Making Music from Proteins - Headline Science

Making Music from Proteins – Headline Science

composers string notes of different pitch and duration together to create music in much the same way cells stitch together amino acids with different characteristics to make proteins now researchers have bridged these two very different processes by translating protein sequences into musical compositions and then using artificial intelligence to convert the sounds into brand-new proteins they report the results in ACS Nano to make proteins cellular structures called ribosomes add one of 20 different amino acids to a growing chain in combinations specified by DNA the properties of the amino acids and the complex shapes into which the resulting proteins fold determine how the molecule will work in the body to better understand a proteins architecture and possibly design new proteins with desired features Marcus peeler and colleagues wanted to find a way to translate a proteins amino acid sequence into music each amino acid naturally vibrates with characteristic frequencies the researchers transpose these frequencies into sounds that humans can hear in this way they generated a scale consisting of 20 unique notes unlike musical notes however each amino acid tone consisted of the overlay of many different frequencies similar to a chord fueler and colleagues then translated several proteins into audio compositions with a duration of each tone specified by the different 3d structures that make up the molecule finally the researchers used artificial intelligence to recognize specific musical patterns that correspond it to certain protein structures the computer then generated scores and translated them into new to nature proteins in addition to being a tool for protein design and for investigating disease mutations the method could be helpful for explaining protein structure to broad audiences the researchers say they even developed an Android app to allow people to create their own bio-based musical compositions you

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