Is Planet Fitness The Gym For You? Full Honest Review From Male and Female *Basic $10/mo membership

Is Planet Fitness The Gym For You? Full Honest Review From Male and Female *Basic $10/mo membership

yo what's up guys it's Gary Brown and Jessica Prudhomme from GB fitness and we are going to give you guys our honest review of Planet Fitness we're gonna figure out whether or not Planet Fitness is the right gym for you uh how many times have you worked out a plan to fitness only twice only twice ah so she knows her way around there she knows what's what Planet Fitness has to offer as far as like working out and equipment and like the whole environment and stuff I've been there for about four years I basically use Planet Fitness to train the people that only have memberships at Planet Fitness since uh it's just like my secondary gym just in case like somebody that I want to workout with only as a planet fitness membership I'll work out a plan of fitness or if there's a certain type of equipment that I want to use I'll be over at Planet Fitness as well so I know my way around Planet Fitness just as well so we're gonna give you guys our honest review and let this review begin alright guys here we go alright guys so for Planet Fitness the first thing I want to talk about is the equipment the equipment is very well maintained it's very smooth and there's a huge variety but you will find more ab machines or more back machines more chess machines more arm machines more cardio machines especially at Planet Fitness and basically any other gym and the thing that's also great about that is since there's so many different machines and different like a huge variety almost more beneficial to its members because you can hit your muscles from all different angles and on top of that all the machines since they're very well maintained are also really smooth as well as I'm trying to really just lose weight and gain muscle at the same time I've noticed that this gym is really good for that because I can get a fast workout in hit legs hit uhm abs and kick some cardio and get in and out pretty quick and then on top of that too not only is that a great thing about Planet Fitness but at the same time it's also only ten dollars a month that is so cheap like you can literally pick up ten dollars from the floor and like in a month or something like that it's just it's not even that like hard to get like ten bucks like ten bucks a month compared to some gyms works like twenty dollars I know some gyms are like fifty I know some gyms are even like two hundred dollars a month but nothing's gonna be ten dollars I believe this is the cheapest gym uh to go to um something that we do dislike though is the fact that there are lots of people in the gym definitely coming from a small town I'm not used to going to a gym with just so many different people and I was just really different for me yeah there's always gonna be a lot of people Planet Fitness do the fact that it's so cheap a lot of people are gonna go for that deal because ten dollars how are you gonna be ten dollars that's something that's you know it's that's a steal um another thing that I don't like is there are no free weights so if you like to benchpress you like to squat if you like the deadlift then you're gonna have to be used to using a smith machine and that's something that I'm not really I'm not really a big fan of using a smith machine but I'll use it if I really have to at Planet Fitness so just know that you will not have any free weights and I don't know it's just I'm more of like a power lifter type of guy so I'm not really a big fan of not using free weights um another thing too is the fact that dumbbells only go up to sixty pounds now as for female that's yeah I don't really see that many people like you know using 60s like girls using sixties on the gym I mean there probably are a lot that do but typically I plan to finish you don't see that many girls even touching the 60s but as for guys I see a lot of guys grab and like from like the 45 to the 60s because that's the heaviest that they go for dumbbells and it kind of sucks because it's like with me I can put on a lot of weight with my dumbbells like I can dumbbell press like the hundreds I can dumbbell for us I think I'm the heaviest I've done was like 115 and 60 is literally almost like just barely over half that weight and so by using the 60 pound dumbbells like I'm not really doing much to really improve my strength at all in my honest opinion um Planet Fitness is kind of really relaxed on like how much weight you can actually put with the dumbbells now for with the machines though like yeah you're gonna have the machines that go all the way up to as high as like the average machine at the gym goes so you can use your strength on machines but I'm not really a big fan of that as well so just the whole fact that you're not going to be able to really push yourself as hard as you can at other gyms at Planet Fitness do the fact that they lack the amount of weight needed to really push yourself that hard kind of gets at me a little bit alright guys so this was our overall review of Planet Fitness um honestly the way I see Planet Fitness is it's not really a gym for those that are trying to really get huge and really big and buff or anything like that but if you're trying to like slim down go on a diet or cut and just get that hypertrophy more volume in your workouts then Planet Fitness is probably the way to go if you want to get cardio in Planet Fitness is the way to go you have a lot of variety for your cardio machines and it just makes it easier for cutting like this entire summer this past summer um I was at Planet Fitness for a while and that's when I got the most cut that I ever had because since the weight is not as heavy as I want it to be it forced me to use higher reps and with higher reps I had not like the best pumps I ever had and like some of the gyms and I actually got shredded being at Planet Fitness but for those that are trying to get bigger gain strength and all that stuff I really wouldn't recommend Planet Fitness unless you're a beginner if you're just starting out I just starting out to workout and stuff like that um Planet Fitness would be a great gym to start out at you're not gonna see that many big guys in there which could be a pro and a con in itself because I know Planet Fitness is all about no gym timid ation but at the same time like I feel like if I saw somebody that was like kind of big or doing something impressive when I first started out I would use that as motivation to try to get to their level at some day at some time in my life or something like that so you can take it how you want a Planet Fitness overall in my opinion is a great gym for those that are starting out or cutting so um that's my honest review that's very honest for you um hope you guys enjoy this video please comment like and subscribe peace

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40 thoughts on “Is Planet Fitness The Gym For You? Full Honest Review From Male and Female *Basic $10/mo membership

  1. I’m 17, by no means am I as big or strong as the pros yet, but that’s my goal. I started getting really into fitness a few years ago, but all I could afford is PF for the time being. In about a year of training there, I’ve gotten a pretty good physique and I’m probably in the “advanced” range on my lifts, on my way to “elite” in a few years. For $10 a month, you can get great gains if you know what you’re doing. There’s a pretty big bodybuilding scene where I live, and I see a lot of big guys that use it as a backup gym. I’m switching to EOS fitness in a couple months, which is $10 a month and more of a “bodybuilding gym” but if they weren’t building it so close to my house, I could probably handle another year at PF. I’ve lifted in numerous old school bodybuilding gyms, because I know a lot of serious bodybuilders from my uncle, even Armbrust Pro Gym, so I’m pretty deep into bodybuilding. So from someone who’s experienced professional level gyms, PF is a pretty good place to start as long as you’re knowledgeable on lifting and you’re actually serious about it in the long term.

  2. it's the only gym in my town that has any rules and I enjoy them even though I still see people getting away with breaking them

  3. Fuck planet fitness before you sign get a written statement that if they fuck up you can cancel anytime,they have no manager no supervisor at night no one to talk to when it's a problem and if they do talk to you they are not train to fix the problem be cautious. It's not the gym it's the service in a company that are terrible

  4. Planet fitness is my gym, when I need it to be..At times, I just want to get away from the noise 😭 at my other gym ( Worlds ) and Planet fitness does the job for me.. Especially having the access to go any time I want.. Which is big plus when I try to function on my days off… Because I live off the night shift.. It is at times very hard to fall asleep…. Cheap price, always clean and convenient with out the noise at time does it for me…If you do not like it, do not go .Or try to go just to make a ass of your self… its that simple

  5. Thanks for the video! I've been searching for all kinds of gym reviews in my area & I signed up for a free pass at PF to check it out & I think it's a good place, especially comparing prices & features to other gyms. If you've experienced Gold's Gym that would be awesome to review! I've heard about a bunch of hidden fees & it freaked me out! But, Gold's Gym is pretty cool it seems too

  6. Hey bitch you talk more than your girlfriend does and she has two pairs of lips. It's seems like you have two pairs of lips

  7. Hmm, I would have to say, this wasn't really a "review" in it's truest sense, of the gym at it's fullest. First, you were only reviewing the $10 membership, and not the entire fitness center. What about the additional "Black Card" perks? If you were only going to review the $10, make sure you note this. Make a statement you are ONLY reviewing the BASIC membership. This may skew some people's view. Most of this review was about YOUR preference and abilities. A review should be an unbiased, non-personal view of the item. For example, Was it clean, did it offer a variety of options, other perks etc. Not just whether you could press 155 lb dumbbells. What were the floor policies like, what are the cancellation policies, value to fee structure in comparisons. Just my two cents.

  8. Well put. I don't go to Planet Fitness but I know a guy that just started going there. He hasn't worked out in a while so it makes since that he goes to Planet Fitness. Planet Fitness is a "gateway" gym. For those that have never worked out or haven't worked out in years, this a good place to start up.

  9. It would have been great to give the young lady a chance to describe her views on the gym. Instead she was mostly relegated to shaking her head up and down a lot. And we really don't care about how much you love lift dumb bells. It would have been great to see some of the cardio equipment you mentioned. But alas it was not be. Better luck next time. And remember ladies have opinions too. Speak up!

  10. What I don't get is that for so many creeps secretly videotaping people who otherwise wouldn't be at a gym, and then they laugh at them. How dare they! Say what you wish, but they're THERE!!!

  11. I LOVE my Planet Fitness. They admit they don't have specialized equipment for serious weight lifters, but I don't have the ability to walk around my neighbourhood. And I like that they have staff there 24 hours a day.

  12. Great review! My first work out yesterday at PF was fun! I'm in my 40s so this is the perfect gym for me!😊

  13. Not gonna lie, any exercise is better than nothing. While I'm trying to lose weight/gain muscle and lift at the same time I understand some people like a gym like this better. I disagree with some of their practices but many are optional, despite them being counter productive to the progress of their customers.

  14. Planet fitness goes way higher in dumb bells. It depends on what gym you go to. I went to a gym in NY that only went to 60lbs. Then I went to 2 gyms in NJ that had a whole separate rack of dumb bells pass 75. I noticed the newer gyms have heavier weights

  15. Planet Fitness may be good for a starter but you can't get to Big there after a while they will DM you a lunk head and kick you out that is why I do gyms with no contracts

  16. PLANET FITNESS MARINETTE – I've never experienced such a disorganized unprofessional company in my life. Absolutely no training your shown once and expected to know it. The managers are a joke. They leave whenever they feel like and come back with food and eat it on the floor. How unprofessional is that when it's a gym and your shoving your face full of hot cheetos? There is no room for growth in this company. The manager told me I wont yell at you or tell u what's wrong… I'll just cut your hours! Really? How is the employee spouse to know what to improve on if u don't tell them, instead u belittle them. She was also sexist and racist. Then the Assistant manager, Targets a certain employee and make fun of him, then take a video of him while hes in the bathroom and take a video of him and show the rest of the employees. Then calls the boss on the phone, bc well she was never there, and she says to fire him. They all thought he was masterbating In the video. No matter if he was or wasn't, that is still ILLEGAL. I wouldn't reccomend anyone to work here! You get unfair hours like 10 to 17 a week! Also unfair paid for the amount of things that are expected of you. $8.00 an hour. I was expected to know all the computer programs when I was shown once. Then clean for a minimum 2 hours of the shift, send out 20 emails or phone calls for collections and post one picture of there Planet of triumph site and reply to 5 people's comments a day! I went in for my night shift and the assistant manger left me at the desk by myself. I had a person who wanted to start a member, a other who wanted to make a payment and another who wanted a different key card. I have no idea how to do any of it!! So I walked the entirety of the gym and couldn't find him anywhere he was gone for more than a half hour! I felt so stupid because I had no idea what I was doing, I decided to just leave. I believe in Morals and Ethics. Always have and will never change. I know the difference between right and wrong, and that company needs a whole new staff. Cooperate will be hearing about my experience. PLEASE MAKE THIS GO VIRAL. THANK YOU.

  17. I do my workouts at home using an incline bench, dumbbells, and an EZ curl bar. I head to PF for leg day

  18. you can actually get pretty big from planet fitness if you know your shit and Use the machines and weights RIGHT.

  19. Good price, good hours, adequate equipment. Music needs more energy and patrons need to be reminded not to use weight machines as lounge chairs, while they text.
    WARNING!! Beware the fine print. If you close your account before a year, you are charged a $58 buyout fee (about 6-months monthly fees). I tried to cancel my membership because I am moving to another city. My annual membership ends in a couple months, so I tried to have it end then. The guy at the desk would not end it there. He said I had to come in during my last month to stop them from billing me and the membership would automatically renew if I did not come in and cancel it during the last month.
    The reason Planet Fitness has to charge 1/4 as much as other gyms is because it is set up as a con job to rip off customers.

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