and cheerful") the easiest way to make a "gay" miserable is to let them know that you perceive their behaviour to be dysfunctional (not behaving as intended or properly). Many people overcome their same sex attraction. The solution is the same as in other forms of Therapy's. When the individual realises that change occurs when and only when they take responsibility and make the effort to create the change desired. As for those who are against Christian teaching about same sex relationships then they may like to look up the definition of "anti Christ", what Romans 1:18-32 says, who said "Physician heal thyself" and before judging others "remove the beam from your own eye before attempting to remove the splinter from another s eye". Good advice to the author of this Video

  22. It is a choice no matter what you think! I have gay friends Lesbian friends I also have been born with more male hormone than female I have chosen to be straight that is my choice! If anyone is struggling with their decision it is more to it than meets the eye! If you believe in God you will know you are not fighting against flesh and blood but against principalities so in the conflict of deciding is it your desire alone? I do not like coke or heroin so I do not have any flocking to me. But I do like weed and that is all I meet is weed heads, more when I'm trying to quit! Just a coincidence? I tell you this, the majority think that have the same sex relationship is the best sex ever! Is it? I believe the majority enjoy that sex because you are still sneaking around even the outed still feels like their sneaking it is an adrenaline rush! Why do people steel that have money in their pocket? It is for the adrenaline rush they receive! People that are of the same sex may not be allowed to be together but they sneak to do so it will be the best sex ever in most cases! GOD IS REAL GOD IS LOVE AND HE NEVER WANTED THIS CONFLICT TO BE! PRAYER OPENS THE STORE GATE TO HEAVEN! HE SAID ASK BELIEVE TO RECEIVE! SO YOU MUST BELIEVE YOU HAVE RECEIVE WHAT EVER YOU ASK FOR TO RECEIVE IT! GOD BLESS EVERYONE IN THEIR JOURNEY AND DECISIONS OF LIFE! REMEMBER THERE IS ONLY 2 WAYS NOT 3! THERE IS GOD'S WAY OR SATAN'S WAY NEVER YOUR OWN! NO 3RD WAY PERIOD THAT IS ANOTHER CONFLICT IN THE HUMANS!

  23. Its complicated. Nurture and nature. Experiences definitely play a role. Also bisexuality points alot toward experiences

  24. 99% of comment section: agree and complain about differing opinions
    Literally like 5 comments: I disagree with this

  25. I like this video if nothing else than the idiots i used to work with that said homosexuality was a choice- that basically they couldn't get a girl so they decided to be gay….was stupidest shit I had ever heard.

  26. The idea of homosexuality is part of the next solution to reduce population. If you have 100 million homosexuals, make sure that they will not be able to procreate and are forced to seek or abolish the idea of fatherhood and motherhood.

  27. Being gay is not a choice. In fact, there are gay people who really want to be straight and would do anything to be straight but it is impossible. I am a Straight Ally Christian. Yes. A Christian of all things. Straight allies are straight people who support the LGBTQ.

  28. there are also DNA similarities in various mental illnesses. Whats your point? Are you trying to say that it's not one's "fault" for being gay???

  29. I mean I'm Catholic and while I don't think it's okay for myself to be gay, I'm chill if someone else decides to be gay, cause the main point in my religion is to love everyone, because we are all sinners and made in the likeness of God. <-just my 2 cents

  30. I look forward to the day when announcing your gay is of equal importance to announcing your height.

  31. Sorry call me a biggot but any "scientist" in a Labratory who releases falsehoods under the visaud of "research" saying homosexuality is genetic is an idiot, absolutely laughable.

  32. 1:48 "..THAN "CAN" CONTRIBUTE… IS NOT THAT "IS"… IMBECIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HERE THE REAL TRUTH:

  33. homosexuality, is not genetic!!!!!!!!!!!: science proved!!!:

  34. So you mean to tell me you don't much scientific knowledge on women that has been around same time as man but some how scientists know about gay men which only started studies not that long ago hmmm ok well this looks like a giant fake video by a long shot!! The reason why you don't mention it because when you find out or talk about women it's destroys the gay gene argument altogether

  35. ok ik im gonna get called out here, i just wanna know, was this based on one paper or multiple papers that found the same conclusion? I'm not homophobic, i just wanna make sure im using the right info in this kinda world we're living in

  36. Humans have destroyed their own genes by being homosexual homosexual Is
    Unatural because does metal stick to south pole and south pole it doesn't because it's not natural

  37. I would like more research into other identities (like researching women's sexuality and the science behind them being lesbian etc) I agree that it would probably be complicated but not like it wasn't complicated to do really any kind of study including human subjects.

  38. Does every gay person have it? Does every straight person lack it? If the answer is no then it’s not a gay gene

  39. So rapist and serial killers are born rapist and serial killers 🤔 i didn't know I was born straight I thought it just happened that I liked the opposite sex !

  40. So there is no gay gene but you feel there is a Gene that could be for gay people but it's also found in straight people.
    How about just be scientific and tell the truth ; THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A GAY GENE.

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