Jimmy Interviews the Biggest Boy Band on the Planet BTS

Jimmy Interviews the Biggest Boy Band on the Planet BTS

-Please welcome BTS. [ Cheers and applause ]
-♪ Shoo, doo-wop ♪ ♪ Pop, pop, doo-wop ♪ ♪ Shimmy, dimmy doo-wop ♪ ♪ Pop, pop, doo-wop ♪ ♪ Pop, pop, pop music ♪ ♪ Pop, pop, pop music ♪ ♪ Pop, pop, pop music ♪ ♪ Pop, pop, pop music ♪ ♪ Shimmy, dimmy doo-wop ♪ ♪ Pop, pop, doo-wop ♪ ♪ Shimmy, dimmy, doo-wop ♪ ♪ Pop, pop, doo-wop ♪ ♪ Pop, pop, pop music ♪ ♪♪ -I had — I had to. I had to do it.
Come on. We have — We basically — We — We — [ Laughs ] Yeah, I had to do it. I had to.
-You had to? -We have the same name,
basically. -Jimmy! -BT — I'm sorry!
I'm not picking favorites. I'm not picking favorites. I'm not picking favorites.
I'm not. No, I don't have a favorite.
-You're so cute. -Thank you very much.
I appreciate that. This is BTS.
[ Cheers and applause ] You guys are —
Good to see you. That was fun today. Thank you so much for doing the "Fortnite" dances
this morning. That was so fun. Thank you, thank you for being
involved in that sketch. [ Cheers and applause ] -Now for those of — A lot of people are watching
right now. I think it would be helpful
if you guys would introduce yourself
to the world. A lot of people are watching
"The Tonight Show." Just — [ Cheers and applause ] Yeah, go ahead.
-Hi. My name is RM. I'm the leader and kind of like
a translator for this group. -[ Laughs ] [ Cheers and applause ] -Hello, I'm —
Where do I dance? I'm Jin. [ Cheers and applause ] -Hi. I'm Suga.
Nice to meet you guys. [ Cheers and applause ] -I love you! [ Cheers and applause ] -I'm your hope, you're my hope,
I'm J-Hope. -[ Laughs ] [ Cheers and applause ] -Hi, guys.
Hi, Jimmy. -Hi, buddy. -My name is V. [ Cheers and applause ] -Yeah! -Jimin!
-Here we go. My man. Here we go.
Come on. Jimin!
Drumroll! Drumroll. [ Drumroll ] Drumroll! -Hey, Jimmy!
-Yeah! -I'm Jimin!
Yeah! Yay!
[ Both laugh ] -Dude, that's what
I'm talking about right there. Welcome, and last,
but definitely not least. -Okay. Hi. [ Cheers and applause ] I'm Jungkook.
Nice to meet you guys. -Yeah, that's right.
Good to see you, buddy. Guys, it's been so fun, exciting having you here
in New York City, and you got to speak at the U.N. -Yeah. -What was that like?
Was that amazing? [ Cheers and applause ] -You know, I was like —
I was, like, so nervous. -Really?
-Yeah. I'm holding up the paper. -Yeah. -And if you see that,
I was, like, shaking. -Really?
-Yeah. -Of course. It's a big deal.
-Yes, it was a big deal. -But what is your message? What is the BTS message? -It's about speaking yourself. -Yeah.
What is speak yourself? -Yeah, it's like — it's mainly
about speaking yourself instead of letting other people
speak for you 'cause to truly know ourselves, it's important to firstly know
who I am and, you know, where I'm from
and what my name is and what my voice is,
kind of like that. -Good for you.
That's fantastic. [ Cheers and applause ] Have you been having fun
in New York City? Are you — -Yeah!
-Yeah! -Really?
-Of course. [ Cheers and applause ] -What are the highlights?
Any highlights in New York? -I love SoHo. I want to go there for shopping. -Really?
-Yeah. Shopping! Whoo! [ Cheers and applause ] -[ Laughs ] -That's how you shop?
-Yeah. -Jimmy.
-That's how you shop? -I love MoMa museum. -Oh. -Uh, New York strip.
New York view. On my way to work
in the morning, New York street hot dogs. Perfect. -Wow. Tell me.
You spoke at the U.N. You sold out Citi Field
in under 10 minutes. I mean, this is — it's a big
deal for you guys. -It's a big deal. -What is — What do you want
to accomplish? What's next?
What do you want to do? -[ Speaking native language ] You know, want to stay humble
and enjoy the ride, but I think Suga wants
to say something. [ Cheers and applause ] -Go.
Let's Go. -Uh… -Yeah, Yoon-gi! -Go to Grammy's.
-Yoon-gi! -Go to Grammy? -Go to Grammy.
-Grammy? -Grammy? -He said Grammy. -Grammy?
Oh, wow. All right. All right.
We can make that happen. Dude, we can call them
right now. Let's make it happen. -We can just, like, dream, so… We can dream, so…
-You can dream. Absolutely. Dude, #BTSgrammy right now.
Let's make this happen. [ Cheers and applause ] -We can dream, so… -Guys, the album is
"Love Yourself: Answer." You guys are going to be
performing when we come back. We love you guys.
Thank you so much. BTS right there, everybody. BTS performing their hit song,
"Idol." -"Idol!"
-Stick around, everybody. "Idol." [ Tariq rapping indistinctly ] ♪♪

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30 thoughts on “Jimmy Interviews the Biggest Boy Band on the Planet BTS

  1. this was the first ever video i watched of bts then i went and listened to blood sweat and tears……8 months later i still listen to all their songs and now an army

  2. I always thought why people put posters and stuff in their room going crazy about different celebs but after seeing KIM TAEHUNG I just am going crazy like that like I only wanted his posters and stuff on my birthday to decorate my room and wardrobe SO THAT I ONLY SEE HIM EVERYWHERE . HIS VOICE I THINK I HAVE NEVER HEARD SUCH SOULFUL AND HEART TOUCHING VOICE HE IS LITERALLY GODS BEST CREATION I'M IN LOVE WITH HIM WORLD AND BTS HAS A GEM WHOSE MORE PERFECT THEN A F**KING PRECIOUS GEM

  3. I'm new army 🙂 love them after watching this interview! Btw what did V said before the last sentence "perfect"?

  4. Кто нибудь помогите мне 😂😂😂😂😂 есть с русскими субтитрами? Или с озвучкой??? 😂

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