Klim Tek Vest (2020)

Klim Tek Vest (2020)

In the market for great tech vest stay
tuned Up North Sports has got you covered Hey everybody’s, Seth here at Up North Sports
we’re breaking down the Climate Tech vest it’s a great protective piece
they’ve newly redesigned the exterior look a little different feel to it as
well but give me a real similar fit to years past I’m 5 foot 9 175 pounds this is the
size large it’s too big for me guys I’ve tried taking in at the side as well
because there are slight adjustments there it slides into the medium for my
build but this is a great piece it’s gonna keep you protected
depending on where you’d like to wear and how much layering you’re doing keep
that in mind but always remember we have a 45 day return/exchange policy we’ll get
you the right size great protection under this thing again in the chest in
the shoulders and on the back awesome piece to pair with any aggressive rider
you can find it at UpNorthSports.com along with all the other incredible
Klim items we carry we are the number one snow dealer here in the US and we
love our customers so if you ever have questions give us a jingle at 866-335-8500

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