Let’s Talk! Extension Forest Home Fire Safety with Dan Schroder

Let’s Talk! Extension Forest Home Fire Safety with Dan Schroder

I’m Dan Schroder, Colorado State
University Extension agent in Natural Resources in Summit County. On this
episode of Let’s Talk! Extension, we’re going to explore forest home fire safety. [Music.] Increasingly, the rural areas of Colorado are experiencing development. Many peoplefrom the urban areas are moving to these mountainous environments and when they
come, they expect the urban services to be just as they were. Unfortunately in
the mountain environments the fire fighting capabilities has limitations.
Many fire departments have response limitations based on apparatus and
personnel. When a wildfire does occur, it often catches people off-guard. Many things can happen quickly when a
wildfire approaches, and it’s up to the homeowner to make sure that they are
well prepared in advance. There’s an expectation that the
firefighters will come to every home and save every structure if they’re
threatened, But in reality, there are only a few firefighting crews on shift at any
given time and the likelihood is your home is going to have to stand alone,
without being defended directly by the firefighters. Beyond vegetation there are
many other things that homeowners should clear away from their home, such as
furniture and debris that could catch fire. If a wildfire were to come near the
structure. Covering soffits and vents is also very important to make sure embers
don’t get into the eaves and attic spaces of homes. Moving wood piles away
from the structure is also something that should be considered so that embers
don’t hide in those wood piles and create a situation that could ultimately
burn down the home in the future. Some bigger projects homeowners can take on
are things like replacing the roof. If you do so, make sure to use an asphalt
shingle. Your house number should be highly visible and reflective, so
firefighters can find your home if they’re looking for it. In the event of a
wildfire it’s important to follow enforcement recommendations, especially
in terms of evacuation. If you have an evacuation kit prepared, make sure it’s
near your car so that you can easily grab it when you do leave your home. Wildfire preparedness comes down to
citizen responsibility. You are the first line of defense in the
event of a wildfire. For more information check out our website, and thanks for
watching. [Music.]

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