Mueller angry that AG Bill Barr did not capture “context, nature, and substance” of his report.

Mueller angry that AG Bill Barr did not capture “context, nature, and substance” of his report.

Oh how's everybody doing breaking news from the Washington Post a breaking report from the Washington Post if I can quote it for y'all quote Muller told bill bar that bars depiction of his findings failed to capture the quote context nature and substance of a special counsel investigation this was after bars letter to Congress describing molars principled conclusions oh no poor Bob molars spent two whole years and a witch-hunt against the Trump administration then he's mad the Trump AG didn't spin the report properly again parse this carefully Farsi carefully the depiction failed to capture the context nature and substance of the investigation context nature and substance what exactly is that his godmother saying that Bill Maher said anything factually untrue in his summary of the more report no no no everything's factually true everything's factually true what he's saying is he didn't put any context right you know what I'm reminded when I'm talking about context it's a weird thing I'm reminded of Tim Poole and vijaya Gatti's discussion on Rogan where Tim's like hey but you banned this person if you she's like but if you look at the context it totally makes sense I think that what's happening here is more than Wiseman or mad like they thought they had this innuendo strewn report that would lead to president Trump's impeachment the man that they hate it and then all of a sudden the Attorney General who they thought would just not do anything instead decided to summarize the report and point out that actually there is no collusion and actually they didn't come to an affirmative determination on on obstruction and because they didn't do that that was now in bars court and so far firmly determined no does no obstruction so guess what no clues you know obstruction sorry Bob game over wasted two years of your life should have taken another job oops sorry bro sorry sorry Bob I saw Marty Lederman who is my old common law professor Marty had a comment saying that this just proves that dog Muller is you know a truly excellent public servant I'm sorry how does this conversation leak then this conversation leaks because it leaked out of Bob molars now right this conversation link oh you're standing public servant leaks a conversation under my bar a day before you scheduled to testify oops no collusion no obstruction they just want to make Barr look bad before Bar testifies but guess what it doesn't matter you know why because you have no power anymore the investigations over in bill bars the Attorney General what are you gonna do oh you're gonna impeach him guess what no Republicans are signing on have fun with that dams have fun guys have fun there's like a bill barge if that I just keep hosting the one where he's like drinking the water and you just kind of like when somebody says well you like whatever and then just keeps drinking that's literally Bill Maher's reaction to everything that happens I'm a huge Bill Maher fan he's basically the bill bar drinking Jeff is basically like Bill Barnes on a badger honey badger don't give a shit like oh you're upset about the context oh no what are you gonna do bill are you gonna investigate me oh wait you can't you're fired ah what are you gonna do boo so yeah thank you next Thank You next oh you're mad you're like no it was really worse for the president than we've been I said and then Thor said it was worse he really looked sketchy don't you get it guys Barbara Trump was totally doing sketchy stuff I mean I couldn't like indict about anything but it was still really sketchy okay okay okay he's basically like dude Bob Muller is basically mr. garrison now that's not what he did some sketchy stuff okay that's what he did dude you lose like deal sorry Bob sorry Andrew Ison I realized you were relying on this tenuous theory obstructs I'm gonna rip apart in an article more on human events by the way check that shit out wwhen events calm tomorrow morning that's been published but like seriously give me a break this is news obviously Muller was mad why wouldn't Muller be bad like we read the molar report clearly Bullard was trying to sling more innuendo and the president then was clear in the bar summary that's true right we know that so obviously Miller's mad motor wanting to keep investigating the president for 92 years that's what he wanted to do he and he and Andrew they wanted to keep investigating the president on a frivolous obstruction theory but then Barr was confirmed as AG and the investigation was over in six weeks too bad bro we win you lose sorry game over oh it was fun when you thought you had control the Department of Justice even though you were hostile to the President of the United States but you didn't too bad sorry bro Oh Adam Schiff you're referring some Republicans for criminal proceedings oh that's fascinating too bad oh wait Republicans are referring some fusion GPS people for potential perjury oh we're interested nah that's a real thing that's a real problem right why should we trust me yeah no dude MOA kept the entire nation for thrala for a year and a half based on a frivolous theory of obstruction of justice based on a very tenuous interpretation of one particular obstruction statute that allowed provided a justification for investing in investigating the president for use exercising his core article two powers yeah molars mad rots gone molars gone Weissman's gone they're all out no the Marin DOJ anymore hi bye bye bye bye bye Bob Luce we've done better than the midterms we might have it's like whenever somebody's like being an asshole it's just like gotcha will anything out a red 16 probably not I don't think Rosenstein is guilty of any criminal behavior but but wait wait so you're saying you're saying Miller's mad you're saying he's mad at bar oh no oh no whatever we'll bill bar – he's just the Attorney General of the United States and you know what Robert Miller is now a private citizen a private fucking citizen Oh keeps on this no no you'll notice what was omitted from that article you'll notice what was emitted more didn't say far alive molar didn't say bar miss stated factual any of the allegations he didn't say he made any errors he said well you didn't capture the context and the nature like that's the same complaint that Weissman was making when Barr issued his own summary rather than using the special counsels summer put together summaries instead bars like nah I don't think your summaries are particularly accurate I'm gonna make the bottom I'm gonna define bottom line in this case well not lying right Barton why there's no allegation that bar lied there's no allegation that bar even deceived or misled there's just like oh you didn't capture the context of our report well yeah cuz you guys are spinning it against the president and slinging a bunch of innuendo so far stripped away the slinging mud in the innuendo and left – what are your actual conclusions oh wait no collusion and no conclusion on obstruction guess what I'm affirmatively determining no obstruction piece oh you thought you were gonna use your innuendo to impeach the president well guess what I'm the Attorney General and I don't have to let you do that yeah if you had found like facts if you would have formatively determined that president traffic permitted a criminal offense based on an you know an accurate and rigorous and conservative statement of the law I wouldn't be able to do anything Barr wouldn't been able to do anything but it's because they tried they didn't do that they didn't actually say the president committed the crime they just wanted to sling innuendo out and sling a whole bunch of sketchy stuff hope that would get him a peach and bars like I don't have to let you do that right there's nothing in my job description that says I have to let you sling innuendo at the president the United States so he didn't and of course one was mad to bad bitch so he says why don't the Democrats gave up on this because it's all they have that's all they have beat the drums about how mad they are about how bullbar didn't accurately characterize the feelings of the Moller report you you understand Muller had feelings about Trump that were accurately described in the bar summary he didn't like him and bharden didn't include that fact it's terrible of him really terrible yeah Democrats want to investigate the bar now they wanted they want to have an inspector general investigation of the Attorney General for not reporting not reporting on the summary the exact way the Democrats wanted him to report on it good luck guys good luck good good go job good job oh you're gonna hold them in contempt guess what who cares we already went over that it's true thing once you realize they have no power then you just like ignore them ignore them and he says well bar testify I do feel like we need more chips I feel like you should a bar should testify if for no other reason and to give us more quality shift material of course I'm fine it's ridiculous the entire DC personally oh we've got bill bar now we've got it we've got it you know what we found out that molar didn't agree with it hold on what was it again what was it hold on hold on the nature What did he say it's important give this ring the context nature and substance the context nature and substance you just just didn't get the color left color right to dad too bad GG lives it's already over the fact that you're relying on weak-ass leaks like this in order to beat the Attorney General of the United States you're not going to do that ain't gonna work ain't gonna work sorry I stand though bark though barks the man I'm gonna be that the basically I'm gonna be the executive chairman of the bill bark fan club right bill bar 2024 bill bars the man love him he's great raise water bottle stir bar you wrote the report so there wasn't any factual issues and any factual mistakes no what would I call Bar fans the Barbara great the barber game the Post Oak Patrol and the bar brigade barber great brigade anyway that's what I got for you human events tomorrow I'll see you soon peace

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21 thoughts on “Mueller angry that AG Bill Barr did not capture “context, nature, and substance” of his report.

  1. The Democrats Hyperbole is not a Legal Argument
    Attorney General Barr is the Legal and Lawful Attorney General of The United States.

  2. Mueller also says in the same article that it was the media that is confusing the public. Lower in the article is the real headline. When asked if Barr misrepresented his report , Barr said no. I think Mueller may be grey. That report was a joke. Obvious display to create more question than it answered. By design? The real question are how unusual their judicial / investigative methodologies they relied on. Flawed and suspect, full of assumption, summation and biased logic. This is a history lesson on display. Now we we be schooled on how real investigation are implemented. Silent, to the letter of law and if nothing found we never hear about it. But I'm betting they've found plenty in their parr Elle like investigative construct

  3. Maybe he missed the Timbre / tone & volume of the text also,
    Barr should've made a explicit baritone voice, set a angry face,
    make some classic wild Democratic hand gestures,
    staring into the camera ( while looking distinguished of course )

  4. The Republic wins…. the traitorous scumbags loose. Obscurity is their next stop on their way down the drain.

  5. Democrats have put the pressure on Mueller to make more out of the report than there is ! SKUNKS !!

  6. Come looks better in Orange sorry Bob muellar it didn't work you didnt get Comey off you weren't able to set the Presidency up

  7. The nature and the nurture of it. My baby!

    Your average delusional libtard on the street will insist this is a huge victory for them and that Trump is well on his way to being impeached. Jailed even. He said grab pussy!

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