Life in San Fernando Gardens Housing Project

Life in San Fernando Gardens Housing Project

there's a car rolling for you asking your name and they show you a gun and they start shooting at you I could hear the bullets whistling like he's trying to shoot me so um I remember I dug a really shiny make it out and I was really trying to stay here it what's up guys it's a beautiful day in San Fernando Valley I'm in Pacoima today the famous projects over here just gonna show you around a little bit and show you some people from around here I used to stay here in a lot of different neighborhoods but you know twice a year got it you gotta have that we're in the San Fran the Guardians aka the Palermo projects three days after I was born we moved into this apartment that was a March early March 1992 and then we moved in 2004 around the corner this one in position is a 3 a 3 3 bedroom our kalidasan three-bedroom and then the corner ones are two bedrooms that's actually my room right there so I had I had from you evolve everything you know I'd hear fires gunshots and I've been peeking through the window right there trying to see what's up my mom yeah I need to get away from the window yeah man with a lot of good memories batteries those palm trees right they've been there for I don't know how many years but there's a history every fourth of July the older home is with Burnham we should have a the playground used to have sand so they'd put sand in the socks and drip him in or soak them in gas and throw him up so palm trees it was like a tradition people wish something like that passed by there we start like it was a play apartments because we have a door here and then a door in the back but it saw it the same unit and then this way the stairs I remember when I was going on I would get in trouble I'm always chasing stairs I should be a ninja kids so every right kids like the last day we kind of kick off the walk and jump into the hallway the small little by Guerlain did you stab in my room right here took over it was way different when I was yeah I just had a huge bed of bench press right there but we did come close the door crack the windows open in a box but yeah just did just to be in my room my little nephews took over now way nicer than I had it yeah and the apartment is pretty big you know has that's the smaller this is the larger room here how you mom eyes yes this is the big room I guess gotta have one of those right there yeah a Mexican if you don't got one of those some fajitas right there that's pretty much it this was home still his home always will be and then you know obviously like I said went with my mom you know chasing me throwing the chocolate on the gancho whatever it was when ever come back downstairs like trying to not make noise so she wouldn't hear me come down when they remodeled the the apartments on they added a chopping board and a lot of people don't have your new model my wife yeah they actually we did they redid the whole kitchen they they made a pantry now back in the day when we were kids it like we loved it used to be like a walkthrough closet so you should be able to run you know through this door through this walk-in closet to the other door but when they remodel them they kind of just in a separate like now there's a pantry here and a closet on the other side oh yeah they did good is it good with remodeling I actually like this area right here where we're at right now we have access to the parking lot right away nice views nice garden still process trying to come into the projects you way into five or seven years just to get in the projects just to have a home apartment for like for like you can't afford a house and then you just live on the EBT or welfare you just get these apartments but you gotta wait it's not is this it's yeah it's like a five seven year process if you don't get these you could get projects from like LA or somewhere else so why do you think we're starting on this red stuff you should try to get out I used to play soccer and now I don't cuz right now is like people know like all right from the project's right and then mostly people from the other side they mostly know who they are and now that we can't even play soccer by ourselves because that's how you know there's a car rolling for you asking your name and then they show you a gun and they start shooting at you people think it's still a competition when it's not a competition it's just it's just like we should unite and be like able to change this world together and not go against each other never hate if somebody's making more money than you just always appreciate it and make them as your role models just don't be selfish with yourself as a struggle man we live every day man you know who face battles you know we have consequences for every step will be doing man you know so we grow back this is where I said the community center a lot of us grew up like going there and shit when we didn't have computers you would just go right there even now you know all the kids they go they go there they grow up in this neighborhood and it's like a tight community everybody you're just everybody knows everybody like you can't like just drive in here and people know if you live here or not you know even if they don't like talk to you they just people just know each other it's weird so weird vibe from here like it's it's like it's our own world in here I remember coming to school right here and this was like the main entrance right here actually guys were walking up and on that 2:30 we'll come around man and we would have like ladies right here selling you know I see is candy all kinds of stuff you're not like stuff that you've seen in in neighborhoods you know like this where you can buy a lotus or as follows all that good stuff man candy you know for a dollar you go home with chips and I see go watch some cartoons this is Pacoima elementary I think it's a charter school now but uh it's gotten a little bit better like it was crazy when I when I went here even as kids you would see like you know because the schools right next to the park so we would watch you know a lot of the older guys you know I'm doing transactions or getting it's like you would your shooter I was people getting down in the park so we just grew up around all this stuff buddy even though like it was rough like you manage to just kind of be happy you know just coming to school and hanging out with your friends we used to like waking up early we would race to who'd be the first one in line for breakfast and we never felt because you know it was I don't know if it was because of what we were gonna eat we always me we're gonna get a little coffee cake and you know people that know what I'm talking about that coffee cake was it was bomb you know say was it was worth us waking up early Gracie to be the first ones and it was it was just a good time you know like we have no stress no bails we had nothing to worry about at that time like I said in the morning you want to race to the cafeteria and get get that coffee cake this building here when I came was the fourth in the fifth graders cuz I remember my fourth grade class with Miss Weintraub is in the bottom and then in fifth grade I had miss Rahman and she was upstairs the school's changed for sure I mean you know I don't remember it being maybe this colorful and cleaned I've been to Denver Colorado and I was there for high school and um that's one thing I noticed about you know um where I grew up and all the cities are gated you know because of the history we have you know as you can see like windows got bars on them and I do remember actually going on lockdown now that were touching that subject we would have freaking on lockdown you know the teacher locked the door in the principal be on the speaker like telling everybody to just hang hang tight yeah and when I went to Denver you don't see no no there's no fences there and they need them you know what I was crazy shooters that when were there crazy people yeah actually ever I think that that was my third grade I can remember was one of these corner ones though I had a my third grade teacher I think his name was mr. what something you look forward to you finish your your assignment task whatever a lot of the people in this area are low-income housing or low-income families but people do make it out you know it like I've met guys I came to this school that are doing great you know maybe it's just the the choices that we make that take us to where we're gonna go you know everybody has the choice you know to do what you want to do we did a lot of things that maybe other kids you know at that age don't do it was fun to us you know you know now that I'm older like I think back to and I miss it you know especially around those times you know we've lost a lot of friends that we grew up with and when you think back to those times like where your heart and your mind were at that time you miss it you know because you wish you could go back and maybe change something you know and that's just life in the neighborhood you know you lose people and whether it's you know to the Jo or they lose their life you know growing up in this place will definitely teach you and if you don't know you know to appreciate life like because it could come and go quick spot right here we come to coffee cake and then I think during lunch you could be just out grandma cookies chocolate chip cookies but this was a this was a place to be in the morning for that coffee cake bombs bombs we still talk about it to the day have a boxing gym right there on I think Oscar De La Hoya I'm not sure don't call me on there or like I know he was involved in that no one did open day he was here as well I don't have boxing matches in the in the basketball gym I mean I look like I go to the gym but that's that's my go to like first dressing whatever anyways is where I started I remember I was like 13 and already benching the 45 and I always wanted to hit two plates and now I can push it for more but yeah just this used to be our weight room here and it was just all banged up stuff but we'd come in we're just recording a documentary if we can no I was telling you I was telling him that used to be a weight room like eight years ago maybe more but um thank you can we get a shot of the gym as well in there right now though yeah coaches we'll just have a peek can we well let's say there's a volleyball game hang on but on though the boy says we're good at basketball these where he came into the home he fries all the tall guys gee baby I was there I'm not even much of a basketball player I never cared for it but uh it's it's a nice Jimmy always was is they they try to keep it clean but I hated basketball I I was never a basketball kind of guy she saw me wearing that this this color hat and she must be familiar with the gang so she knows like she confused it though she thought it was a different hat but it's not the head that she thinks but it's for a rival gang so she was letting me know to be careful you know cuz it's been hot you know as people refer to whether it's the cops were just you know Bible gang members out here me being in the area where the kids are around and then mistake me and then you know by me being mistaken them doing something with me and the kids being next to me it's it's always an issue and it does happen actually like years ago you know some kid did get caught got caught in crossfire he was young he was like eight or nine got shot in the head so they're always concerned you know even me like like I wouldn't want that you know just because I look a certain way and then somebody mistakes me for something or whatever and I get shot at and the people next to me get here you know it's it's kind of you don't want that to happen first time that I actually like got shot at what that I could remember was like like a big dude you know cuz I was getting shot at I was actually running this way towards the towards this gate right here and I was on a bike I could hear the bullets whistling so like he's trying to shoot me so um I remember I dug and I was I was looking at I was like licking and peeking at the gate I was like oh the gates right there what am I gonna do it I remember just with you and the adrenaline I dropped a bike and I just as you can see it's pretty high and but I was young you know a lot more fit and I just jumped in and I ran and got the boys and my boy was when we came back my boy was on the ground shot it was nothing major just saw shot him in his naga that'd be a perfect example of actually that because that you know the lady approached me kind of warning me about or just giving me a head so she wasn't really warning me but just you know she cares for the kids are you so she doesn't want it to happen to the kids just like what happened to me that time you know I was I was like 13 are voicing at that time and you know they got the shooter was was just I mean he was aiming at us but there there was I remember there's a soccer game going on there was people I believe some lady grabs one of my other boys cuz me and my boy were on bikes and then the other one was running I remember I think some lady hugged him you know just hoping I guess the guy wouldn't shoot him you know if she was how you know this is a guardian angel here they have their own school I never came here I'm pretty sure I probably would have never gotten accepting but yeah this is a guardian angel Catholic school I think I think it's from kinder to 12 great I'm not sure but um definitely a lot of kids come here sometimes we'd run in here because we knew the cops weren't gonna come in here and try to grab us so we'd wait for them to leave and just hang out in here I never came to this church here when I was growing up my family already had a church we'd go to we go to Santa Rosa in my ship in San Fernando so more but um this church has always been here I think it's been here as long as you leave how some projects have been there um a lot of people do come to me like on when they hold Mass on Sunday it's there's traffic to do on the street right there we're walking up on the homie right here filming a video the homies right here you want the chopstick I got it now we have a lot of history right here been through a lot growing up through a lot of struggle over still here turning positive vibes you know time makes them happy manju savage man I'm a local artist from the e18 something guardians before most I stay right here my boy is vegetable a video shoot right now fucked aside drew savage we talked it over and now he's finish it we're here when the proponent projects we really come from poverty and shit like everybody grew up right here and she was shunned like every time I make it out and I was really trying to stay and shit this party is everything is temporary yeah and fucking my boy just ravaged I just started in the school you became polka me pop too fresh a Katy too fresh that's the end of the video I hope you enjoyed it San Fernando Valley it's like its own city it's really big and a lot of people don't really know about it especially people who are not from LA and even the lay people don't come over here you know but it's very big city has a lot of it's like a big part of LA but it could be its own city got a lot of history got a lot of people over here from different backgrounds hope you enjoyed this video

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42 thoughts on “Life in San Fernando Gardens Housing Project

  1. Visiting the infamous San Fernando Gardens in Pacoima.
    Song in the intro "Go Crazy" by IsitBeezy ( )
    Local artists from Pacoima:
    Drew Savage
    2 Fresh
    Drew Savage"F**k That Side"
    HoodVlogs on instagram

  2. That is my stomping grounds. Also down Fillmore Street . The hood. Also went to the same school. 1985 to 1991. Thanks for the video. Brought me back memories

  3. They in the projects because their priorities aren't the same as the man with common sense and a good work ethic

  4. Not to sound racist, but when I watch the black neighborhoods, they're ALWAYS acting hard throwing up gang signs and hooting and hollering. The Latinos sound much more educated even though they're also from the hood and they seem more chill as well.

  5. This the type of cat that never talked to drug dealers or gang bangers but was always cool with them 👌🏽👌🏽

  6. They trynna survive nd stuff but got money for gold and supreme fanny packs 🤷‍♂️dont make sense

  7. Becoming part of the system. Smh. They all say that no one wants to stay there but I don’t know who’s actually trying to better themselves and their family.

  8. This is the hood I played ball with family for years seen a lot of shit seen a lot of foos get locked up and shot up real real ppl man 💯

  9. I lived in Pacoima in the 70s….. My grandparents lived there since the late 50s…. It used to be nice… Now it's gone to shit

  10. 😂😂😂 the rockstar vests? This is a "hood" 👀 🤔 Nah just a bunch of idiots/wannabes in one place 🤦🏾‍♂️ Maybe in the past definitely not now.

  11. Your only limit is your mind. There is always a way out. I pray that anyone in a situation like this finds the way out, if they look for it.

  12. I kinda respect this guy, but im a white guy, that didnt have shit growing up, and been threw the same shit! Im from philly, and got stabbed when i was 13 ,had alot of friends and family killed, what the fuck is the difference,? Lets grow up, and stop bullshitting!!!

  13. Your not Mexican unless you have a white Jesus in your home to show you have been brainwashed by false Christianity that is nothing more than white supremacy. If you actually read the Bible, it tells you Jesus and the Hebrews were black, numerous times.

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