Join THE WORLD’S GREATEST MESSAGE for environmental protection!

Join THE WORLD’S GREATEST MESSAGE for environmental protection!

I’m gonna tell you about
some incredible people! From cleaning the park
or beach near you, recycling and using green energy, to a global projects for preserving
the oceans, forests and wildlife. There are people all around the globe
helping the environment to recover making our planet a better place
for us and our children. My name is Todor Mihaylov –
founder of The Rare Blue Project. We are searching for people
who take care for the environment, sharing their activities with others
everywhere around the globe. So if you, picking up the empty bottle
thrown on the sidewalk think that you are the only one
doing it… YOU ARE NOT! Same time, somewhere else,
someone pick-up another bottle believing that is our responsibility
to take care of it. And if people somehow
learn about one another, if you learn about them
and they learn about you, you and everyone who fight for nature
will be unified and motivated to keep doing it,
attracting even more people to do the same. This will create
the Global movement. 50 years from now we might still
be producing emissions and waste. But the way we handle it will determine whether
our children smile or not. So if you help the environment to recover or reduce our negative impact on it
in any way, The Rare Blue is here to
spread your story with the world inspiring more people
to follow your steps. Share your story with us and join the World’s Greatest Message
for environmental protection! Learn more on:

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