Jennifer Lawrence on Mother!, Donald Trump and climate change

Jennifer Lawrence on Mother!, Donald Trump and climate change

it is an extraordinary film in the truest sense of the word thank you I mean this is a regular light way yes that's really hard to watch it feels like an assault I just thought last night I came out like what have we done Oh what have we unleashed you know it's it's it's hard when you're watching it and and then afterwards because I just had the experience and then when you go home and you kind of think about it and you have a moment you realize that you're just left with with feelings it's it's such a visceral reaction so yeah it's hard to watch in the moment but afterwards you realize how important it is yeah that was a new thing to get used to just kind of always having this presence but we did we had a really rigorous rehearsal process where we worked with the cameramen which is I don't think has ever been done where we got used to moving together and moving together for about three months so that helped I mean sort of starts as a domestic drama it's nice right maybe not starts the sort of domestic drama then builds and builds and builds no matter how much that was created in that three-month rehearsal period you know when you were in that house doing it the whole time did you ever think we've got to get that fence getting out of hand um no the rehearsal process was kind of more weird like a chalk outline of the house it was more about choreography you know it wasn't when we started shooting it really was chaos we had like 200 extras all in one house so it was not hard to create the chaos we just had to shoot it and one of the things that I found really fascinating in the film is the relationship between you and your husband played by Javier Bardem I mean he's a good-looking fella but he's not going for husband of the year and this is no no I mean what did you make of that relationship um I felt like it was important you know Javier brought a lot of humanity to the character and and to the relationship we talked a lot about it before we started shooting that there are times where you understand why she loves him and why they're together which i think is important he's just he's just a narcissistic artist and after time you know one person's appreciation isn't really enough for somebody like that and I think that also somebody with that kind of personality needs to be looked up to and praised and nurtured and she was that perfect person she kind of always felt not good enough for him or not enough for him what do you think it says if anything at all about the role of women in general because she gives everything to the house and to him and they both sort of conspire to destroy her yeah there was this really interesting book that I read before we did the movie called women in nature and it was just this really interesting kind of poetic but also scientific connection to how countries and nations treat their women can almost directly reflect how they treat the environment so I think that that was something that Darren found really interesting and just kind of started creating from their time making life okay mystical he's not always that master you know it was great for me I've always played you know I feel like all my characters have always been very strong and very forward and this is the first time I've ever had to be I think Darren put it you know placed on my back foot and it was a part of even myself that I wasn't in touch with that I didn't know you know I I thought for months I'm not sure how I'm gonna do this I don't know what she sounds like I don't know what she and then I found her and it was you know it's I hope to be able to play all sorts of different types of women and different characters because there's all sorts of different types of humans did you feel innocence diminished by though did you need to be diminished in the sense to be I think I needed to be diminished to make our point so whenever I'd have moments of of like well wait a minute I'd have to remind myself you know we're not just doing it we're making a statement about this so it's important and what you say what was the statement you felt it made about women well I think I'm playing you know the assaults that happens to my character it's not really happening to me it's not happening to this woman it's what I represent and I'm representing earth so to me when we were doing this one particular scene with a lot of violence that was portraying the abuse that we have afflicted onto our own planet onto our own home so it was important for me to be a representative of Earth and break your heart and and it should be hard to watch should hurt your feelings and you felt when you're watching the relationship even though there's he you know he's not physically aggressive toward so you did feel an element of sort of abuse of her I think there's many different metaphors in the movie and there's a lot of different ways that you can look at it and what you can walk away with their relationship is an insecure person with a narcissist I think this watch of humor to sort of black humor you know he is this artist and you know he his writer's block is released and he starts to write again and we're all waiting for you know what he delivers and it's one piece of paper I thought that was really nicely done oh yeah oh that's funny I didn't even think of that as I as funny yeah I was all just one poem that changed the world we've talked about you know this was an intense film to make you know what how did you sort of get a release from that intense I had a Kardashian tent I had a tent that had the Kardashians playing 24/7 and a teddy bear and Gumball's well they didn't and I ended up thinking that I would need this get away for this one particular scene but then I ended up hyperventilating and passing out and then popping out or ripping my diaphragm so then I I spent more time actually in the medical tent than the Kardashian ten physical reaction yes yeah I've never done I've never had to go that far and I was scared you know a couple days before I was starting to get really worried about going that that far cause any woman I mean I don't want to give anything away from the movie but anybody watching that that film nobody should feel you know what what my character has to feel so I was really worried about going to that you know summoning that kind of darkness and that was tough I actually don't know if I would be able to do that again and one of the things that this sort of invasion of the woman's privacy I mean nobody has many names in the film which is quite interesting but you know this couple arrive and they're in her head and her house really quickly I mean at someone who is so in the public eye you know what it's like to have your privacy invaded you know did you recognize that sense of panic that she feels um not really it kind of it was it was a different kind of invasion for her than you know the moments where I feel invaded you know because I'm very grateful for anybody who's a fan or anybody who who likes my work but you know I I also deserve personal boundaries you know just like any human does for her it was it was an it was kind of a different type of invasion you know there was one sort of invasion of your personal information that's quite useful when the hack revealed the fact that you were paid less than your male co-stars that's a massive issue for us at the moment why did you decide to speak out about it because you know I'm I'm so fortunate to have my job you know my problem is not as not money I wasn't upset that I you know only got this many millions for a movie that's ridiculous but my I was angry about about the unfairness and inequality and you know it's not it's not just in the movie industry it's you know there's a 21 percent pay difference between men and women and America and all fields and almost all fields so I felt like I had a voice people look at me and listen to me and to not use it to not say anything I that's never really sat well with me and it's interesting anyway for someone like you who is so successful and with that comes a lot of power and yet you were still being paid yes yeah that's it's it's unfair you know I feel like a guy I feel like the gap slowly is closing I feel like the more conversations we're having the more progress is being made very slowly but yeah it was it was unfair do you think it's about officers mainly men like the idea of paying other men I don't think it's one thing I mean I think you know on the one hand if you can get away with paying somebody less than do it you know a lot of people just don't choose the moral high road and say no that's not fair and I don't know or you could go philosophical and say why are we so afraid of women why are we so terrified of these beings who produce life okay as a baby and it's the one moment you feel that this woman is strong no it doesn't last which is quite interesting yeah that my character went through so many transformations at the beginning like we talked about earlier you know I was very meek and soft and subservient and and then it changed as soon as she had a baby you know then she kind of went into this native feral State which I think any woman who's had a child can say the love that you feel for your child is going to change you and and then unfortunately I don't want to say anything else but there are many different transformations when the director was asked about the film why it was so dark he said it's a mad time to be alive and there certainly is sort of ended days feeling about it so many people in America who would say you know perhaps it's true there at the moment than anywhere else I mean what are your thoughts about the changes that would happen in your own country over the last year or so it's scary you know it's this new language that's forming it I don't even recognize that I it's it's also scary to know it's been proven through science that human activity that climate change is due to human activity and we continue to ignore it and the only voice that we really have is through voting so at a and we voted and it was really startling you know you're watching these hurricanes now and it's really it's hard especially while promoting this movie not to not to feel Mother Nature's rage Ralph and it's not just about time to change that was in America I mean it seems to be a time of huge division yeah it's it's really polarizing and upsetting you know I've I've heard things and seen things on TV in my own country that devastate me and make me sick and um it's just really confusing the different president Trump confusing I don't find him confusing I I think I know exactly what he is and so how do you feel about the future I have to feel hope you know you have to feel hope you can't just fall into despair but a producer on the movie called this and called the called this film an impotent howl of Rage you know it's just it's like a helpless howl to the moon like just in it's an assault and one thing just moving you know looking forward there's a lot of excitement about the idea you might do something with Amy Schumer yeah I think people are so excited about that do you think there's still this idea that actually women can't be funny and that's why they seem so surprised by YouTube um well I've loved her for people to think that till her movie comes out and I well I mean everybody loves Amy I mean she's one of the funniest comedians and the world I think she's a funniest person in the world and our script is really good I'm really happy with it and we're excited to do it and III think I think it's really funny but it's also soulful big change yeah big difference thank you very much

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50 thoughts on “Jennifer Lawrence on Mother!, Donald Trump and climate change

  1. J-Law talks like she has down syndrome. Her voice or her audio just sounds cringeworthy, like she is half asleep.

  2. "I've heard things and seen things on TV in my own country that devastate me and make me sick". Then don't watch the mainstream media, you sheep. Their only goal is to sell you fear in order to get ratings and make money.

  3. trump is obviously using his otherworldly powers sending hurricanes to majority liberal cities to crush his foes. Trump is Thor confirmed by Jennifer lawrence

  4. STUPID MOVIE !! SENSELESS EVIL…END OF DAYS FEELING ??? SCARY..NEW LANQUAGE FORMING ? Human activity is due to climate…hurricanes..mother nature….huge division is polarizing…well then shut up jennifer with your TRUMP BASHING..we know exactly what you are….talking about assualt..that is what you and your under educated cronies in Bollywood are doing….the script sucked..soulful..really..big change….

  5. I used to like her as an actress.. Now I can't even look at this stupid woman… All these actors now that I know how they think I'm done with movies completely.. they ACT like us in movies end of similarity

  6. I wonder who Mother Nature should be directing her rage at now?
    “She had to have her dress flown down via private jet, just to learn it had a pizza stain on it!”

  7. Thumbs down, she's just another hollyweird liberal puppet sellout paid to spread lies and tow the PC line. Men are paid more than women because they work longer hours in jobs with higher risks to health and global warming is a hoax. The world has been heating up and cooling down for millennia, it's cyclic!

  8. Wow, people really don't do their research. Jennifer never says Trump caused a hurricane. Just listen to the interview.

  9. How ironic conservatives cry about someone that sees the reality for what it is. Then defend a misogynist, adulterer, tax cheat, even perhaps traitor. Jen. comes off as genuine and authentic. Sorry if she said something you didn't want to hear

  10. Hey JENN ! Let’s do a whole MOVIE on paying women less money than men across the board ! You be a co writer! If it’s written excitingly enough, you could help change the whole zeitgeist, worldwide. It’s the Next Step after #Me Too! Whaddya say ???

  11. Well, I watched and listened to the interview very carefully and Jennifer Lawrence did not blame trump for the hurricane and she was quoting the director with the "howl at the moon.." statement. The only howling at the moon around here seems to be coming from a bunch of stone deaf posters who obviously haven't watched or listened to the interview. All that aside, who else would like to see her play Ivanka Trump?

  12. They like we like everyone only gets one opportunity to lay the foundation for what's about to unfold. Digital life is coming. . and it needs to learn how to keep humans alive so it doesn't kill them all.

  13. They can create the chaos but I can create the order. Two. The wise one. The world order. The meek. We rise or the world falls. Humble

  14. Brilliant movie.. orchestrated beautifully. Definitely a daring piece of work that will be talked about for a very long time.

  15. Dear Jennifer Lawrence, from an European perspective you're such a strong independent woman with a beautiful soul. It's so brave of you to speak out on this important subject. This is an extremely important movie in this current political climate. Not so much for Earth, but for people and animals. Women have never been treated with such hatred before, and there is no European who understands how some Americans can defend this caricature of a leader. We all love you.

  16. She's a breath of fresh air because she has a deeper voice instead of the squeaky, high pitched voices so many young women have nowadays.  She sounds intelligent.

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