Marketing food to children | Anna Lappe | TEDxManhattan

Marketing food to children | Anna Lappe | TEDxManhattan

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Reviewer: Ilze Garda I want to ask you all to do me a favor
if you don’t mind. Before I begin, I’d like us all to call into our minds
a child or children who we love. It can be a daughter, a son,
it can be a godchild, it can be a niece or a nephew,
a brother or a sister. Just picture in your mind’s eye
who that kid is, and I will be picturing this one. Yeah, I think she’s kind of cute. That’s my daughter Ida,
that was on her second birthday. One of her friends gave her that tiara that she insisted on wearing
for the whole rest of the party. So I’ll be thinking of Ida. When Ida was 2, right around this age, she fell in love: deeply, madly in love. Her name was Dora.
And Dora was pretty cool. She was adventurous,
she even spoke Spanish, she was pretty cool. She also sold band-aids,
and if you’re a parent out there, you might have had some experience
with the Dora band-aid. If you have, you would know what I mean when I say my child became obsessed
with these band-aids. It was the kind of obsession that had her faking injuries
just so she could wear them. And I got completely sucked
into supporting her habit. I’d like to tell you
that that desperate woman hunting down the Dora band-aids
late at night at Rite-aid wasn’t me. It was. Of course, cute, charismatic cartoons
like Dora aren’t just selling band-aids. The food industry has figured out how to use cartoon characters
to get kids hooked on their products too. You may have seen Spongebob on pop-tarts
or Shrek on Twinkies, like this one here. And it does say somewhere on there, “Ogre-green creamy filling,
same great taste.” You may have seen
some of these packages, you may have seen Dora on cupcakes,
crackers, popsicles, ice cream. And it’s not just cute cartoon characters the food industry uses
to get kids hooked on their products. There’s lots of other things
they’re doing. In fact, the food industry itself says
they spend about $2 billion every year – $2 billion every year – in marketing directly
to children and teenagers. Of course, the industry is spending
many billions more than that in marketing that kids are seeing anyway. The way that the food industry
is now targeting young people, I have found, as I’ve kind of dug
into what they’re doing, I found to be quite alarming when you think about it
in the context of the fact that diet-related illnesses
among young people are on the rise. We all know that. When we think
about this omnipresent marketing, I think it isn’t an exaggeration to say
that it has become downright dangerous. So the food industry knows
that marketing to kids works. What does it do for them? It builds brand loyalty
which can sometimes last a lifetime. So you target young people,
you get them hooked on your brands early, that’s a lifetime of brand loyalty. It also generates
what the industry calls ‘pester power’. Some of you out there,
you might be parents, you might be familiar
with what pester power is. It doesn’t feel too good, but it works. 75% of parents say they have bought
a product for the first time because their child asked them for it. Or to speak in industry terms,
their child pestered them for it. The more I learned about the ways that children and teens
are being bombarded with food marketing, the more outraged I have become. And you might be too as you learn
what I’m about to share with you today. If a child watches a typical amount
of television every year, they will now be seeing
4,600 ads for food and drink. Most of those ads
will be for foods and drinks that are high in fat, sugar, and salt. So 4,600 ads every single year. What we know about seeing those ads is we know it gets kids
to prefer certain brands. We also know it gets all of us
to just eat more, period. So you might think,
“Well, OK, so the answer’s simple. They’re being bombarded on television,
so just turn off the TV. Just don’t expose kids to TV.” Well it’s not that simple. You see, junk food marketing
to children and teens has now become nearly impossible to avoid. Because so much of it is happening outside of a parent’s control
and beyond our reach. There are now – I was particularly shocked
when I discovered this – there are now classroom curricula
sponsored by Oreo cookies. This is the Oreo cookie counting book. There are also the M&M counting book, the ‘Spark Creativity with Fruit Loops’
activity book for preschoolers, and the list goes on and on and on and on. You can now find corporate logos
in school gymnasiums, in community centers,
in school hallways, in yearbooks. They’re even trying
to get on school buses. There’s also this kind of
new wave of marketing where you have junk food companies
and fast food companies trying to partner
with trusted public institutions to help build that brand loyalty. A few years back
there was a partnership between McDonald’s and Big Macs,
and UNICEF. And I just don’t really think Big Mac and UNICEF
should really be in the same sentence. So you’re having that kind of marketing, and you’re also starting to see
some marketing posed as charity. So you have initiatives
like Pepsi Refresh or My Coke Rewards, which is billed by Coca-Cola
as a great fund-raising tool for schools. Some of you may have heard
of My Coke Rewards. The concept is you buy Coke products,
you get reward points, and then you can redeem them
for a whole range of different prizes, including those you can get
for your school. We looked into it a little bit, and we found that to get
this physical activity pack – there’s some whistles in there,
some jump ropes, some balls – do you know how many cans
of Coke you would need to buy to get enough reward points
for your school to earn this? 55,000 cans of Coca-Cola. 55,000 cans of Coca-Cola. It doesn’t really seem
like such a deal to me. (Laughter) So what I have found
actually particularly upsetting about how the food industry
is marketing to children and teens is that when you dig
into the research about it, what you find
is that young people of color are bearing the brunt of this marketing. African-American teens, for instance, are barraged with 80% more ads
for sugary drinks than white teenagers. This is especially upsetting because African-American
children and teenagers are already among the hardest hit
from diet-related illnesses, and that inequality is made even worse
by race-based target marketing. What is the food industry
saying about all this? They’re saying, “Well, we’re marketing
to kids less, we’re doing it less.” But the truth is they’re just changing
where and how they’re doing it. So they’re no dummies, they know
where young people are these days. Probably all of us know
where young people are these days. Online. Right? 73% of teenagers are now
on some social media site. YouTube, Facebook, Twitter: the food industry
is on all of these platforms. And what are they doing on them? They’re pushing promotions, and prizes,
and contests, and coupons, all to get kids coming back often
and sharing with their friends. There are now dozens of websites out there designed for kids by food companies
with free games, and contests. There are sites like, which is McDonald’s site
just for preschoolers. On these sites what you find
again and again and again is that you have to enter – to play these games, and to get
all these freebies and prizes – you have to enter
your personal information: your birthday, your cell phone number, personal information
that is then used to sell to you more. If you’re a teenager today
and you’re walking by a McDonald’s, you might just get
a text message promotion for a Big Mac because they have your cell phone number
and your GPS information. I was telling a friend about this, I was telling a friend who works for the New York City Department
of Public Health. I was telling her
about just this level of data that is now being collected
on young people and that’s being used
to figure out how to market to kids. And she said, “Anna, can you imagine
if we had those resources to do that kind of specific marketing? Can you imagine how incredible our marketing campaigns
could be for healthy food? We could send text promotions
for farmers markets.” But the Public Health Department doesn’t have that level of resources
or that level of data. The food industry does. What I find so disturbing about the power
that the junk food industry now holds to reach our kids,
to reach young people today, is that what children and teenagers
are enticed to consume has life and death consequences. And when I say life and death,
I am not exaggerating. Life and death consequences. In the past 30 years, the prevalence of obesity
among children and teens has tripled. Today, a child born in this country has a 1-in-3 chance of developing diabetes
at some point in their lifetime. For African-American and Latino kids,
that is a 1-in-2 chance. 1-in-2. And it’s not just diabetes, it’s also heart disease
and high blood pressure, asthma, even certain cancers. It’s diet-related illnesses that are having many doctors
see conditions in their practice that they have never seen before. Like the pediatrician I met in Maine
who was telling me that young people in their 20’s
are coming in to get dentures because they have been
drinking soda their entire lives. In their 20’s. It has people like the pediatrician
I met from Chicago who was telling me that he now has to fit
young people with leg braces because their growing bones and joints
can no longer support their weight. It’s tragic, and it’s so tragic
because this is all totally preventable. It doesn’t have to be this way. And you don’t have to be a parent to have your heart break
hearing these stories, right? We all have children
in our lives who we love, and we’re all paying
the price for this crisis in mounting healthcare costs. But I am not just here to tell you
how bad things are. I’m not just here to tell you
how upset as a parent I am. I’m also here to talk
about what we can do about it. Here is where there is
some incredible good news because all over the country there are people putting pressure
on policy makers and on companies to protect kids
from these dangerous marketing tactics. I’m here to tell you
about the state of Maine that was the first to pass a statewide ban
on marketing junk food in schools. I’m here to tell you
about the people of Los Angeles who finally said enough
and put a moratorium on opening new fast food franchises
in certain neighborhoods. I’m here to tell you about the campaign
for commercial-free childhood, which stopped McDonald’s from advertising
on report card envelopes that would have promised
elementary school students free happy meals
for good school performance. I’m here to tell you that all over the country
people are passing policies and winning lawsuits,
changing school norms; all to protect our kids
and promote healthy eating. And the good news is this works. We know that when you teach kids
about why food matters and give them access to it,
that they go for it. I’m seeing proof of that everywhere I go. Like the teenager I met who before working
on this urban farm program [said] the only vegetable she’d ever eaten were those that came
between two hamburger buns, and told me that now,
thanks to working on this farm, she’d become a salad fanatic. So we can raise healthy kids who love food
that’s good for their bodies. We can, but not in this food environment. What we’re talking about doing is huge. We’re talking about changing social norms. But we’ve done it before,
and we can do it again, and we can do it by standing up stronger,
standing up taller, speaking up louder, joining with campaigns
that are happening across the country like those from Corporate
Accountability International with their campaign to suggest it might be time for Ronald
to retire down to Florida. (Laughter) The Campaign for Commercial-free Childhood which has successfully stopped
logos going on school buses everywhere they have tried to do that. Groups like the Center
for Science in the Public Interest and my group, the Food Mythbusters. Food companies say
it’s up to parents to raise healthy kids. That’s what they say. And I agree. Absolutely. That’s why I say to those corporations,
“Then leave parenting to us.” Right? Don’t tell children
what’s good to put into their bodies. I have two daughters now.
That’s Ida and her baby sister Rosa. And to the junk food industry I say this: my children – all of our children –
are none of your business. (Applause) Thank you. (Applause)

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100 thoughts on “Marketing food to children | Anna Lappe | TEDxManhattan

  1. Disgusting though it is to hear activist swine like yourself say anything about the First Amendment, yes, the First Amendment should protect you and the food marketers alike. Because it's not free speech if I'm only free to say things you like, get it? You are an amazingly vile human being, as smug and dishonest and malign as the rest of your kind, a self-appointed elite that wants political power over others – but I'd never pass a law against you expressing your opinion.

  2. I don't understand people like you and I never will. Why do you want power over others? What a disgusting ambition! What possible pleasure could that give any decent human being? And what in your life, what kind of damage or loss could that possibly compensate for?

  3. I think we clearly see with the overturning of Bloomberg's heavy-handed, asinine, "big soda law" that it is foolish to try and legislate or regulate how people raise their children. Take some personal responsibility for your lives, and the lives of your loved ones.

  4. Why is it that cigaret compony's stopped having cartoon mascots? So they weren't marketing to kids. I think it should be the same with junk and fast food.

  5. Watch the doc' called "Consuming Kids"… it's amazing and a little ahead of this womans speech, but still kudos to her to keep the awareness going and trying to educate people about this sick industry. It's a form of child abuse, emphasis on the "use" part.

  6. fruits have fructose, and sugar is sugar. the difference is that fruit has other good things in it for you.

  7. plants are dead flesh of a different kind. You need good cholesterol and meat is one source of that. everything in moderation. You sound a bit like an evangelist for vegans.

  8. I'm 32 and not clueless, but thanks for A) presuming you know me and what I read, and B) insulting the person you are trying to have a conversation with. Except that's not what you're doing – you don't want to dicuss. You're trying to talk at me and have an argument from authority. Good day.

  9. I am 32 also and I think you are clueless as well Brian. I bet you are one of those people that would argue with me about how Fluoride is good for our teeth…AMIRIGHT?

    Discovering fluoride was what actually caused me to WAKE UP to the current state of our food supply in the United States and make significant changes in my diet and overall health. All you have to do is a little bit of research on the internet and if you are not outraged and shocked you should enroll in reading classes.

  10. watch 'Our Modern Day Food: It's not what you think'

    over 50% of high fructose corn syrup has mercury in it.

    foods today commonly have aluminum and titanium added to them.

    Don't ever drink tap water (look on my channel at my video called 'boiling down drinking water…it will blow your mind)

    pretty much all non organic cereal has BHA and BHT in it.

    GMO's are bad and need to be labeled! They are in 70% of all products in the US and Canada but banned/restricted everywhere else in world

  11. Only the US uses high fructose corn syrup and products are reformulated if they are gonna ship to other countries.
    Food companies in America care about profits instead of your health while a majority of 'Health Professionals' just feed big pharma profits and will never bring up your food as a possible cause of problems.
    Look at 'NTEU280' ORG and click on the fluoride section to see what our own EPA says about the toxic waste that is 'Fluoride' (radioactive particles is mentioned….)

  12. Cattle are not even supposed to be feed corn because they cannot digest it properly whatsoever. To solve this problem they are injected with massive doses of antibiotics.

    Grass fed beef is much higher in Omega 3's and comes from a much healthier animal.

    There are many natural cures for common ailments and diseases (including suppressed cancer cures!) that involve simple foods.

    Juicing garlic, lemon and ginger frequently can have amazing health benefits-

  13. Drinking Organic Apple Cider Vinegar combined with REAL honey and purified or distilled water will alkalize your body and has lots of other amazing health benefits associated with it.

    Steam Kale actually tastes pretty good as does a straight spinach salad. – Don't ever eat any fast food (I will still hit up Chipotle or Five Guys but thats about as close as I come) – Subway has a ton of GMO's and is not as good as it is portrayed. – Don't ever feed your kids HFCSyrup or juice boxes

  14. Self restrain, that's the answer. You can eat junk food but not too much.
    We cannot always blame the junk food industries. There more than a thousands employees working on that this industry. We cannot easily pull the plug, and left them unemployed.
    But, I am not saying this to cover them up. They (junk food industries) have to come with healthy menu or less hazard food. Besides, if people get sick, they cannot make a money and buy those food.

  15. Having two teenage kids, I can tell you that trying to promote healthy eating only goes so far, and my kids are actually pretty good. They are aware of the fact that McNuggets are an atrocious paste of ammonia drenched chicken parts ground up, and GMOs, and how they are branded to from birth-everything is geared towards these kids, making it SALTY or SUGARY or SPICY are the three things that will get any teenager by the short and curlies.

  16. My kids are teens, but I have been through how the crap is put at a kids' eye level in stores, and how they find comfort in certain brands- just like we did. What grown up latchkey kid isn't comforted by a bowl of Kraft mac and cheese? I am trying to start a non profit to educate teenagers. Its not easy but we need to work with the kids to see the branding as lures to get them to eat foods that cause obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and hypertension. I tell them- if it has an ad, don't eat it!

  17. And as for ads on TV marketing food to kids- get Netflix. No commercials. Absolute control of what your children view.

  18. the figure of 4,000 or so ads/year seems very low; they see more than 20 ads in 1 hour of watching TV- and that right there is 7,000 ads/year

  19. I don't think Anna is disputing that in any way. What she's objecting to is the volume of trashfood advertising that's being directed at kids who don't know better, and the ever more insidious methods that food companies are using to get it in front of them. Kids and teens have a fair bit of buying power these days, either through pester power or their own incomes. I do believe that parents who give in to pestering/convenience are their own worst enemies but then, I don't have kids. 😉

  20. Ban on advertising? Moratorium on fast food franchises!! More and more of precious freedoms going down the drain due to people like her trying to pass laws to outlaw french fries! If she can't say no to her child's pestering for a big mac, just outlaw the big mac! How ridiculous! This is an assault against our freedom of speech and the freedom to eat what we choose! Yet, those on food stamps purchase cookies, cakes, soda, potato chips, candy all at taxpayer expense! Let's restrict that first!

  21. How can you say that when you cannot walk anywhere more than 100 feet without being told by a commercial to go Mc Crapald to have a "tortured chicken burger" or a "big and full of crap mac" ?? when your children are being told IN SCHOOL that eating at a fast food is healthy (not it CAN be healthy but that it IS = straight lie) ?

  22. and where is the freedom of not being told what to eat by massive corporation that are clearly more interested by your wallet than your health ? where is your freedom of whatching the building around without your view being polluted by enormous billboard that are straight lie : saying that Mc Crapald is doing more for healthy food than for their burger full of fat is just a straight lie and that is AGAINST THE LAW !! Where is your freedom of not being taken for a dumbass ??

  23. You can turn off the TV, or subscribe to channels that do not have advertising. You can live on a farm, and grow your own food, and home school your kids. But you cannot restrict what the rest of the world chooses to eat. Yes, and advertising and big business pay many salaries in our economy so get over it. Even Obama admits his love for a good cheeseburger! Live and let live.

  24. We need more education for the parents too. I have a friend's ex that brought up her daughter to be vegetarian, yet every time I made broccoli, squash, zucchini, the child would ask "what's that?" she would not eat it either. Child told me the mother is never home never cooks for them, child thought mac and cheese and peanut butter sandwiches were vegetarian food.

  25. While it's true that there must be responsibility, there's only so much a parent can do to prevent a 2 billion dollar advertising industry from influencing your kids. Add to that the vast amount of misinformation out there, or cultural influences, and that makes it even harder for parents to know how right or wrong their decisions are.

  26. It's not about restricting what the rest want to eat, we're not saying McDonald's should be against the law. Fuck, I eat there occasionally myself. It's about the freedom of choosing what to even think about. I want to go through my day without having my attention constantly directed to ads by outside influences that feed me misinformation and try to con me into wanting something. Kids are especially vulnerable and much more easily influenced, marketing junk food to them is downright evil.


  28. while that would HELP… i will remind you that they show commercial television in classrooms, they have books and curriculum sponsored by OREOS… in school why do they need your phone number or email?

  29. 1. the legal hoops to homeschool your kids are incredibly hard in some areas. and if you have to work full time you may not be able to homeschool.
    2. not everyone can move out to a farm
    3. you cannot turn off the TV when its being piped into the pediatricians or the school

  30. Then parents just have to learn to say NO to kids. This might actually teach kids to have self discipline when they grow up. If every temptation has to be removed, or the kids will fall for it, what will happen to them as adults. Anyway, don't you find it ironic that an entire food stamp card can be spent on soda, cookies, potato chips, cheetos, decorated cakes, ice cream treats, and every other non-essential and non-nutritious food? When gov is paying for food, why not make that healthy?

  31. 1. And, if you can't afford the healthy NON subsidized options, what then?
    2. The NSA, et al have proven that you CAN'T opt out. Why should we have to avoid the Internet to not have adverts jammed down the throats of our children?!
    3. When you were in school, how much time was devoted to nutrition? When was the last time your Doctor said "You're sick? What are you eating, and more what you're NOT eating." NEVER! We live in a society that that focuses on treating the symptom, rarely the cause.

  32. Brilliant! Google: "You Might Want To Put The Brakes On Your Next Trip To The Fast Food Drive-Through." to see another one in the same spirit, which could be even better.

  33. One of the problem lies in the fact that this lack of education in good food, and temptation by food companies to eat the junk, has been happening for a few generations (said brand loyalty due to early age marketing), which means there are a lot of parents who have no idea how to do things better. Many don't know how to cook and depend on the reliability of the processed food you just pop in the oven, or the drive-thru. And they feel powerless to change things because they don't have the tools.

  34. Corporations succeed only where parents fail.
    Its our responsibility to set the boundaries.
    Doesn't mean you deny your child everything, but you have them realise that the don't need everything.
    Once they understand what are necessities, and that it doesn't make who they are, your children are far ahead of many in the world.

  35. PLEASE: If each one of us would forward this to ten other people, or 5, heck, how about 3, just 3 other people, We The People could begin to take back our country from the Madison Avenue Marketeers.

  36. It's not just Dora and Shrek on soda cans we need to talk about. We need to talk about sports stars endorsing chains like McDonalds and Burger King we need to to crack down on.

  37. Seeing how we live in a FREE Country with a FREE market, what is it that you're recommending?  The ONLY REAL Constitutionally sound way to deal with the issue is to Educate people with FACTS not opinions and hopefully they will stop buying the products.  How great would it be if the food industry woke up due to lack of sales and changed their recipes to healthy ones.  Stopped using chemicals and "food like products" in their food and drinks.  Quit trying to "crack down" on things that make this country what it is.  A Free United Republic of States.  Change your spending habits, read the food labels, and teach your children right and wrong in EVERY area of their lives.

  38. Simple solution to the online problem! Block your kids ads online with Adblock+ and keep companies from tracking them with Ghostery! (Yes, Adblock even works with Youtube video ads!!)

    Think I'm kidding? I have had both on my computer for years, and I no longer notice non intrusive ads when on computers without Adblock+. My mind is so used to empty spaces where ads should be, I don't see them when they are there. It has also made me more aware of advertising and to be able to realize how it tries to influence me and to work against the messages. 

    Even better, talk to your kids about advertising and how it looks to influence them. Bam. Pester Power is gone.

  39. When my children were in school I was annoyed at how much candy and junk food they received.  I felt it was inappropriate for teachers to be giving my children candy.

  40. Funny how there's 39 dislikes for this video!  They must be from the food industry that's promoting these products and simply do not like that someone is speaking the truth.  MAY ALL PARENTS SEE THIS VIDEO! 

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  43. The lady says something so true.. "leave parenting to us" my parents did that. They just have to say no, and that was it. I don't remember eat in McDonalds often. Now that I'm older I go from time to time.. but I prefer eat in a little restaurant.. sometimes is cheaper and you got better food or I cook in my home, that and I can't eat junk food like that cause I have a lot of chances to develop Diabetes. 

  44. post this on you face book page and share to public to get it shared to all only we can stop this madness or accept and accept the health consequences to our children

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  49. TED is very interesting and informative. However, I have a gargantuan problem in that it costs so much to go to one of them. To me that serves to drastically undermine it's effectiveness. If people of lesser means cannot attend TED then it becomes nothing more than a mutual masturbation society.

  50. not trying to ALARM YOU, the top companies are spending BILLIONS to get you buy THEIR product. they inlist everything they can to get your $1, not $100's of dollars. just a buck. and if you dont think that is true. 
    they lace cigarettes with chemicals to make them MORE addictive. HOW DID THEY COME UP WITH THAT CONCEPT ?. every major company on earth does it. wake up. think your eating something because you chose it. 

  51. who cares about our children's health? at home all we could work hard on it but the reallity shows that things in the economy works against our effort.

  52. Here's an idea.  DVR your kid's shows and teach them how to skip through commercials.  McDonald's, Coke, and other fast food marketing really doesn't care about feeding your kids.  They want you to bring your kids so that now you are going to buy something for yourself as well.  Getting one kid in the store will automatically get a minimum of 2 people in the store and they make way more money from french fries and soft drinks that the adult will most likely buy.

  53. I began watching this video with a bottle of coke and a pack of  oreos. Now the coke's in the fridge, the oreos in the pantry and I have a banana in my hand and a glass of milk on my bedside table. That part about teeth dentures and leg braces really got to me. I already knew about the dangers of sweet drinks and such, but I really need to stop thinking they will never get to me.

  54. Kids aren't idiots, they just don't know any better. I saw a car commercial once when I was really little, it convinced me real quick that the car was super awesome with cool gadgets and features, but once I knew that companies just try to fool you into thinking its super awesome so they can make money, I knew better than to believe commercials. You can't just act like showing a kid a coke commercial is gonna make them drink more coke. First, you gotta tell them why companies have commercials in the first place. Then, you gonna tell them why soda isn't healthy. Don't assume kids are all idiots who can be so easily manipulated. There are a lot of smart children out there, but no one has told them that coke and mcdonalds is unhealthy so they have no way of knowing! 
    Besides, kids don't even have the money to buy coke, or happy meals. The only way a kid is gonna end up consuming a whole bunch of junk food is if someone gives it to them. Companies should be allowed to market their products. The problem isn't some dumb advertisements. The problem is the lack of education and the fact that people don't have a whole lot of time and money. Its cheap and quick to get fast food. Not everyone has the time and money to get better food. They eat unhealthy because its all they can afford, or because they don't know how to eat healthy, NOT because Ronald convinced them to. Instead of telling people that they can't advertise their product, how about focusing on teaching kids how to make healthy snacks and how often to brush their teeth? Instead of hiding products from kids, how about you educate them about the products? 

  55. Thaaaat's it, just waiver all responsibility for your own health and your children's health and blame the food industry for your diet related problems. It's not as if you don't know that too much sugar/fat/carbs/salt is bad for you, and it's not like you can say "no" to kids when they're "pestering" you.. Is it cunning to market these products to kids? -Yes. Should the schools choose non-sponsored products for your kids? -Yes.
    Is it the food industry's fault that you and your kids get fat and unhealthy? -NO!
    If you can't eat healthy, teach your kids about how to stay healthy and how to exercise self-control, then you really shouldn't have kids.. Advertising isn't magic, and no one is forcing junk food down your throats.. smh

  56. Adults are so easily led when it comes to advertising…children so much more so. And…this speaker is incredibly narrowly focused on the sugar aspect of fast food. What about the health effects of the big animals kids eat in such massive quantities due to marketing? I hope Ms Lappe will wake up and notice feeding,advertising kids big macs is child and animal abuse that our children/teens are pawns in perpetuating.

  57. Anna Lappe is such an idiot, if your kid has a weight problem you don't blame the food industry for advertising to kids, you blame yourself.  It is up to you as a parent to provide a healthy diet for your child.  People like her are what is wrong with this country, blaming everybody else but themselves.

  58. Don't drink sodas or eat those Twinkies or other junk foods or you will be obese, develop heart disease or diabetes or cancer. Avoid McDonalds and Burger Kings, eat organic foods and take vitamin supplements. That is all. Herbs won't hurt and minerals and exercise too.

  59. TED talks are always brilliant. Anna had some interesting points. 
    @Integraphix — #CharlotteMarketingAgency

  60. Get good grades or read x amount of books and get a free personal pan pizza from pizza hut. Sounds charitible enough, but you get kids wanting the pizza, and the parents take their kids and probablly buy more food or drinks while there. And then the kids and parents probablly want to go back again in the future.

  61. They should be ashamed of themselves. There should be laws banning the way they are marketing… but the govt is in bed with them, so there you go.

  62. She's dumb for thinking junk food companies should give a fuck about her opinion. She should make this talk to her government, which subsidizes junk food and animal products. Criticizing junk food companies will accomplish nothing. You can't shame them into putting ethics before profits. Focus on making kids strong enough to resist such marketing, too. Her advice is pretty useless.

  63. In my school (I am an English teacher), we are studying the effects of marketing to children, and we are writing expository essays about it.

  64. 유MMru튜MMru브 댓MMru글 영MMru구 [2][0]MMru[만]MMru[원]
    홍보MMru마케팅MMru필수MMru프로그램MMru판매 [ㅋr][톡]MMru[FB55]

  65. I dont want to watch this but its for homework so I kinda have too and I hate it also I have to take notes this the worst.

  66. I want translate for Japanese!!!!!


  67. i just dont like the "our kids are none of your business" part. the opposite is true and it actually serves the narrative better: all kids are everyone's business, they have to interact with society to some degree no matter how much you isolate them. also not everyone has the luxury of having the resources to isolate their child from society as much. if you're middle class or below chances are youre not homeschooling your child. they get thrusted into society (school) at age 5 (kindergarten). so the whole point is: it IS corporations' business to NOT capitalize on the feeble minds of young children. but leave them alone? no. neglect is abuse. instead of aggressively marketing at them aggressively teach them! we need education reform AND more regulations on advertising. AT THE SAME TIME!

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