Is Renewable Energy Just Fantasy? – Expo 2017 Astana

Is Renewable Energy Just Fantasy? – Expo 2017 Astana

What if we could magic up energy?
It’d be fantastic wouldn’t it? We can replace our unsightly power stations
with grand wizard spires and why use coal? In this fantasy world we could use
some sort of glowing purple crystal. Yeah that’s right!
Just one of them could use its magical rays to send lightning surging down
power lines across the country and anytime someone had no energy or the
crystal ran out, the wizard could say hocus pocus and their television would
switch back on again. Shame it’s all make-believe. Not necessarily. What? You mean wizards are real? Well no, unless you can call energy scientists wizards. There won’t be any wizard towers replacing the power plants but instead there can be
some rather tall and fetching wind farms. What about a magic crystal? Look above you. We have an almost limitless energy source above us. With the Sun, we can
collect solar energies with solar panels situated in huge fields or even through
panels for houses that are getting more and more affordable. Hmm… then what about when the Sun goes behind the clouds? You can’t say hocus pocus to bring it back can you? No but some solar stations are more than capable of storing a lot of backup
energy during the brighter times than conserving it for the overcast times. Wow it’s magic! It’s not. It’s a push of progress!

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