Monarch Conservation Field Day

Monarch Conservation Field Day

The monarch butterfly kind of symbolizes
conservation in general in Iowa. There’s an opportunity to provide
monarch habitat that’s not only beneficial and critical for the monarch
but it’s critically important to a lot of other wildlife species in in Iowa. A
monarch conservation consortium is really something we started talking
about back in 2013 we thought it was a critically important issue for
agriculture and for all Iowans and so we started bringing together agricultural
leaders in the state to say what can we do about this issue. I think they’re a
signal to us about the the ecology around us I’ve certainly seen the number
of mouths weeds go down and now you see the number of monarchs also being
depleted so they’re a good signal we need to look around us and see what’s
happening. They’re beautiful and they’re butterflies and they’re easy to
identify everybody knows them and I think what’s also amazing is how far
they migrate. Even the caterpillar has some character to it that it kind of
develops a little attitude and it’s a fun one to grow it grows quickly and
kids like to watch it grow adults like to watch it grow and they’re just
fascinated by how quickly that little tiny egg will hatch into a caterpillar
and grow into a large caterpillar become a chrysalis and then emerge as an adult
butterfly. Between Iowa State the Department of Ag and land stewardship
and Iowa Department of Natural Resources we came together and we said we need a
consortium of many partners many members so that we can make a difference on this
important issue. We were really gratified to see
how many people step forward and said that they wanted to be part of the

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