Learning Science in Action with McGraw-Hill Connect

Learning Science in Action with McGraw-Hill Connect

mcgraw-hill is originally a curriculum
publishing company but in the last couple years has really been in a
transformation to digital we’re doing some of the most exciting work in all of
technology and not just education we bring the hundred twenty-five years of
educational knowledge of knowing how people learn that that’s where the
science of learning comes in we have smart book is across more than this . 1100
programs and as SmartBook adapts in every student by focusing on where
they’re making misteaks make it very efficient students and it’s providing
more with individualized personalized feedback on a continuous basis the nice thing about
a book it is printed it’s done and ship it off right and then it is done it’s not the
same with this software the expectation is it’s going to be updated and development
the power of technology education allows us to gather in large amounts of data
and it also allows us to change things on the fly we can release new features within really really rapid
timelines so how good is it know that the products that we have created today have a rapid positive impact tomorrow
not sometime down in the future and tomorrow but literally tomorrow the ability to intervene in the
second week of term maybe even after just one class is transformational it goes beyond a student just getting a grade back they’re actually able to say hey I’m noticing a trend I’m noticing that
there’s a is somewhere where I can make a decision and I can change its
actual and that’s really exciting to me it’s giving the instructor their time
back with their students but it’s also helping the instructor determine how the
students are performing in the class as we personalize the learning for that
individual student we can catch them up in areas that don’t even stop i think that a
lot of what we do is we enable people to move up that social ladder so that they
can have you know a better life I guess I think a lot’s gonna change over the next several
years to really think forward and look back on where we’ve been and where we’re going I think it is going to be a dramatic shift you can see that happening already the reason we’re all engaged in this is to be
the company which makes the biggest possible difference when connect is
required of course we’re seeing more positive results from students we are seeing higher retention rates they’re getting higher test scores they’re actually more capable in the
workforce we know that technology is making different because the teachers
and instructors who use it see it because the children who use it
in k-12 young adults are using it in college respond to us and say this is
helping this is probably the most exciting time for education that we’ve
ever seen and as exciting as the changes of last five years have been the next
five years holds nothing for more problems

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