MEXICAN DADS | Mexican Wildlife

MEXICAN DADS | Mexican Wildlife

-To survive in the wild, one must be tough, fearless
and have the ability to adapt. One of the few mammals
that possesses those traits is none other than the Hispanic father. Much like the honey bees who work up to 12 hours a day,
tending to their honeycombs, the Hispanic father also
works a long and tedious day. He is truly one of the hardest workers in the animal kingdom. – Hey, Dad. – Hola mijo – Oh, is it cool if I go out
with some friends tonight? – Similar to
the mighty lion of Africa, the father leaves the majority of the parenting to the mother. – I did already, she said yes. -Much like a koala, who lays itself in a tree to relax, the Hispanic father settles
into his usual resting position as he engages in his
favorite pastime activity, watching soccer. The array of color and light
released by the television causes his eyes to spark in
excitement like a chameleon. Similar to the howl of a coyote, the Hispanic father also
has his own battle cry. Goal, goal, goal, goal, goal, goal. Can you tell Anthony to take
out the trash before he leaves? He told me he asked you already. – The dopamine levels of the father quickly diminishes as he realizes his own
offspring has betrayed him. He wants to lie to me? -Like a Spanish fighting bull, he quickly charges towards his prey and, without hesitation, he pounds on his offspring’s den. -Mijo, open up! – [Son] Why, am I in trouble? – No, no, no, you’re not in trouble, mijito, don’t worry. -He begins to unravel
a mechanism from his waist known as, el cinto. For most mammals, this tool is harmless. But, in the hands of a Hispanic father, it becomes a weapon. – I just want to talk. – [Son] Okay. – Did you lie to me? – No. – Are you sure? – Yes, I’m sure. – Okay You want to keep on lying? – Like the
stinger from a scorpion, el cinto possesses a quick and lethal strike. And the offspring is all too familiar with what is about to occur. He has no choice but to accept his fate. – Ramon! – It seems
as though his companion does not approve of his actions. – The Hispanic father knows he is no match for her
and puts his weapon down. The offspring is relieved to know he will live to see another day. Much like in bonobo
society, it’s the female that rules the land and this female alpha has
asserted her dominance.

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100 thoughts on “MEXICAN DADS | Mexican Wildlife

  1. I am a proud supporter!!!!!! Mention me in your next video lol. With the comments or something like that

  2. My dad is full Mexican and I also look full Mexican but I cant. speak. SPANISH and also it is my mom who pulls out the belt when I do something wrong I'm most scared os her ;-;

  3. New video idea
    Mexican survival guide: mexican peso
    Mexican wildlife: mexican soccer players
    Mexican survival guide: luchalibre
    Mexican survival guide: futbol

  4. I think my mom is scarier she doesn’t even pull out the chancla and im already scared of her,my dad is chill tho

  5. América clubpumas futbolera fiesta de mascotas te lo puedes perder comprar tus tickets para los tickets nao en Los Ángeles California

  6. Mexican Dad. I know the force and power of the chancla hurts but the belt is already the force and power itself.

  7. my dad dosent watch soccer when he comes home he watches movies he also works like a normal mexican dad 12 hours

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