K-9 Wardens – Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

K-9 Wardens – Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

(Police Siren) [Narrator]
Wondering what Texas Game Wardens are doing amidst the mountains of Utah? (Truck door closes)
(Gate latch opens) [Narrator]
They’re here to pick up a few new recruits. (Dog barks) [John Thorne]
Parks and Wildlife Law enforcement is starting a new canine program. We looked all over the
country for the best training. We came to Utah. [Sgt. Wendell Nope]
The POST K-9 training program is designed to provide with the shortest amount of time,
taking a dog and a handler from zero to hero. That translates to officers coming in who
know very little about dogs, dogs coming in that know nothing about the task and getting
them within eight weeks to be finely tuned, highly trained instruments of law enforcement. [Christina Vales]
Good boy! [John Thorne]
Justin. Check here. [Narrator]
For two months, wardens and their dogs go through intensive narcotics training. [Christina Vales]
They can pick up on residue amounts of narcotics where we as humans wouldn’t even come close
to detecting that. (whistle) [John Thorne]
Check here. [Narrator]
The dogs are trained by scent memorization from tennis balls that smell like the drug
they are searching for. For Justin it’s just a game. [John Thorne]
Good boy! [Narrator]
But for the wardens, the job is serious. (Police sirens) [John Thorne]
We’re law enforcement officers…and like it, love it or hate it, we’re going to run
into narcotics. They go hand-in-hand with hunting and fishing violations. We just want
to be the best we can to protect our community. (Dog barks)
(Dog sniffs) [Narrator]
The program is world renowned, training more than 2500 teams from 50 countries. [Wendell Nope]
We have trained the Iraqi national police. We trained the bomb dog that found the bomb
at Dubai airport during the Yemen terror plot. [Narrator]
And the training doesn’t stop after graduation. Future training will include illegally taken
wildlife. [Christina]
He found all three narcotics in the vehicle…yeah he did good. [John Thorne]
An odor is an odor to them so that was the impetus for coming here and learning narcotics…if
we want to add an odor, say, pheasants that somebody’s killed and hidden, that would be
real easy. [Trainer]
Wanna go search? Come on. [Narrator]
The canine recruits will also learn statewide search and rescue techniques. [Trainer]
Fire Department Search and Rescue sending out a search dog! Make some noise! [Derek Nalls]
Oh we are taking back some new recruits and you feel pretty proud of your new recruit.
He’s your new partner. We’re a team now and you take pride in that. [Narrator]
For Texas Parks and Wildlife this is Abe Moore.

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5 thoughts on “K-9 Wardens – Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

  1. @masonroundtree1313 Check our website for details on becoming a Texas Game Warden. The link is in the video description.(YouTube doesn't allow us to put a URL in comments.)

  2. Don't need em. The game belongs to the people not the government. What you own are thugs (the people in this vid) to enforce the states despotic game policies. Fascists thugs that's what game wardens are. Game belongs to the people not the state!

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