Moon Village

Moon Village

you living and working on the moon may sound like science fiction but the head of the European Space Agency wants to make this ambitious idea a reality a permanent lunar base or as he calls it a moon village but unlike any village you might find on earth in a more villages of different spacefaring nations be it robotic or being a human to look also for different activities be it pure science B's OB daughter business even tourism or mining or whatever to put them together on the same place and this is the idea of the Moon Village it's been almost 50 years since man first walked on the lunar surface and the end of the Apollo program but now for many people a permanent basis the next logical step following the cooperation of countries from all over the world for the International Space Station one key thought is to use the moon's own natural resources to build and sustain a base it's water ice metals and minerals using its own materials to 3d print a structure or building element a rover could land on the surface inflate a dome and the roads could begin to construct a building to protect the astronauts and while a moon village is a big project it can start small the advantage of the idea of moon village is that we don't need a big amount of funding at the beginning we don't have to define everything and just to say okay we build a big structure the idea is that the different actors the different players worldwide they look in their special capabilities in their special interest and they bring just their part into the idea that means we can start with a small lending mission which many countries are already planning up to a huge investment for instance for some telescope radio telescope on the far side of the Moon so it's it's a multiple users by multiple users but a single place but there are hazards to consider such as solar and cosmic radiation micro meteorites and extreme temperatures and so the Easter director-general believes that areas near the poles are in constant daylight would be the most suitable on the far side of the Moon we have places on moon which are at least especially at the South Pole which has permanent darkness where we can find water and we know from some missions that there is water water is a good source to produce hydrogen and oxygen and also to go into the shadow of the moon we will have places where we are we don't have the radiation coming from the earth so building a telescope over there by using the material we find on the moon so not bringing all the stuff on mirrors that could also open new possibilities to look deep into our universe the idea is that the moon base would be a global project a natural new step emulating how the International Space Station works we have more than 60 spacefaring nations around our world and the Americans are now saying journey to Mars and I totally agree that it's right humans will go to Mars at one day but this is a little bit far away in the future so also the Americans are interested in the moon so it will be the Americans it will be the Russians it will be the Chinese it will be the Indians the Japanese and even more countries with smaller contributions so my hope is that we will really have a really global exploration scheme on the moon the head of ESA's commitment to a moon village sends a powerful message although it could be 20 years before the technology is ready to make it happen but as more nations plan to return to the moon the need for a permanent base will grow and Europe could be at the heart of the next giant leap for humankind

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25 thoughts on “Moon Village

  1. Everything involving the moon and the others places are always one step away. Until that day comes . Then it always seems to get a new date and year. What's up with that. It's always next year or the next 10 years. They just come an go

  2. Moon-base structures could be "printed" out of a slurry of water and Moon dust. At approximately 200 degrees below 0(F), the resulting built-up layers of frozen slurry would be almost as hard as rock. Such work could be accomplished remotely by automation which already exists. The only truly difficult hurdle is supplying adequate water to the site. Building inside the perimeter of a northern or southern crater would provide a modicum of lateral protection from meteor-strike fragmentation, and make any solar heating less impactful on the frozen structure by limiting exposure to a narrower portion of sky. An additional benefit of using frozen water is its characteristic of blocking ionizing radiation, or at least a significant portion thereof. Structures like these could at least form a temporary platform from which to complete more durable an permanent structures.

    Just a thought.

  3. Plesa making first doppel valuim vegetaton in earth! Oxigen is bekome first problem weri sun!Whi hawe not too much time!Feri.

  4. Like all the other moon base sales hype, they never mention that the moon has about 1/6th gravity of earth. Humans can not live for extended periods of time in a reduced gravity or no gravity environment. EVERY study reveals this! There is a good reason why none ever address this! Foe the same reason a realtor might not tell you that this nice house is on a flood plane!

  5. Santa is going to have to upgrade his transportation. I don't think Rudolph and his team of Stags will make it to the Moon.

  6. sorry to add this but good luck wuth that and be sorry later idiots 20 musk said 2011 i will go to mars 2024 Now look at him 13 later and we will have the mars colony becouse he isnt intrested in money but in something great than money esa only think how to get their directors rich shame

  7. There are more than 250,000 people and extraterrestrials living on the moon I know it is a fact I don't tell you where I work but it's a fact not only that but we've been on the moon for a long time and on Mars and Beyond

  8. Despite the fact that they somehow made it to the Moon with the Apollo missions, a really giant leap for mankind will be first of all to manage with the big problem caused by the Van Allen belts region, it's a highly dangerous zone to pass through for any life form. Then, we will eventually be capable to bring humans on the Moon or Mars with decent safety.

  9. China is going to the far side of the moon to mine Helium-3 for nuclear fusion.To protect this shipment of Helium-3 ,China has developed a hybrid bomber called the light of five stars since 2015

  10. it would take twenty years cause' there's no competition like the space race .As the saying goes
    if there's a will there's a way

  11. Anyone saying we cant put a colony on the moon for atleast another 20 years shouldnt be running a space program. We have the technology to do it.

  12. bonjour juste pour vous dire que vous pouvez envoyer des satellites pour voir l'autre cote de la Lune que l'on ne voit jamais voila c'était un conseil pour voir la Lune tout en entier et on sait ce qu'il y a de l'autre coté


  13. I can't wait to see a small lunar base set up! They could start off with a habitat for maybe 6-8 people and then expand it from there. A lunar-orbiting station would be excellent too. Shuttle services could go from earth orbit to that, and then shuttles to and from the moon surface.

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