Make Your Own DIY Rock Garden | Outdoor | Great Home Ideas

Make Your Own DIY Rock Garden | Outdoor | Great Home Ideas

you know I'd love a bit of Ozzy Rock no I'm not talking about cold she's on a CBC I'm talking about in the garden and this garden is a perfect example of how good it can look this is a pretty special environment and on a day like today we'll call it paradise but it get some pretty harsh elements lots of heavy rain and even the sea spray which means salt now if you used a normal paver and laid this driveway with it it would absorb all that salt and they look pretty ugly pretty cruddy pretty quick but because this is a natural River stone they picked the flat face of it and laid it into a mortar mix and it gives it an instant age it's got the key stones down the side so it's structurally strong but really this is how they've laid floors for thousands of years back in Roman times this would have been the main street the bulk of the hard landscaping was done in just two days they started with a blank canvas and then they had big trucks big rocks and big cranes so the stone works as a retaining wall but it also protects this little garden bed from those harsh winds and salt these plants will be Bank binders with all their roots holding the soil in and they will work as a retainer as well when you look at these stairs you could easily be mistaken that someone sat here with it she's like a hammer to get them all nice and flat but the realities that larvae start and so it's the lava comes out of volcano it goes layer upon layer when you quarry it splits the same way and you get these nice flat bits so the only skill for the tradesmen is how to lamb so that they're comfortable to walk on there's been a shaping mother nature did that coming this place is next to a bit of a reserve and I like the fact that this garden just blends into it the orange stones that are here and over there are actually existing sandstone from the area but the new stone which is a limestone doesn't look out of place in fact nothing looks out of place the whole house and garden become one because the same stone that's on the driveway are the feature walls placing the stones around the tower was such intricate work tradesmen could only do a square metre a day the raw material is pretty cheap to buy but the labor costs it's getting up there a coastal garden has to be planted perfectly because of the harsh environment but a rock garden also needs to be thought about as well so I like the fact that they've got the little cousin it's the birthday candles and lots of native grasses on the coast plants kind of have to hug the ground so the elements can go over the top of them and that gives it that natural look a little later on we're going to try our own little rock garden and I reckon some of these plants will be the stars they're two features even a rock tower and I was particularly blown away with those large stepping over all Ozzie stone in Ford's Warren I want to build a garden that looks a little like what we've seen I've chosen three great big whoppers and the best thing about it because I won't have to touch them between now and put them in position did four moves that's the Pete Rock taken care of but I'm going to need a few more gems if I'm to build a rock garden and splits and stone like this is exactly like that lava stone you can see that you get the natural flat bits which will make great steppers and I need some and that is great service thank you sir stay on the job Danny I know it's bigger and shinier than my you put him in a dog man model Danny you've changed and so's the weather hey Greg come on come on you can do it yeah and here's my garden it's a corner block it's one of those funny Gardens is not the front of the house that's round there but you want to present well on the street but the added bonus I can get the truck nice and close so that crane is going to lift the stone put them into positions where I need them I don't even have to put down the umbrella for the rocks going all this has to come in gay team that's the easiest sculpture slash bench I've ever put into place now I'm going to put another one here and then in the corner is a real feature I'm gonna stand one up on a Titch seriously how could I stay mad at that place I've managed to stay clean until now but all that's about to change so I'm going to put a path in here that doesn't have to be super practical it's gonna be steppers out of this split start so I need to mark it out not really and I got a lamb on mine that way they won't move now to give the garden a bit of scale because we've used such large pieces these are water gums this one's called lashes they get to about six seven meters tall they've got a nice shape to them with any luck this branch will grow over and sort of shade this and tie everything together and then across the front here we've got a little wooly bully this one's called silver streaks it'll get to about 1.5 meters high it's not going to give you total privacy from people walking past but it is going to green the join up really happy with the quality of the plant stuff there's a little birthday candles it looks better than the ones we saw in the established garden now that's quite an expensive plant so I've really put it in a prominent position that you're going to see when you walk through this whole garden but what a showstopper and my little cousin it's they look great in the garden I showed you earlier and they look great in this one too well these guys want to get to about a meter round set where I've placed them out they're probably a little bit too close to the pot but as everyone walks on the path they'll just be naturally pruned it'll soften the edges of the stone and look perfect now these guys here in go Mia lilies they're usually planted as a specimen for their architectural form but if you clump them up like this they kind of use each other as scaffold and they get a bit taller and they can get to sort of two two and a half meters tall if they get up there it'll be a perfect screen for the bedroom window if you want to plant in your front yard that's going to stop traffic think about this one it's euphorbia cord fire sticks how good is it it looks like coral that's growing above the ground only the barrier reef it doesn't want to get too nearly 5 meters top but the good news is you can cut it back as much as you want and the cuttings they'll take like that because they're a sucker their fire sticks doesn't mean that you can rub two of them together and start fires it's also known as the pencil cactus but you can't draw with an island now this garden is anything but formal but it's still balanced I've got two stones here laid down flat balanced out by the one up there that's standing on edge you've got to water gums here at each end and to screen the whole thing off and give it a backdrop just like the color of the house I've got some blueberry ash and they're gonna screen off that the neighbors around the heavily planted areas forest fires it'll break down and improve the soil and in the sparser areas and through the step is cross ground I'm just using that deck a granite or crushed granite as a mulch I'm not worrying about compacting it or anything by that in fact don't want the water to go through it there isn't a garden in this suburb that looks like this and it's pretty simple you don't have to be a highly-skilled landscape you just need to be able to organize that truck to drop a few things in the right place the big stones the step is and the crush granted at the start but then picking a few plants there are a little bit deeper than out of the box make this garden are real talking for

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30 thoughts on “Make Your Own DIY Rock Garden | Outdoor | Great Home Ideas

  1. I like the way u do the gardening.very simple & practical.easy to learn.not much measuring but proper estimation and everything looked perfect ,amazing & less cost spent to create beautiful amazing view in the your fan.❤️😘👍🏻

  2. Lindo Jardim, gostaria de reproduzir esta idéia aqui no Brasil, só não sei se existe este tipo de plantas por aqui!!! 🙂

  3. This is amazing! I love your ideas, beautiful, perfect and what else we can say here, OMG! You are awesome, I would love to wake up every morning and walk around that rock garden, feel like paradise lol. Thanks for sharing this video.

  4. It would be really helpful if the editor can write down the name of the plant and some basic information when Jason is introducing them. 😉

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