Job profiles – Renewable energies

Job profiles – Renewable energies

The concern about the
environment has led humanity… to search for alternative
sources of energy, which do not use the planet’s resources
until the stocks are used up. Renewable energy, much more
than an economic and… professional sector; is a future challenge
that affects the whole world. Renewable energies are very
diverse and they can be… characterised as being an energy
source that cannot be used up, and one that respects
the environment. Their commercial use is relatively
new since they are exploited… thanks to procedures and techniques
that have begun… to be developed in recent years. This means that the sector is
very attractive for the business… community and for people
who are looking for jobs. Apart form the energies that have
been more successful such as… wind or solar energy, the fact of fossil
fuels becoming more expensive… has driven the development of
biofuel and bio-mass. These two fields are where the
market needs more professionals. The growth of renewable energy
has been exponential: one in every three companies
involved in renewable energy… has been created since the year 2000.
Looking at the coming years, the sector could generate 200
thousand new job opportunities. Moreover, this is a market that is
little affected by temporary… circumstances: 82% of
the contracts are long term. Political strategies increasingly
provide further… support to these forms of energy. The Spanish government intends
to push for them to be used until… the level of consumption is
doubled in the coming years. Most companies in the sector
are involved in the installation… of equipment, but there are also
a significant number of businesses… dedicated to energy production,
to supply and to maintenance. Specifically, in the maintenance field,
a growth in demand for… professionals is expected since
the number of installed plants is… expected to increase
in the immediate future. In spite of the fact that in some
cases, new energies may be… 40% more expensive
than the traditional ones, they may become very competitive if the
efficiency of the installations is improved. In order to achieve this,
the search for new production models… and guidelines is already intensifying. Construction and installation
are the first step for exploiting… renewable energies. People with engineering
and design studies, in project management or in
the installation of solar panels, are needed in this field. Once the plant has been installed,
it is necessary to operate… it and maintain it. Professionals with training as
electricians or people… who are experts in electronics
are needed in this field. They are versatile professionals
who can carry out… their work at different
types of plants. There is a third process
in exploiting renewable energies, that of strategic development.
These are long-term measures… planned in order to optimise
energy generation, stimulating R+D, implementing new functions
and improving existing processes. The staff who work on this phase
are people with technical or… industrial engineering studies, with specific training within the sector. They must have
a good level of English, and a high degree
of availability to travel. Working in the renewable energy
sector means forming part of a world… which will be strategic for the future. As the significance of renewable
energy grows, more specialist, efficient professionals
will be needed.

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