Living in a train carriage in the rainforest – Domain

Living in a train carriage in the rainforest – Domain

This is an amazing part of the Sunshine Coast My mum bought this property about 12 years ago and we are really lucky in the fact that it’s pretty much untouched it’s got rainforest it’s got open farmland, it’s part of the old Emundi railway line so it’s got some real history on the property. and about 12 years ago when mum moved here we looked at actually building a house and a couple of other bits and pieces and we decided that during the meantime we’d moving into like a caravan or something along those lines. We started looking into it and it turns out caravans are really expensive and then we stumbled across an ad for train carriages from Victoria which were really cheap and we inquired and now we’ve got this fabulous train carriage which sits among the rainforest in Emundi. So we’ve got obviously an office area and then we’ve got a lounge room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom. So the more private area is much further towards the back to the train. By having the balcony and extending that space we’ve now got double the living space which are fabulous in subtropical climates The rainforest started growing toward us and encasing us again so we’re almost having to fight it back at certain points but when you walk out onto the balcony you literally are amongst a hundred-year-old rainforest when we first got here winter so we start the deck fire in the afternoon you sit out there with a wine deck fire going puppies running around chooks all around you I mean honestly there’s nothing better I love living here more than I could ever imagine

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