MSTC – Renewable Energy Specialist

MSTC – Renewable Energy Specialist

( music ) ( background conversation ) (Jamie – Student:)
I’m currently in the Renewable Specialist program, so we go into
solar thermal … ( background conversation ) geothermal … ( background conversation ) (Benjamin – Instructor:)
We’ve seen a tremendous demand, especially for the
specialists’ position … ( background conversation ) it’s hard to find people
with these particular set of skills. ( background conversation ) (Jamie:)
We have finite resources, and we are using them incredibly fast. We can’t keep doing that forever.
There’s going to have to be some change in the way we’re doing things,
and I want to be a part of that. It’s less expensive than the
universities … ( background conversation ) The teachers are great. I like
learning hands-on verses everything in theory. ( natural sound ) (Benjamin:)
We’ve got lots of different types of collectors and lots of
different types of equipment … They get the opportunity to see
a lot of different things, and to put in a lot of things.
People don’t know whether solar is going to work for them, and so
you need someone to go out to your house and really answer your
questions in an informed and educated way. (Jamie:)
Because you are making a difference, I mean, you’re helping to clean up
the earth by not using fossil fuels. The renewables is just overall
a good thing for everyone I believe. I’d be really proud of that. ( music )

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