6 thoughts on “Macron's environment minister abruptly quits on air

  1. Trump is wise enough to know a crappy business deal when he sees one..paris accord was nothing more than a scheme to rob the usa of its wealth . We dont have to be in a rich mans club and pay ridiculous amounts of money to clean up the environment

  2. uh oh …hes going to be in big trouble parce que emmanuel et moi on etais leve le meme ..et on sais bien si tu dois quitter tu dois donner du temps et faire face au face comme les fois emmaneul ne voulais pas allez au dentiste quand it etais 17 …et il donnez un coup de fil teut seul au dentiste ….et apres sont pere a savoir …et dit non …manu …face a face …..il faut etre un homme … ……..

  3. Subtitle fix: at 0:20 the interviewer said "Même plus la colère", which should translate to "even no any more anger".

  4. All system have problems, non are perfect. But when a relationship goes south, sometimes its better to walk away without notice. We all deserve to be happy.

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