Magical Forest Valley ✧ 741Hz ✧ Remove Toxins ✧ Cleanse Infections

Magical Forest Valley ✧ 741Hz ✧ Remove Toxins ✧ Cleanse Infections

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47 thoughts on “Magical Forest Valley ✧ 741Hz ✧ Remove Toxins ✧ Cleanse Infections

  1. Greetings, my astral friends…projecting dilating and beholding outer space, we soon realize that it is heaven…That is coming to us…I guess that would be considered spinning while you hold your phone and watch what I've been doing for the past 14 minutes or, if you're wearing these colors all day I guess that works too.

  2. Dear all, may you surrender to this music. I know times may be tough, but hold on. You are doing so well. You are so strong. You are worthy of the very best. You have infinite potential. There is so much hope and love in your life 💙

  3. this is a very nice bit of work 🙂 I appreciate your work very much and will most definitely do some long meditations to this 🙂 much love <3

  4. had to laugh when i saw the lenght of your videos, i like it 😀 also thanks for the wonderful stuff you put out!

  5. Let me stop you there. Digital sounds are not beneficial. Acoustic sounds are beneficial. Digital sounds are false. Sorry I know it's your bread and butter. But this is b.s.

  6. I am so lucky to live in a town surrounded by a big forest, i don’t get enough …your music could be the trees song 👍🌲☘️🌿🍀🦚

  7. Everything is gonna be ok, just be with mother nature & enjoy the moment, be free! Just by being there you will heal, we need each & every part of mother nature.. Watch a bird, it doesn't has the best comfort as we humans have but the way they live is amazing, even ants, so small yet so powerful, always in tune, no stress at all, happy go lucky mode always!! So don't be sad about a thing, don't regret what you didn't do, don't be anxious about life, don't beat yourself about the past, do not fear for something that didn't even occur.. Btw don't worry about internet, when you return home, it will be still be there 😂 🤣.. Just go enjoy & live the best moment of your life..

  8. I really appreciate that this one comes along with birdsong, besides rain the most soothing effects on my neuralsystem. ♡

  9. I’m so Grateful… for this Channel of Healing and Human Welfare Our, MeditativeMind💛
    Grateful For All Of You Divine Goodhearted Souls that come and Share These Experiences here Together,
    making it not my but Our experience

    I’m Grateful to This Force of the GreaterGoodWill &&’ All Divine Intervention.

    How powerful it is when enough minds Gather together to focus on a Good Intentions, God comes in an Avenges the Innocent, The Devotees and bestows justice…
    I love you all so much. Let our intentions be pure, selfless, and true…
    Out with the bad and in with peaceful new.

  10. Another amazing one Meditative Mind, I usually meditate on these long ones, for about 30 minutes, then leave on rest of day, on surround sound, and visual on screen……beautiful another place I imagine to be…..harmony and love to all out there😻💫🌟✨🌞☀️😊

  11. Could you make a video just like this without the bird sounds? Don't get me wrong, I love this video but the birds are a little distracting and I love the ambient background music

  12. These meditations have all been gorgeous. The mantras were allright but I'm glad to see that your beautiful Solfeggio meditation music is finally back. It's been missed!

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