My EVS Life by Skevi, episode 7 | Rzeszów 2019

My EVS Life by Skevi, episode 7 | Rzeszów 2019

Hey! My name is Skevi and I am from Cyprus! I live here in Poland because I am
volunteering in an organisation with the name INPRO. So, its been two months here,
so let’s see what is happening! Let’s start from the beginning Although in Poland, at the same week, we can have sunny days. Not warm but still, sun is our happy moments. We enjoy it for as long as it lasts. Another struggle here is you can’t even read your favourite magazine here because everything is in… Polish language But…thank God I can recognize the Greek yogurt. And now…back to the Polish culture. So guys.. This is a zebra line. So, in Poland apparently if you don’t cross on the
zebra line, and you go anywhere else, even if there is NO CAR in the street, a policeman may catch you and you have to pay a lot of fees. When I was about to say that Polish people are cold, I learned that the next monument
has a nickname, and the nickname is Big Pussy. Funny yeah? Girls, what are we waiting for? To get a free donuts. And coffee. At nine o’clock in the morning. It’s very early. It’s so funny when you see foreigners learning Polish culture. So now, let’s check what I am doing at work. One of my responsibilities is the camera It’s so nice when some days I can just move the office outside for the photo shoots. The people in the photos pass through Rzeszow. They were born in different places in Europe
and they shared their stories with me and explained why Europe is important to them. The purpose of this campaign is to inspire Polish citizens to vote for the European parliament elections in May. Another important task is the school visits “I like this, so I will give another 5”. For this workshop, I had an idea to have a competition between the students. So… there are 4 seasons and they had to convince the judges that they’re the best season by drawing, or writing a poem, or a song or anything they want! It was so interesting to
see them interact in this workshop. Caring about environment is another important task In order to have a clean river for the summer we helped Rzeszow people to pick up all the trash in the river side. Now, let’s go to the office Didn’t we dance until morning? Yes, that’s when I felt in love with you. Do you remember when I went to Antarctica? Yes, we had that warm sandstorm. Warm??? Transportation in Poland is cheap so why not every weekend to travel to another city. Now let’s have some city tours This is Wroclaw, the fairy tale city. With 12 islands and 112 bridges to connect them. We are in Wroclaw! Do you like it? Yeah! Yes, I like it very much… Girls, where are we? Wawel Castle. Very nice place. And now Krakow. It’s just 2 hours away from Rzeszow. And as an artist I checked all
the art work of the city. Auschwitz also was quite impressive but touching at the same time. Two different
feelings after this experience. And in the end, we have Warsaw, the capital and we see here the old/new city. I will say goodbye with Rzeszow and the beautiful sunset. And I hope I inspired some
of you to do volunteering. It’s a very nice opportunity to live and to experience
something new that you ‘ve never thought about.

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