Mark Birch on stepping up to the under-18 environment

Mark Birch on stepping up to the under-18 environment

perché you've played for the club you've kept in the club I think you even managed to score for the club once upon a time what does it mean to you to be taking on such a pivotal role that the club now it's great to be honest I think when I moved up here in 2001 I think I moved up here on a two-year contract you think I'll be back in Stoke before before I know it kind of thing and you sitting here or eighteen years later actually taking up a role there it's a great opportunity for myself it's yeah it's great to be fair I know you have this fella Greta no but what is it for like you're not unique what is it for loves like yourself that Carlyle becomes your home I think it's just such a good place to live I think when you move up here and you have kids and then discipline school and it's a slower way of living you're not stuck in traffic it's just a nice place to live officer and you spend you back days out in the wait district and it's it is for kids it's a great way of living then all of a sudden for the odd weekend you go back down and obviously from Stoker vigil he's sitting in traffic all the time the m6 for like ten years was an absolute nightmare so we just loved it up here to be honest and it was a great place to bring up kids you said it earlier but the fact that you've done your coaching apprenticeship this seems like the natural next step yeah I think I've been coaching for over ten years now and I think when you come in you have a goal that you want to achieve and obviously one of the major goals is to be like a youth team coach and obviously I've reached that what about to do a longer friendship I say ten years coaching in grassroots football coaching in the Academy which of apps sort of warped every mo every many tough coaching from one to nine s all the way up to 16 then been a lead based coach and see what goes on into other clubs and taking the lads visit these cat one corbs I say it's been a long process but again you're here now and it's going to be hard work again it's you can't come in and just sit and rest on your laurels and think right I've done it you want to work hard and work hard again because you're responsible for the future with 18 kids kids his football career the fact is that you're responsible for producing players who can go on to play first-team football yeah I say you're responsible for their career if these kids come in and they say they want to be a professional footballer you've got to be the role model for them you're the one guiding them through this next year two years to hope we see where where they can go Charlie he his head must've dropped into the cornflakes bowl when he found out you were going to be one of his main managers he didn't know I didn't know much about it and we didn't really tell him for a couple days and then I think it was before they come out in the paper we decided to talent and exact it just shook his head a thing I'm gonna get some stick about their sport to be fair he's his own person it doesn't rely on me to make him to work hard and stuff like that in knows football he knows what he's got to do and it again he'll get the same guys if everybody else but you'll probably get some stick off of that that's the key though isn't it the you're here to develop a teen boys year on you it's not just about any any war law or individuals I say you've got well you've got those and responsibility to all all kids and I say it's the same to kids it's under under tense coming into the Academy for the first time and you sign with on denies you put him on the pitch signing on the pitch it was to come to tournaments and Howland's and stuff I have a responsibility to every cared and to make sure that they go if they do leave the Academy or to do leave Carlisle they can go out and say I had a great time and I thank the coaches for the work that they've done along along the way so it's the same whether you were dealing with 9 or 10 year olds if you're dealing with 17 18 year olds again you've got a responsibility for not just you've got responsibility for their football career the education that they gain and they want to enjoy it enjoy the time here as well and I enjoy being a professional football and then if they leave Carlisle everybody can shake hands or if they go on play the first team everyone's proud as punch for the artwork they've put in along the way yeah finally perché how much of energy does it bring to you this change in job and responsibility coming into a new preseason I think it does it sort of gets out I've never had it since I was a player coming into pre-season so all of a sudden you're back amongst it you're back among so at the football environment on a day to day but it just I say rejuvenate rejuvenizer bone you ready for the task had and I say just fresh and shop ready for the new season I'll see time problem

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