My Education Experience for Cambridge University | GCSE'S & A Levels

My Education Experience for Cambridge University | GCSE'S & A Levels

guys I thank y'all so much for the love the comments to subscribe to tweets the tweens this shiz but I'm tired it's like 12 a.m. so thanks guys for all of the love on my last video I was not so video I think it got like 11,000 views which is pretty mad for my first vlog like it's pretty crazy I have decided I definitely I'm gonna continue with making videos of its educational or it's just general blogging I found in the educational I don't know we'll see I'm still new to this so let's just say I am going to Cambridge minimal time so I do want to document my time there my experience there not just for myself but for other people who may want to apply people who like my petition or people who are just generally interested like in university life cause like I am yeah I feel they call it like a Cambridge vlog or like a can blog on I don't know I like that no I don't I don't know so the first thing I'm gonna say is that I am NOT a typical like Cambridge student one is because there is no typical campus student that's the first thing they say when you apply but like the sort of stereotype that you get middle-class posh great grades great GCC's great a levels a great skin great teeth care routine now I'm not that person I'm very likely opposite to me considering applying to Cambridge only really happen like five months before I actually did like at the end of my a two year and this is why my time at school centre in school was like the most depressing and just like the darkest time of my life like from year 7 to year 11 it was hell I come from a low-income family and basically no one in here has gone to like a good university no-one's really gone through like nobody went through secondary school and did the GCC's like properly no one did year sent at 11 then college and a university so when I did go to school no one was there to really help me like my mum had no idea what she was doing and I didn't even had no idea what I was doing there are lots of like extenuating circumstances like so many other reasons that has weed into account I had problems at home and then I had problems at school of course I'm not gonna do well of course I'm gonna go happy of course I'm just gonna be sad and depressed and bayo like I it by year seven for me all that was alright like I did okay even though none of the teachers at tool I didn't get decent grades and because I remember like going on ta and I had like with a grater they were praising me like what I done that I can't leave you did that and I'm thinking that let me say surprise bitch so from you a knows a lot of bullying and a lot of like rubbish is happening to me at school and things has started to just deteriorate Victoria brings her to deteriorate right things aside to everybody bad for me okay not even for that year nine any attend there just a lot of rubbish that happened but I thinking attend was at the worst time of my life being started to go downhill from there I was getting bad grades my tennis was so disgusting and they even got that they're learning trust involved which by the way they did not help they just make everything worse for me my teachers really hated me they labeled me as like the failure student and I remember when going on to doing my GCSEs like I was labeled to fail like all of my agencies I was predicted like C's and DS and for sometimes as I was put it and F how do you put it someone there how do you say to someone some fourteen-year-old boy oh you're gonna fail in two years time you're gonna get an F in science paka and I remember I had this careers advisor meeting with some irrelevant person when I was going to apply to six form bearing in mind I didn't know how six form works I think though you Legion cease to go to do a levels I didn't know this stuff I was really done there and this woman I was talking to she was like so what's your plan for college I was that girl I'm gonna be doing free a-levels in biology and math and English and I want to do them I don't know where in Westminister and she was out to be right let's talk about your grades and like I just said year ten not the best time of my life so let's just say mid mid year ten my grades were like C's like season around and she was that to me right because you're getting scenes you shouldn't think that far ahead like I remember this like 100% shows out you shouldn't think that optimistic because you're very likely to get freidy's and fail at a level how can you say to someone mid-year 10 when I'm supposedly just going to progress how can you tell them you're gonna fail and from that moment like what do you expect me to do how do you expect me to feel what you just said to me that I can't do my a levels you've just put me down I'm being accredited s and ease in gtcys when you know that mindfulness is bad because it's anyone in services and no one has offered to ask me why when I talk to people I talk to teachers nobody wants to listen I was at – one teacher can talk to in confidence please and I was ready to tell her everything that everything are over everything at school and just up on my heart and she was like no why does no one like me so through year 10 three eleven like I said I didn't really have any motivation to revise or study because let's say said I was predetermined to fail and even like English which I just did at a level I remember sit down my English teacher and she was like to me we're gonna put you in another tutor group and we're gonna put you in a foundation the height Inger is a see I'm thinking what does she sign for you could see that somewhat amazing see some fun bye-bye and obviously when I tell my parents or my sisters let anybody know I found a she means cuz no one went to school so I was just really stuck and I was just like okay then and when I did my foundation in English I got four marks so what are you saying should I be labeling foundation not having teachers to like to talk to not having anyone believing in me like at home and at school obviously a lot was the biggest like demotivation ever like I just wasn't on him I hated all my classrooms I just hated going to school every single day I would be depressed and at the end of it I GCC's I got one I got two beads IV for maps and a B for English literature and then all the rest of seats and never like to be well done you did so amazing we thought you were gonna fail and I'm just thinking like okay you're at home so these times I'm thinking right I've got my sissies let me enroll at my college and I enrolled at a sixth form like at my school because once again I didn't really know there are I remember I had an interview for Westminster but I don't know what so far away and so my only choice of six form was the school that I went to to stay on there so I go there and there are girls who have lower averages they're mean that you know when you add all your GCC marks together and then you divide about how many you do blah blah and like I had 5.0 and people had four point something was getting in so I was that cool they're gonna get into do for a levels I'm gonna get into do like white level as well so I'm not heavier I'm not I wanna do sociology media English and drama and they don't tell me lie no they will add to me your grades are too low do be ten performing arts in Hackney Community College is my name Joe is my name Ben Mitchell what you talked about this how can you tell me to do Performing Arts I was like no that's fine I'd rather just stay here and they were just like no we're not gonna accept you I'm thinking like are you being for real first of all your teachers tell me I was gonna fail I then did not fail I'm now hit enroll because you are my school I got good GCSEs like considering what happened let's just see how I'll do a level I would do good and they would add to me now and I cry because what were those are those are there eventually did get into the six home I'm after basically begging basically and when I got there I was thinking right like new start new me everyone that was rude to me like it's gone I can do this I know a lot of the people here let me just do this I'll do really well little did I know that it wasn't the students who were gonna be like the problem now it was the teachers because that label of his about student how did he do succeeds we were ejected him why is he still here carried on and the teachers I had was just awful I like I'm not gonna get into detail with it but like I remember like one time my sister Lizzy teacher because I was doing a geology first he stood me up and after I give a presentation and he'll that to everyone you see this this is how you don't do the presentation as a teacher you're supposed to bury me you were supposed to guide me what advice are you giving me a platform this is how not to do it to everyone else and then even I'm English I remember once that they lost my coursework and they blamed me and during that time like I didn't really care because it was so rude to me so I just thought forget it I'm gonna get some work experience I've got like a fashion internship I've got to fashion internships I was working this outline like I will just do my own thing then I decided to go to a UCL open day with just like wow this is so beautiful I saw the big M about the big building and I walked in lunch is like wow like I kind of want to come here and then answer the entry requirements and it was like a saw a a from time like my college predicted me free deeds and telling me that I'm a fair enough student obviously I'm not gonna get into UCL so then I decided to like redo my a-levels they were like no you got higher than your what you predicted why would you want to retake and I quote you're mad if you want to retake you will never get better than what you did at first year why would you want to retake when you told me it was ahead of year when he told me I was mad I was at you know what I've had enough like don't call me mad like already said I'm gonna fail you off with some bad student like what more could you do oh you just caught me mentally ill like are you that because back I decided you know what like that's it I've had enough odd cause you said 1018 after that I fought limors get my life together I started to live independently like I had my own job as it when he came about anyone like my family my friends I just went to a new college I went to b6 regardless the stigmatization that was towards it and I've always the nearest college and let me go my head down as you just let me just do it as soon as I walked into b6 to enroll even when I spoke about a lot my experience on my part I like my situation my circumstance at home it was just so understanding and they just listened to me that was all I wanted like I just wanted someone to say to me that you're pebble you'll do well and they took me straight away and it just changed my life because acid to them since I rolled I'm gonna get free eggs and I'm going to UCL that's the first thing I said that's my goal and they believed in me they said let's do it every single day let's do it let's do it let's get you to UCL and that was it that's all I wanted was someone to believe in me so when I came back to my ESC at b6 and I think I did pretty good I was learning how to revise because like I said I never really said before and I was finding my passion for education it was really really good I was working at the same time because like I said I had to be financially dependent when I got my a s MOT grades things just really did change that I had self empowerment and it was when my teacher Jill Boocock the queen of the world and when I got my MOT grade I got ninety one percent it must be sorted exam and she was crying and I was crying and my shirt I was crying my ear scores I Q guys know if you watch my previous video I got an A for sociology I've got an April media and I got a C for psychology and a sieve English which after three months when I was two beats and then my a two year listen that was it that was the best year of my life that changed everything I was serious I was like I'm on this I'm on it I revised every day every day from January I revised every day from January and before that I was working every other day and I just was ready to kill it I started to research more about universe is about six forms and like all the educational knowledge that I didn't have when I was doing like when I was going through seminary school I should learn everything and and when I got my offers from your your surfers university accept me like i cried i cried so much but then when my a-team upgrades came back and i got a star sociology a star psychology a english at the highest in the whole college my society teacher again Jill said to me you know you can give to Cambridge just like if you just take a year out and apply and I'm not gonna highlight you're crazy you're actually crazy you think I'm going to get to Cambridge like I do man can I even spoke English turn or even do I do another Cambridge it on the map it in London other than but I think what you need to remember as soon it is that you have so much power no one decides what grades you get next step for yourself I know sometimes some teachers can predict you lower grades or they can like inhibit you or they can discourage you like minute to me but you just need to find that self-empowerment I found it when I left when I left my old school my also smoked and when I got a job and I was so independent that's when I found my spot I'm gonna have my teachers at least 6 believe in me if you want good grades go and get it yes there are factors that will determine whether you get them or not but at least say to yourself right I'm gonna work my ass off getting the grades if I don't because of a B and C or Alice and I'll work my hardest and that's all that counts that's all that counts and that's what you need you just said be able to have that mindset that I can do it I can really achieve regardless what people say and it's hard like it's really really hard and you're gonna doubt yourself and you're one we gonna cry at 2:00 a.m. in the morning because you can't do the essays and you're just gonna cry but it is possible and the most rewarding thing is at the leaving at the end when you your grades and not just your final examination grades even what grades like when you get an A for the first time ever like I never had a day in my life and the first time you get a you're gonna compare it and you're just gonna want to continue to do it never stop believing that you can achieve because you really really can you're the only person that decides what grades are going to get so make sure that you say to yourself I'm going to get these grades I'm going to revise for them and I'm gonna get them so I hope you guys like the video the reason why I'm making it like I said is because I'm sure look a two students now are you know may have got bad a s queries and they want to figure out or they want to even have some encouragement as some of they can do a let a – yes you can clearly I did it my students did it you'll be fine or even if you're applying to Cambridge or other universities like I said you can do it just make sure that you tell your tutors and your personal statement and like advisers what you've been through if you have won anything that's quite serious even if it's quite minimal you'll be surprised you'll be surprised like how impactful certain situations can be so for my subscribers I hope you like this video and again I know it's just a lot of me talking I didn't really want to do a lot of talking in this like YouTube channel but hey I don't know like I said I'm new so please say with me please subscribe please comment also please share even if you are just a student or if you're a parent at that parents are watching this like let's have that and let's try and spread that message you can get good grades have to work hard more importantly you have to believe in yourself thank you guys so much for the views for the previous video thank you guys for all the love and all the comments it means so much to me let's keep this going please subscribe please share back

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26 thoughts on “My Education Experience for Cambridge University | GCSE'S & A Levels

  1. This is like looking into a mirror!!! I had a really bad experience in year 10 and 11 too. I had no friends, I was bullied, I felt completely isolated and I became depressed because of it. Consequently, I got 9 average gcses all ranging from 9-4. Now I'm doing my A levels and I'm getting As and my biggest dream is to study law and I'd love to go to cambridge but I'm scared they'd reject me because of my gcses….btw I'm from a very low income family in bradford!!!

  2. I never really comment on videos, I am about to enter AS as I am finishing my IGCSE's, I just want to say you're really inspirational and I needed this booster to enter with in my AS. Thank you so much and all the best ❤

  3. Omg my story is exact like yours I missed out on education n came from Pakistan n nobody believed in me been victim of bully n now living independently n doing a levels n gonna change my life …. I look up to u n I’m working hard and getting A* in chemistry n economics the subject I never did n foreign language I’m determined n optimistic….

  4. This is wonderful and I hope your old teachers see this. I also got bullied by my teachers and come from an uneducated family, but these things push me everyday to work harder.

  5. you are fucking awesome, i really needed to hear this cause teachers are wankers, but im just gonna prove them all wrong 🙂

  6. predicted grades are the worst! i cried for a week after getting those even tho i know it’s not really set in stone and i know i can DO BETTER (because I got grades higher than that previously) but it hurts so much.

    it gives me a bit of hope to know someone who got the same predicted grades as i did got such high grades. 💓thank you

  7. Hi Ibz, I am a parent and I watched :). I watch a lot of these videos about A levels and uni as I have a child and really want to inspire and equip him to succeed by, amongst other things, introducing him to other young people who are on the same journey…. enjoying their present and building their futures. I think that you are all wonderful and generous in sharing your stories and tips. Yours is a beautiful story because it speaks of formidable resilience, creativity, resolve and perseverance. I adore your ability to think over and above other people's opinions of you, and dismiss the unsupportive. So many people, adults and children both, allow themselves to be subsumed and paralysed by other people's poor opinions of them. Keep up your beautiful spirit, this is essential, and it will continue to serve you well through life. I wish you the very best and anticipate that even greater achievements await you through your hard work.

  8. I’m not doing that well in school right now but this has motivated me sm!! I’m gonna try my hardest in school and hopefully do well♥️♥️

  9. This is amazing, I wish I had these videos back when I was doing GCSES and Alevels, I am redoing my A-levels again now and hoping to go to university to study law. I have been labelled a failure since primary school that even I started to believe it, but not anymore. These videos mean the world to me, thankyou so much. xx

  10. You are amazing.
    I also want to go to Cambridge but I think that I won't be able to let my dream be true.
    I jus admire you❤

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