KARIM (HUSAYN) KARIMI: High School Student and MIT Sea Grant Researcher/Programmer

KARIM (HUSAYN) KARIMI: High School Student and MIT Sea Grant Researcher/Programmer

I'm a high school student at Buckingham Browne & Nichols in Cambridge. I'm an Ismaili Muslim and I go to this thing called Jamatkhana, it's a prayer hall, on Fridays, and one of our family friends, he often helps me out… or like I ask him questions when I have questions because my parents, they're immigrants… and he's gone to college here, and you know, he has experience. So I said to him, "What if I want to get involved in computer science over the summer?" "What do you think I should do?" And he said, "Google professors, and email them." "Just Google them, and I'm sure they can use your help." "Because they have so much stuff they
need to get done." So I said, "OK". I actually finished my first
year high school, and then I Googled "math professors at MIT", "math professors at Brown who work in computer science". And I emailed Professor George Karnidakis in the Design Lab at MIT and I was like, "You know, do you need someone to help you out with anything at all?" And that I wanted to do something productive, and he responded and said "Why don't you come to Sea Grant…" I came over and I met with Chrys Chryssostomidis, the first day, which was a great opportunity. And he gave me little mobile application
project Because at that point I programmed in a
Objective-C in Java and its mobile application development and a little bit of C++, or a little bit of Python. He had this idea of collecting data through a phone with a temperature sensor. And that's, I guess, how it started. You know, having the opportunity to
work at MIT at such as cutting-edge research facility, and have like someone like Chrys take their time to help me grow as a student here and teach me new things in the form of these research projects, I'm just so lucky. I'm like, oh my god, you know! I have to do well and you know, I have to be in all the time, 'cause like, not everyone gets that opportunity. That's the reality of it. After that first year I said, "You know, I'd love to be back, if you'd have me back." And he said, "Absolutely!" And so, I think year after year the project's
have gotten a little more legitimate, and the summer after 10th grade I did work with ROS, the robot operating system that has the potential to port the AUV Lab's ROV's over to a more modular system. And then this year, I… worked with Mike Defilippo to upgrade system autonomy in REX III via deploying it autonomously on top that unmanned surface vessel. In the years I've been at Sea Grant, you know, at face value you think, you know it's experience in computer science, it's experience in research. I think it's much bigger than that, and Professor Chryssostomidis and Professor George Karnidakis, and the rest of the Sea Grant staff have been incredibly kind and they… like, I reached out to them but they've helped me so much to grow. I don't know a ton of like, environmental science, or ocean science, but I think the exposure at Sea Grant you know, that something like computer
science and strictly software, right? or theory, initially, has turned into
something more, right? You can see how its applied in like in the Design Lab with Hessam Babaee and you know, with Professor Karnidakis, and like all the work they do with fluid dynamics. You know, it's seeing it applied to, like, ocean navigation, you know, controlling invasive species,
which I have no experience in, right? But, that I know it's applied and that there there really great uses for it. But, on the desk, you know, in thinking about ways to develop that are now incredibly interesting as well. Like, I'm sure I wanna study computer science and do research, but I think Sea Grant's given exposure outside of theory. It's… You know, it's refreshing, I guess, to see to see theory applied.

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