Materials researcher Shamees Aden explains how running shoes could one day be made of living cells

Materials researcher Shamees Aden explains how running shoes could one day be made of living cells

my name is shanece aden I'm a material researcher and designer I've come up with a trainer called the amoeba trainer the amoeba trainer is a speculative design project in collaboration with dr. Martin honzik one of the leading figures in proto cell science and I'm showcasing his research in proto cell technology protocell is the emergence of life through lifeless liquid chemicals so what that means is scientists are now mixing together a group of chemicals and they create a natural force of attraction and what that does is that the chemicals then self-assemble together and behave like they're themselves so they're able to reconfigure they're able to adapt to pressure light and heat their behaviors and characteristics of this technology lends itself beautifully for a pair of trainers because you can imagine if you're running and you're touching on certain different grounds and textures and it's able to inflate or deflate depending on the pressure you put on to it it lends itself very well to sort of barefoot and customization and that's a very personal customization this trainer would be 3d printer to your own foot and you would have to care for it like you would do as a plant you would go for a run you would use up the proto cell energy you would bring it back you'll put it back into a cylinder and then you would pour the photocell liquid inside to rejuvenate it again your shoe box would be a vessel which would hold a liquid inside and you would buy your protocell liquid and it could be dyed to any color you would like and you would pour that in and as the shoe is rejuvenated the colors would emerge at this point it is a speculative design project however is grounded on real science and it could be in production by 2050 you

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