Master of Environmental Science

Master of Environmental Science

Environmental Scientists work with industry
and government to create solutions to some of the most pressing problems facing our society.  We’ve created specialisations where students
can focus their interest. These range from specialisations that focus
on policy and resource sustainability strategies through to technically orientated specialisations
focused around environmental rehabilitation and monitoring.  Having a Master’s degree gives students the
technical expertise to take on more senior leadership roles within their fields of expertise.  The Master of Environmental Science gives
students an opportunity to delve deeper into a range of disciplines and then integrate
these so they can have impact on policy and management. The aspect that I enjoy the most of the course
is the flexibility and the selection of units that allow me to pursue my interests.  The industry is increasingly looking for graduates
that have experience in data collection and analysis and experience in advanced techniques
for environmental restoration.  The environmental science industry is important
because with time there is increasing disturbance caused by development and so on. And we need more people to help repair that
disturbance. And we need new solutions to these problems.  It is really important for our Environmental
Science students that they go in the field where they learn about restoration of habitats
from hands-on experience.  I’ve always had a passion for animals and
nature in general. I really enjoy just working outside. We have so much variety here in Australia
and in Western Australia in particular as well. I’m actually doing what I really enjoy.  What I like most about studying the Master
of Environmental Science is getting the tools and technical concepts to promote sustainable
solutions for our cities.  Western Australia is a really great place
to study the effects of climate change, particularly in the south-west, it’s a global biodiversity
hot spot and it has a really strong climate signal as well, so it makes it a really good
case study for climate change.  It not only gives me knowledge and technical
skills that I need to start my career but also I learn a lot of skills that are useful
throughout my life.   

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