Mothers for Nuclear: New York Makes Environmental History

Mothers for Nuclear: New York Makes Environmental History

Here in California we pride ourselves on our
environmental leadership. When we, at Mothers for Nuclear heard about
New York’s proposed Clean Energy Standard, we had to take a break from cleaning our solar
panels, habitat restoration and native species monitoring …to take another look. New York’s proposed zero-emissions credit
includes nuclear as part of a Clean Energy Standard Now that’s environmental leadership. Nuclear power is a proven, reliable, low-carbon
source of energy. And the best part? Existing nuclear plants are decarbonizing
our energy supply- right now. But action is needed. We need to keep existing nuclear plants running
to help solve our planet’s biggest problems. The New York Clean Energy Standard recognizes
that policies written in the name of the environment should actually benefit the environment. This means supporting ALL clean air energy
sources, instead of catering to political and business interests. Because at the end of the day, the planet
doesn’t care where our pollution and carbon emissions are coming from. It just wants us to stop.

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2 thoughts on “Mothers for Nuclear: New York Makes Environmental History

  1. Why are you promoting outdated horrible Nuclear LIGHT WATER cooled Reactors, when Oak Ridge Lab had a working Floride Thorium reactor. So you do not know much about 100 percent energy using reactors, you talking about 5 percent energy using reactors only, these generate waste and blow up, the ones Kirk Sorensen promotes can never blow up and create easy to harvest Radio Isotopes worth Billions more then the thorium that went in

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