Logan Paul makes Forest Scandal Documentary! #DramaAlert VidCon VS TANACON – Ninja and Drake?!

Logan Paul makes Forest Scandal Documentary! #DramaAlert VidCon VS TANACON – Ninja and Drake?!

How’s it going I’m your reporter Chet Bobo And today we’re gonna be covering some spicy news. Keemstar couldn’t be here because he’s in Los Angeles I’m doing the news. For our first story today Our first story comes straight from DJ Akademiks Twitter “People are always quick to slander and say bad stuff about lil pump But never acknowledged he’s the most caring and thoughtful rapper in the game She stopped his whole performance to get medical help for a fan having a seizure So you heard it here first from DJ Akademiks’ Twitter Lil pump is very caring and compassionate.Our next story here today is… shark KSI Straight from his Twitter Lord and Savior himself, the press conference is coming soon Look, there’s details on screen how exciting you guys can go there and you can, you can watch two youtubers beat each other up That’s fun. That’s always fun So you remember that TanaCon thing? you know where TanaCon left a bunch of kids out in the The burning Sun and then said that they’d like to be oppressed Well, some exciting news has come up straight from Hank Green, VidCon CEO He made some comments on TanaCon’s disaster and he said and I quote “What a stupid— Oh that’s not that’s not right hold on saying inexcusable and terrifying Thanks, thanks Hank. Lets get rooiiighhttt into the corn. Oh We got a Logan Paul story. Logan Paul blocked me on Twitter because I said he was bad at drama Logan Paul is filming a documentary about what actually happened during a suicide video scandal. So Logan Paul, Logan Paul’s a genius here. He’s like, well, I didn’t make enough money off the scandal. Let me make a f***ing documentary about it. He goes like “Wow, I just saw Shane Dawson make a bunch of money off of f***ing people out in the Sun Let me go make money off of this f***ing body.” Uh Don’t watch it. So we have another story. Apparently that JOOGSQUAD has managed to prank the entire state of, Florida I managed to watch the first 30 seconds of this video and that’s what he said. Check it out… Link in the description Whatever happened to Bashur So according to VICE, eventually youtubers died trying to save girlfriend from waterfall Megan Scraper, Ryker Gamble and Alexey– I can’t pronounce your name I apologize. From a show on on YouTube called High On Life SundayFundayz. Swept over a waterfall in British Columbia. Hey Keem, you know… When I was collabing with you. I didn’t think I’d be reporting on someone dying. On a real doe condolences to the family and, and Friends of the victims, you know it’s always tragic when we lose one of our own and I dont know what to say, its rough. In other news, a youtuber by the name of Paul David has been copyright strike on YouTube shocking I know. But it’s actually a little different this time. It seems that he’s been copyrighted for his own song. How the f**k did that happen Youtube what the f**k Susan are you high? Oh, we got a story about Fousey Baldy guy We got some news from professional rapper Fouseytube. Whats good Josh your boy DDG man I will be at my boy Fousey event this July 15th free event in LA Make sure you pop out. We finna Tea Up Apparently he’s been trying to build up hype for his July 15th show in LA ever Since a fan came out claiming that they had cancer Balds look out for each other. There’s some Rumor now, I can’t say this cuz this is just, this is just on the internet But there’s some rumor that he also may be working on a professional new rap song as well So we have some news about um, about X. Now I know a lot of you guys are still just like myself still kind of quaking about what happened. But Apparently there’s some news that before X had actually passed away. He signed a 10,000,000 dollar deal with Empire So, I mean that could be good for his family at least in the long-run According to Twitter the most reputable news source of all time We are hearing that apparently Drake never paid Ninja 5 grand for that promotion. Now I don’t know what you guys are thinking about this but I heard about that drama Where apparently Ninja said that Drake used him. Now, I want to go ahead and put my opinion on the playing field here. I One hun– How are you gonna tell me thats every story. I’m in the bathtub filled with popcorn and we only have 5 stories DramaAlert news team you’re slacking! and I called you out live. The news has been brought to you by people online at Twitter. Do your part, help us out! Claim someone’s a pedophile… Allegedly. KEEM said that I was allowed to plug my music if I did this, so I’m gonna plug some of my music. That track isn’t available, but it’s gonna be coming out with my mixtape. Peep my mixtape It’s coming out soon. Thank you guys for all the support you guys are dope. 2 BREAKING HAVE HAPPENED! Now KEEMSTAR specifically warned me about audio quality so I stepped outside where it’s windy Our first breaking story, is a Twitch staff member named Soma (?) Actually just left Twitch and said, “these guys are social justice warriors” I’ve put my two weeks notice into Twitch like the next week. I was like f**k this SJW s**t. I couldn’t wait to leave that f***ing cesspool of f***ing fairy snowflake c**ts F**k that. Twitch I love Twitch by the way, all right now the second breaking news actually didn’t come from the DramaAlert news team I actually just found this on Twitter I don’t know if I’m supposed to be reporting this because the Drama Alert news team didn’t give me this but Susan Wojcicki, just put on her Twitter “Today we shared YouTube’s 25 million dollar investment to support the future of news and online video. We’re partnering with the news industry and working to provide a better news experience on YouTube” So basically what I’m hearing here, is YouTube is going to be launching a news source. Okay, so DramaAlert listen to me carefully, Alright, this is off the script, but all you KEEM loving people out there, listen to me! We need to rally up. We need to we need to rally up and say no. DramaAlerts the best news team! DramaAlerts the best news source! DramaAlert! Everyone is spamming the chat, DramaAlert! Leeeeeetttttt’s get roooooooooooooooooooooooiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiggggggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhttttttttttttttttttttt into the news

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  1. Drama alert, drama alert, drama alert is the best news source, screw everything else…… just monika.. i mean drama alert. Also meow meow ima cat

  2. Wait a second is that skydoesminecraft (I know he doesn’t go by that anymore) but I was like “mY cHiLdhOoD iCoN”

  3. adam knew this show was an absolute meme, so he rolled with it and it worked, making this a lot more entertaining than most drama alerts

  4. so that’s why keemstar wanted to make a documentary for the shit show fouseycon lol because shane dawson made a documentary about the shit show tamracon and made some decent money lol I don’t blame you keemstar that was pretty dam smart honestly

  5. Well I am pretty sure Logan Paul said he is gonna give all money to some charity? If he is this stupid again, there is nothing left that will save him seriously.

  6. 7:03 ive never done any drugs in my life and never planned to… but i think i somehow just got high and im if i understand the word right tripping really badly… anyone else disturbed?

  7. This and Adam22’s dramaalert’s are the only fill ins for Keem that I find entertaining. I don’t have anything against the other fill ins but I just personally don’t find them as funny

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