MONSTER BUG WARS | Quick and the Deadly | S1E3

MONSTER BUG WARS | Quick and the Deadly | S1E3

A world of monster bugs… Is a war zone hkk

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100 thoughts on “MONSTER BUG WARS | Quick and the Deadly | S1E3

  1. The sound effects was the downfall this TV show I'm sure.

    These bugs sound like lions and gorillas..

    Cool show ruined by ridiculous sound effects

  2. 20:41 my fat ass run back up the stairs at 4am with a block of cheese knowing I’m lactose intolerant 🏃🏾‍♀️

  3. The sound affects, though.. 🤣 hand and body movements to narrate as well. Awesome.. Well played to the paid actor, actress/sound affects person..

  4. I hate it when crickets are outside my window roaring and making chainsaw noises! Also… 14:55 “regular cricket?” That can’t be what it’s called, right? Lol

  5. 🤔😑 what is with the actual animal sounds. Big cats monkey birds hippos pigs wild dogs and I think Big Foot growls Don’t forget about the 80s critters/gremlin sounds ya lost me after 5min. I just wanted to watch some bug life planet stuff 😠😤😔

  6. This is one of the older episodes because on the newer episodes they don’t have all the sound effects and they don’t make the narrator sound like a demon I miss the this version💯😒

  7. y’all think they’re really in the rainforest watching this happen or they have a whole insect fighting ring going on

  8. 13.16 this spider doesnt hear cause it doesnt have ears instead it has hairs which it uses to pick up on the vibrations of the air( dude that is an ear thats how sound works the whole body is basicly covered in ears )

  9. i also feel like these fights were staged like they put these bugs in a area and let them fight they said the spider lost a leg but it didn't look like it to me

  10. If bugs actually made those sounds I'd have severe agoraphobia.

    Other than that there's something weirdly zen about watching invertebrates fight.

  11. This is such an interesting show and the sound design makes it even more enjoyable and entertaining. A spider growling like a house cat is something that I never knew I needed in life but now thankful that it exists

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