Master's programme in Ecology and evolutionary biology

Master's programme in Ecology and evolutionary biology

well Finland has a really strong background in doing ecological research lots of different research groups that are studying different aspects of ecological and evolutionary biological research so we have people working on behavioral ecology theoretical biology population biology all the way to conservation biology so there's a lot of different options available for students coming to work in Finland and of course the nature in Finland is beautiful so it's a it's a beautiful place to work with as well no microwave it on Selassie a pina movie he to see a courtesy to malmö Marisa yeah oh no have I taught school L I'm at peace too not a microwave a couple itis Superman yeah pellet antennae push to Ravi in Tokyo suddenly come on core game electro Fiat a solo called a step atom an ecosystem in which pop a toy yes a nice toy Eustaquio simian key into CI a– in no Sofia – Sofia at least a mile malacca you radiator damnit dad it's very exciting time to be here to be starting to work with evolutionary biology ecology we have very good integration among different units of the university so it's very exciting times coming up I think I think it was actually quite easy to get involved with research when you were student so I was offered master's thesis subject when I was still studying and already when I was helping as a research assistant in in one of the research teams you know they said would you like to do your masters from on this issue while I was doing my Master's they already started talking about PhD so it all went quite naturally and and I was really happy with the research team that I was working with you need to understand physiological aspects ecological aspects the genetic aspects I think it's it's really the multidisciplinary nature of the research that we also do here in VK that will help us to reach those goals the international master's program in ecology and evolutionary biology is unique because we're trying to integrate research into our teaching a lot of high quality researcher both in ecology and in evolution in biology and for our teaching we are trying to integrate these two so we take the research that we do and employed directly in our teaching a lot or a second mr. madano particular dose to Satan Oh piss coloca varaha not OB no Tanaka TV de ba ng machinable sinaia pollyana no Kenta course em with a meat cow and it expands it lehand on him yeah thank you Dave astonished at my hangar one other great thing about Helsinki for a biology student is that biology students tend to be interested about environment right the forest comes all the way to the center of the city we have like a straight part that that comes in the middle of the Helsinki so finding nature and taking time to go there is extremely easy housing

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